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Harwell's Fan Thread!

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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:18 pm

These are amazing XD

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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by WritingBookworm on Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:56 pm

Since almost all of you are now on the Harwell's Discord, almost everyone knows this, but I'm gonna make it official by posting on the fan thread:

Harwell's now has a trope page! Very Happy The link is down below. Feel free to add character tropes, or suggest tropes to someone else if you can't put them in yourself.


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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:22 am

Double post, but I want to put this aesthetic on the fan thread so it doesn't get buried in Discord chats. Sen suggested the AU where Gretchen is Lucille's knight in shining armor and I'm a little bit in love with it. I'm a little bit in love with this aesthetic, too.


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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by WritingBookworm on Tue May 22, 2018 3:39 am

I finally started troping the Guardians! Right now I have lists for Lightbringer and Nightwatcher; they're both pretty short, but yeah.

Action Girl: Well, duh.
A God Am I: Lightbringer actively tries to avert this trope by not using her powers, commenting to Harwell that she feels too much like a god whenever she uses her superpowers. It's why she retired.
Alliterative Name: Her real name, Sarah Smith.
Beneath the Mask: While she does her best to be a heroic and selfless person, there are people who don't trust her entirely. And indeed, Lightbringer isn't perfect; she's made mistakes, some of which she considers unspeakable.
Dark and Troubled Past: While not much is known about her past, she had a brother who was killed. Apparently, his death is the reason why she started superheroics.
Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She's a blonde superhero.
The Leader: She led the Guardians, the world's first superhero team.
Light 'em Up: Her signature superpower, and the one she gets her name from.
Platonic Life Partners: With Nightwatcher.
Reasonable Authority Figure: She currently serves as the Institute's Vice Principal, as well as the Head of the Alpha Class.
Superpower Lottery: Lightbringer has over twenty different superpowers. Word of God is that the reason for this will be revealed by the end of the first Harwell's RP.
Terror Hero: Of 'The Dreaded' variety. Because of Lightbringer's reputation, there are many villains who'd rather flee than fight her, Daikaiju the least of these.
World's Strongest Woman: Confirmed to be this. It's to the point where there are several people who think Lightbringer's too strong to exist, and that she must be put down as soon as possible.

Badass Gay: Very badass, and also very gay, according to Word of God.
Badass Normal:  Nightwatcher's the only one in the Guardians without any kind of superpowers, and yet he's just as tough as most of them.
Beneath the Mask: Nightwatcher has an extremely gruff exterior, and he really is a tough nut to crack. But he absolutely cares more than he lets on.
Cain and Abel: Nightwatcher had a brother he fought with back in his days of villainy. When the Guardians extended the offer for them to join him, Nightwatcher took it; his brother did not.
--Word of God is that said brother is still alive.
Dark and Troubled Past: Yup. Word of God is that he has a whopper, and that several other tropes had to be withheld because not all of the details have been revealed yet.
Good is Not Nice: He's decidedly less nice than anyone else in the Harwell's faculty.
Heel-Face Turn: Used to be a villain before joining the Guardians.
The Lancer: To Lightbringer in the Guardians.
Number Two: Second in command of the Guardians despite not being a founding member.
Platonic Life Partners: With Lightbringer. There's a reason why she made him her second.
Reasonable Authority Figure: The Beta Class Head in the Harwell's staff.
Saved for the Sequel: Much of Nightwatcher's backstory will be elaborated on in Harwell's II.


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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by Captain Whitehawk on Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:16 pm

So my bro Comrade and I have been talking, and he's given me permission to take over the Dogs of War.  I'm very excited for this organization, and seeing as how you're going to be hearing about them in the future, I figured I'd lay down some sweet, sweet info for you.

The Dogs of War:

The Dogs of War found their origins in family and New Orleans, Lousiana.  One large city run by various superhuman cartels that fought for turf and superiority was an excellent breeding ground for something more potent to eventually reign supreme.  

