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Irongale [APPS THREAD!]

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Re: Irongale [APPS THREAD!]

Post by WritingBookworm on Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:58 am

This girl's going to be fun.

Character Name: Aurora Ahara

Age: 18

Race: Albirian


Primary Ability 1: Witchcraft
Primary Ability 2: Explorer

Secondary Ability for 1: Um . . . physical voodoo? With a trace amount of abjuration on the side? A reverse alchemy in the sense that it converts magic into scientific ability? It's hard to explain, so I'll just leave an explanation at the bottom of the form.
Secondary Ability for 2: Musician/Scholar. She's a musician by trade, but a scholar in motivation.

Personality: First and foremost, Aurora regards everything with an inquisitive, scientist's curiosity. She wants to know the 'how' rather than the 'why,' and is interested in picking something apart to figure out how something works (as she did with magic). She's sensible in this way, and isn't quick to believe nonsense -- or even something that just seems like nonsense. She doesn't let her thirst for knowledge isolate her from her peers; she's amiable, if a tad quiet. Aurora can be, though not naive, absentminded, and because she doesn't use her thirst for knowledge for one ultimate goal, she can be seen as being useless.

Biography: Aurora had two pursuits in life -- the pursuit of knowledge, and the pursuit of magic. While both of those were worthwhile paths, it simply weren't the paths that an Iaponian noblewoman was meant to pursue. They banned the pursuit of magic entirely; they considered it heinous to affect the laws of nature in such a flagrant manner. Her parents wanted her to learn music, and so that is what they taught her.

Some particularly rebellious noblewomen in her position might have rebelled. But Aurora actually went with it. For one, she wanted to learn everything about the world. And second . . . well, she still did research on magic on her own. Because of that research, she found a way to cheat the system.

She combined her studies with magic with her musical studies. She trained herself that, if she played a certain odd combination of notes, she would be able to use magic. Before long, she became skilled in both. But . . . well, now that she got that covered, she's become bored again. Her parents intend to find her a suitor soon, and yet, Aurora longs for more. More adventure, more discovery. Who knows? Maybe she'll get it.

Land in which your character lives: Iaponia

Family?: Mythil Ahara (father), Victoria Ahara (mother)


-Her face claim is the Songweaver from Aion. I based her magic entirely off of that class, as well as the Synergist role in Final Fantasy XIII.
-Yes, she is related to Elisa Ahara. More on that in the RP.
-Theme is History Maker, covered by Amanda Lee:


-Okay, how her magic works:

In Irongale, magic seems to be almost entirely internal. You're born with it, or you're not. While magic can be expressed in a broad range of ways, Aurora figured out that most people do seem to have unconscious, conditioned ways of expressing magic. That can vary from person to person. So, to get around her parents' ban of practicing magic, what she did was learn to condition herself to express certain magic while playing the violin. Certain brief melodies can induce different effects. These are what she's taught herself so far:

  • Song of Invigoration: A song that allows her targets to be invigorated with energy, making them feel bolder and more confident. They don't just feel like they have more energy -- the Song of Invigoration literally gives them more physical energy to run on.
  • Song of Enervation: A song that causes her targets to tire more easily, slowing them and making them more suspectable to injury. Like Invigoration, Enervation doesn't just make them feel slower, it literally slows the target and clouds their judgement.
  • Song of Painlessness: A song that makes the target unable to feel pain. This is a double-edged sword: on one hand, this can be a good thing, because the absence of pain will allow someone to continue fighting without being hindered. But on the other hand, Painlessness doesn't actually cure the target of the injury. So if the target isn't careful of their injuries, they could overextend themselves, and perhaps make things worse.
  • Song of Throes: Makes a target feel pain, even if they haven't been physically injured. Now, an important note is that Aurora hasn't actually learned this yet, because she hasn't been in a physical confrontation before. Why would she need a song to make someone feel pain? But, since Throes is the inverse of Painlessness -- which she does know well -- it's safe to say she can teach it to herself quickly.
  • Song of Ice: The only elemental spell in her arsenal, the Song of Ice is her way of expressing her first branch of elemental magic. While playing it, she can control ice.