The current leader of the DoW, a man called the Baptist, was born in 1960's New Orleans and was part of these turf wars, they were a staple of his childhood.  But growing up, watching New Orleans' superhuman population fight like rats, he decided peace under one banner could seduce the fighting to a standstill -- so long as he turned it into something the superhumans of New Orleans could get behind. That much raw strength had to be redirected somehow.  

Those with power were constantly protecting themselves, crushing threats or making them.  It was a way of life.  The Baptist saw that a service fulfilling that interest would sustain a business for a long time.  The Dogs of War rallied the populace with a promise of protection, neutrality, and anonymity if they would swear to secrecy and obedience.

Applicants for the DoW have to prove they can handle themselves, for legal reasons and otherwise.  Superhumans are strongly preferred in admissions, but if you're skilled enough you can pass their tests despite your average blood.  Basic combat training is a pre-requisite, as is some kind of self-defense specialty.

You set your boundaries: who you'll take a hit on, what kinds of jobs you'll take.  Mercenaries only receive jobs of political affiliations they agree with as it decreases the chances of contract negligence.  This contract clause also serves to protect the client: confidential information is not shared with a mercenary unless the mercenary agrees to silence.  Were the mercenary to act out in ways not agreed to in their commission, the mercenary voids their legal waiver, meaning all crimes they committed while on the job are now their responsibility -- rather than on the client, which is the typical agreement.  The client's money is refunded as well, which means the mercenary doesn't get a cent.  As such, memorizing the contract becomes a matter of job security.

In exchange for use of their services, the DoW mandates confidentiality of client information, and the guild will not answer any questions about the client's request or intentions.  If the mercenary in question causes damage outside of what was agreed upon in the contract created by the client and the employee, then the employee is held responsible and the client's money refunded.

All employees are granted anonymity.  Their coworkers are not told of their political standings or of the jobs they've taken on.  In fact, mercenaries are not informed of their coworkers unless a commission requires more than one person, and even then that'll likely be the only time you're allowed (legally) to work with each other.
Information is kept strictly private, so much so that the only one who could know everything about an employee is the Baptist.  In that way, they control their own fate: as the organization will withhold information about the employee to protect their wellbeing and legal standing, only the employee can really ruin themselves.

The DoW are infamous for killings but that's not all they do.  They're not into kidnapping or thievery but they'll give someone a beating, play bully, perform services as a bodyguard, even play messenger for important documents or hypothetically illegal packages, if the price is right.

The Dogs of War manage themselves with an administrative team, a legal team, and a publicity team.  The administrative team intercepts requests and trickles them down to the appropriate members of the DoW guild.  When someone has accepted a job, they arrange transportation, supplies, and medical help if needed while a commission is still in progress.  They also manage healthcare, therapy needs, and run a small insurance branch that caters to the, ahem, circumstances of their employees' prospects and living situations.  

The legal team takes on the ramifications of the guild's actions and works to keep DoW a neutral party before, during, and after a commission.  They are almost exclusively seen in court cases, but also function as legal negotiators while coming to the terms of a commission, and give legal aid to DoW mercenaries.  The Dog's publicity team keeps their members as quiet and unreachable as possible.  This includes screening of social media activity on behalf of the guild, monitoring tracking services, maintaining security, and being, well, combat-trained receptionists. They wouldn't be very successful if just anyone could get to their employees, now would they?

Most good killers are required to fade further and further from public eye in order to preserve themselves.  The Dogs of War's legal and publicity teams work together to rewrite histories and legal documents to make it so their best assassins never existed.  But sometimes, the skilled are required to return from the shadows ...


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ᴛʜᴇ sᴜɴᴅᴇʀɪɴɢ ɪs ᴏᴠᴇʀ, ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴀʀ ʙᴇɢɪɴs.