Each 'song' is techincally just a combination of three or four notes. The effects of each of these songs last so long as she's playing the notes on repeat. Because of that, she can only do one thing at a time. These songs can also never have an effect on herself -- so far, she's only managed to be able to affect others. There are also other spells and songs that she's teaching herself, but so far, these are the ones she's got a good grip on.


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Re: Irongale [APPS THREAD!]

Post by Hime on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:19 am

don't kill me:
I felt the need to make her a form bc she's gonna be important now ok

Character name: Genevieve Forevigor
Age: Because she is undead, she hasn't age since her death date. She is 27.
Race: Albirion
> Her hair is pitch black and goes to the small of her back.
> She's around the same height as Briony (5'3), though perhaps a bit taller.

Primary ability 1 (witchcraft/warrior): Witchcraft
Primary ability 2 (thief/explorer): Explorer

Secondary ability for 1: Conjurer
Secondary ability for 2: Romanticist technically, though her only purpose for being alive again is to protect her children on their journey.

Personality: Genevieve is the epitome of a kindhearted and just leader. Though her husband spiraled out of control once she died, she loved him from beyond nonetheless, for she is extremely forgiving and gentle. She has a playful side and enjoys lightheartedness. In many ways, she embodies all three of her children. Her most prominent trait is her selflessness and her nurturing spirit, making her an excellent mother and companion. I can only really describe her character by roleplaying as her, so... This description is pretty shitty ngl
Biography: IG bc it's complicated tbh
Land in which your character lives: –
Family?: You already know!
Other: –


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Re: Irongale [APPS THREAD!]

Post by Hime on Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:06 am

Name: Taro-Taro (no last name, since that isn't a Kianhi tradition)

Age: He's about 20-ish considerably, but age doesn't really matter to this race, because they live about 200 years.

Race: Kianhi

Appearance: No pictures exist of this race ofc, so lemme try and explain. Taro-Taro is about eight feet tall and has a very bulky and strong build. He has grey-blue skin, large black eyes, and a broad smile. Kianhi do not have hair, so he is bald, and he also has pointed ears. He never wears a shirt (because most don't fit his huge body), but he wears a vest and pants.

Personality: Taro-Taro is all over the place. His most important trait is definitely his exterior toughness; he puts on a face that tells anyone he's ready for trouble. And most of the time, he is. However, certain things will make him cry like a baby. Romantic stories or even couples in real life will trigger his sensitivity, and he is extremely afraid of any sort of rodent or bug, since they don't exist in the cold. Taro-Taro is also a loyal friend and has a very kind spirit, despite being a giant Kianhi. He serves as kind of the comedic relief in any group he's in, making him an asset for Irongale.

Biography: Taro-Taro was born in Folkholm's Keep in Albion. There's nothing really notably tragic about his life, other than the fact that he was bullied immensely as a child for being overly sensitive. He trained as a blacksmith for most of his adolescence, and soon after King James "died," his father up and left the kingdom in pursuit of a nomadic job. Taro-Taro followed him, but hopes to find more purpose in his life other than being a simple miner with his father.

Ability 1: Warrior
Ability 2: Explorer

Secondary for Ability 1: Protector –– much like some Gorons in Legend of Zelda, Kianhi can generate their own shields. They were often utilized as the front-linemen in battle for this reason. Taro-Taro is naturally protective, making this ability a perfect fit for him.

Secondary for Ability 2: Blacksmith –– Taro-Taro's father is a skilled miner, and he sells his jewels all over the Five Keeps. He often uses these materials in crafting weaponry, which is something he wishes to continue when they are finally settled down in a permanent home.

Land in which your character lives: Originally from Albion, though he moves around often as a traveling merchant.

Family: He has his father, who isn't an important character, really. He doesn't have a mom, since females don't exist in this race.

> EXTREMELY big fear of small furry things, such as mice and rats.


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Re: Irongale [APPS THREAD!]

Post by Sponsored content

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