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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by Comrade Squid on Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:19 pm

I finally finished that recap of Harwell's 1 that I started earlier.
There have been a couple of new participants in the new RPG lately, and a close friend of mine is considering joining so I've decided to make a short and efficient summary of the plot-affecting events of the RPG up to this point to help theme out. (Parantheses) next to a character's name denotes who "plays" that character. I don't dwell too much on independent character arcs and I recommend reading through the app thread if you're curious about any one character's backstory. Enjoy!


-In the 1980s, the world changed when the first superhero, Lightbringer(WritingBookworm), appeared to the world, revealing the existence of superhumans. She formed a team of several other of the first superheroes called "The Guardians."

-The International Superhuman Organization, or ISO, is formed at some point after Lightbringer's appearance. Kristen Waller(WritingBookworm) is its current director.

-William Harwell(WritingBookworm) formed Harwell's Institute in Lebanon, New Hampshire in the 1990s. The intent of the institute is to seek out young superhumans and train them into becoming superheroes.

-There was a doomsday cult called the Crystal Sun during the time of the first generation. Silverwave(Adrian), a member of the Guardians, fought them.

-A humongous monster called "Daikaiju"(Comrade Squid) became known to the world in the early 2010s. It has been appearing in major population centers, causing massive damage and luring out superheroes so it can kill them, and then disappearing without a trace.

August 30, 2017

-At the start of a new school year at Harwell's, prospective students receive their letters inviting them to the institute.

September 1, 2017

-The students arrive at a train station early in the morning, as specified in their letters. They board the train and get to know each other. Once the train arrives at its destination, they disembark and find themselves in front of a huge metal wall. Before they enter, they are warned they are about to undertake a test to determine their skill and experience, which will help determine their class ranking at Harwell's.


-Upon entering, the students are told they have to find three keys to escape the gauntlet. A short discussion ensues, and they decided to split into two groups; one led by a student named Maxwell Grayson(WritingBookworm), and another by a student named Slade Norman(Comrade Squid). There is a pair of twins with a telepathic connection to each other among the students, Adair(Shaybay) and Riada Scathan(Shaybay). Maxwell's group takes Riada, and Slade's takes Adair so they can stay in touch.

-Maxwell's group goes in one direction and finds a lake filled with mechanical piranhas. They spot the key at the bottom and a student, Loretta Williams(Fix-it), decides to jump in and retrieve it. She succeeds, but gets bitten several times, and her teammates scold her for her ignorance. Riada is told to relay their success.

-Slade's group is walking through the forest in a straight line, hoping to find something. Suddenly a force field surrounds them on three sides. Laser turrets begin to appear from the ground and open fire on them, forcing them to run forward.

-Eventually they reach the end of the force field, where they are ambushed by three other, more experienced superhumans. Maxwell's group arrives and a fight breaks out.

-Two of the superhumans are incapacitated, leaving only one left, the one who has the second key. She floats up into the air, and the combined effort of several students allow them to get the key from her. She lands and congratulates the students, then presses a button on a remote and flies away with her comrades. The ground shakes and a giant, mechanical dragon emerges.

-A long battle ensues against the dragon. After it's destroyed, the final key is reclaimed from its wreckage. With the three keys, the students find the door, open it, and are greeted by William Harwell himself. Medics are present to tend to the injured and Harwell instructs them to arrive for a banquet in the Grand Hall, where there wiill be more information.

-Several hours later, the students arrive and the banquet begins. Principle Harwell gets on a stage with a microphone and begins his speech by introducing Lightbringer, who is apparently a member of the staff. Harwell explains that there are four "classes" of students: Delta, Gamma, Beta and Alpha, each one progressively higher than the last. Lightbringer is the head of the Alphas Class, and the other three have heads too. All the students are placed in Delta Class, except for three who performed well enough in the gauntlet to skip straight to Gamma Class. Their names are Vincent Christiansen(Adrian), Lucille Lear(WritingBookworm), and Annie McCallister(Comrade Squid).

-Harwell tells them that they will soon be sent on missions by the Institute. Normally limited to Alpha and Beta students, this is the first year they'll be sending Delta Students, only to deal with minor crime and low-level supervillains. Kristen Waller, Director of the ISO, takes the mic and tells them they'll be expected to come up with aliases to become their secret identities.


September 8, 2017

-The freshmen are summoned to the Great Hall where the missions are briefed to them.

-Team A will be led by the Martial(WritingBookworm), head of the Gamma Class. They will be sent to New York City to stop a bank robbery.

-Team B will be led by Nightwatcher(WritingBookworm), head of the Beta Class. They will be sent to Albany to stop two minor supervillains.

-Team C will be led by Empathy(WritingBookworm), head of the Delta Class. They will be sent to New Mexico to investigate a missing persons case.

-The students head to the airfield and board three different helicopters. They go their separate ways to their locations. Empathy pulls Vincent aside and informs him that the missing person they're searching for is Vincent's sister, Noelle(Adrian).


-The students unpack at a hotel reserved for them by the school. Maxwell stays behind at the room to act as "mission control" for the others due to his disability.

-They disembark to the bank, hoping to get a feel for it before the robbery occurs. On their way there, a known mercenary superhuman called the Falconer(WritingBokworm) teleports appears among them, and grabs Lucille. Slade attacks him, trying to stop him, but the Falconer strikes him and badly injures him. The Falconer then opens a portal and steps through it with Lucille before it closes.

-Annie and Gretchen Norman(Lady Senbonzakura), the latter of which is Slade's cousin, pick up Slade, who is too injured to walk, and take him back to the hotel room. The Martials calls in a medical team but it will take some time to arrive. Maxwell, who has tapped into the bank's security cams, radios them that the robbery has begun.

-The remaining students enter the bank and fight the robbers, defeating most of them with minimal issue. Things calm down until they hear the sounds of heavy footfalls. Daikaiju suddenly crashes through a wall and confronts them. Realizing the danger, the Martial runs ahead to fight the monster and distract it from the students.

-Meanwhile, the Falconer has dropped Lucille off at the hideout of the gang she used to be a part of. The gang leader, Seth Nixon(WritingBookworm), has her tied to a chair, and shows her footage from her past, before she joined the gang. The footage shows her with her late brother, Lance(WritingBookworm), being surrounded by multiple alien enemies, and combining into a massive dragon to fight them off. After the footage ends, Lightbringer teleports into the room and fights off the criminals, allowing Lucille to escape. Lucille accidentally kills Nixon during the scuffle.

-The fight with Daikaiju is going poorly. Gretchen manages to trip but it gets back up and wounds Annie. It traps the Martial between its steely jaws and nearly kills her before Lightbringer teleports in and rescues her at the last moment. Daikaiju, terrified of Lightbringer, runs away and dives into the Hudson river before Lightbringer can pursue it.

-The students hobble back to the hotel, where a medic is attending to Slade. Annie, while injured, tearfully reveals to the others that Daikaiju killed her brother Leonard(Comrade Squid) two years prior.


-The students arrive in Albany and take to the sidewalks. The area hasa dark and dreary aura caused by the two resident supervillains, Penitence(Adrian) and Nightscape(Adrian).

-Two of the students, Sophia Hayes(Comrade Squid) and Kendall Nolan(WritingBookworm) take a brief deteour into a local bank, where they find another supervillain self-christened "Lord Evil"(Comrade Squid). He is revealed to be a pathetic charletan and the three of them are kicked out by bank security.

-The group reaches an abandoned motel which they believe to be the villain's hideout. Inside, they confront Penitence and Nightscape, who are guarding a massive crystal object which they call "The Crystal Sun".

-They reveal that they are the parents of one of the students, Bridget Baumgartner(Adrian), who had been raised in an orphanage all her life. A fight breaks out.

-Eventually, Kendall uses his powers to force Nightscape to attack Penitence. While they are distracted, Loretta Williams destroys the Crystal Sun, which greatly upsets Penitence. Defeated, they open a portal and retreat.


-The students are led to a seemingly abandoned grain mill, which they enter. As they descend into the underground levels of it, they are attacked by security guards. After subduing them, the room around them spontaneously warps and the students are separated into two groups.

-Empathy and Vincent are both in the first group and attempt to reunite with the second group. The second group manages to find the first thanks to the powers of Shayla Thomas(Athena Lionheart), and together they fight some more security guards.

-After defeating them, they enter a control room where Noelle is tied to a chair. Vincent unties her but the group is then confronted by an enigmatic man in a suit going by "Foxtrot"(Adrian), who greets Vincent as "Subject Victor". He claims he's there to protect Vincent and tries to recruit him. Vincent rejects Foxtrot's offer and attacks him.

-Foxtrot himself turns out to be intangible, and unable to be fought. He teleports away after ordering his minions to finish them off and blow up the mill if they have to. Vincent teleports all the students back outsie before any more conflict can ensue.

-Once they're outside, Noelle hands Vincent a folder that was given to her by one of Foxtrot's henchmen.


-After the unforeseen complications that Team A encountered in New York, the Harwell's staff decide not to send the new students on anymore missions for the remainder of the year.

-A few days later, Lucille explains her history to Lightbringer, revealing that she and her brother are advanced aliens called Drakkulus that can combine to form dragon-like beings. She explains that her species come in two variants, Creation Drakkulus and Destruction Drakkulus, and that the Destruction Drakkulus turned on the Creation Drakkulus and killed most of them. She and Lance fled to Earth, where several Destruction Drakkulus found them, hence the footage in Nixon's hideout. Lucille believes that Lance died to save her from the Destruction Drakkulus after the transformation.

-Later that night, Lightbringer checks the Institute's records and discovers that Lance had not only survived, but later became an Alpha Class student at Harwell's He was sent on a mission to thwart an anti-super organization called ASDOM, but never returned and was declared missing in action. She elects not to tell Lucille this.

-At an unknown date, a nebulous man approaches the leader of ASDOM(WritingBookworm), introducing himself as "Harbinger"(WritingBookworm). He offers her his services, demonstrating his powers by killing one of their prisoners with only his touch.

-At some point, all students that were currently Delta class were promoted to Gamma class, and Annie, Lucille and Vincent were promoted to Beta class.

December 22, 2017

-The students depart from the Institute's train station and arrive at a mountain resort north of the Institute. They disembark with their luggage and unpack in their dorms before some of them engage in some snowboarding outside.

-Once he's alone in his room, Vincent opens the folder Noelle gave him in New Madrid, which contained a government document about him referring to him as Subject Victor. The document further reveals that he is the seeming lone survivor of a destroyed alternate universe, who arrived in our universe as a baby and has been observed by the government in secret ever since. This revelation causes him a great deal of distress.

December 24, 2017

-A Christmas party begins, which the students are all invited to. Refreshments are provided and some of the students begin to dance as relationships simultaneously form and break.

-Slade, who had been acting strange ever since arriving at the resort, invites Lucille up to the second floor balcony to talk business. Regretfully, he confesses that he is a member of ASDOM, as well as the real identity of Daikaiju, before begging Lucille to leave the Institute with him. Annie and Gretchen arrive at that point, having heard all this from inside.

-At the same time, Harbinger materializes and takes Kristen Waller, who had been at the party to meet with Kendall, as a hostage in the parking lot. Kendall, Loretta, and Sophia all see this, but can't do anything as Harbinger opens fire and them. More students realize that something is going on and leave the lodge, only to be fired on by ASDOM soldiers. Loretta, who had forgotten to take her meds that morning, goes into a panic attack and becomes hysterical.

-Annie's brother was killed by Daikaiju in the past, and she is furious that Slade has betrayed her and the others in such a way. She pushes Slade off the balcony, prompting him to transform into Daikaiju, the process of which destroying balcony mere seconds after they escape. Determined to get Lucille, Slade begins to destroy the lodge.

-A heated battle ensues. The students defeat many of the soldiers, but the lodge is set on fire and collapses. Professor Samuel Beckwith(Lady Senbonzakura), a practicioner of magic, puts a spell on Loretta to put her to sleep until the situation calms. Headmaster William Harwell is badly injured by the lodge collapsing, and passes his position onto Empathy before dying. Harbinger, Slade, and a handful of soldiers escape down the mountainside with Director Waller and Lucille in their custody.

-Slade transforms back into human form at an empty warehouse used as a checkpoint, and rests up. At the same time, the remaining students decide to try and pursue them, and rescue Lucille and Waller. The only exceptions are Kendall and Sophia, who decide to stay with Loretta. They decide to take her off the mountain to the nearest town with the help of Domhnall Martin(Lady Senbonzakura), Sam's fiancee who was visiting him at the resort.

-The students find the warehouse, but its empty. Knowing they're on the right track, they continue on until they reach a sawmill, where they find the forces of ASDOM. They fight the soldiers as Harbinger takes Waller and flees into the forest and Slade takes Lucille deeper into the mill. The students split up to pursue each.

-Domhnall's truck comes across a road block at the bottom of the mountain set up by ASDOM. They manage to subdue the gunmen, but not before Sophia is fatally shot through the chest. She exchanges her last words with Kendall before succumbing to her wounds.

-Slade is cornered with Lucille inside a wooden building. Cutting of his escape, the students nearly convince Slade to give up and rejoin them, until Harbinger arrives from fighting off some other students and teleports away with Lucille. Slade transforms and fights the students again, severely injuring a few of them, and then leaves. ISO helicopters land shortly after to tend to the injured students.

-The students that followed Harbinger attempt to do battle with him, but he continually teleports away. He eventually teleports to a railyard at the edge of the forest, where he expects a rendezvous with an aircraft. Lucille attempts to escape, but Harbinger catches her and breaks her wrists as punishment. Afterwards, he tells her that her brother Lance is still alive, in ASDOM custody, being tortured for information.

-The group of students that pursued Harbinger catch up with him, as a stolen ISO helicopter lands behind him. The helicopter is piloted by Akira(WritingBookworm), the medic that tended to Slade in New York and a fellow ASDOM spy. Slade appears from the flank and begins throwing train cars at the students, forcing them to take cover. Harbinger takes Lucille and the Director onto the helicopter.

-The helicopter begins to take off, but Valerie grabs onto it and holds it down. Lucille and the Director jump off before she destroys it, though Akira and Harbinger survive. Empathy confronts Slade and tries to talk him down, but is unsuccessful. Riada grabs the captured pair and teleports away with them to a nearby frozen lake. The ISO helicopter that picked up the first group of students lands nearby and picks up the trio, taking off and escaping mere moments before Slade arrives.

-During all the chaos, Foxtrot teleports into the midst, grabs Vincent, and teleports away from him. Before he does so, he explains that he and Vincent are from an alternate universe that was destroyed- the same alternate universe, and that he intends to "right that wrong."

-Harbinger seemingly disappears. Slade attempts to subdue Valerie, and is forced to revert to human form after a long and bloody battle. Valerie considers killing him, but leaves him in the snow as a second helicopter touches down and she escapes with the remaining students. The two helicopters regroup with Domhnall, Kendall and Loretta at the hotel, where Loretta is woken up and learns of Sophia's death. She doesn't take it well.

-A group of reporters arrives on scene, having found out about the incident through a student, Eric Daniels Jr.(Comrade Squid) Empathy, now in the role of Headmaster, sends them all away. Afterwards, he gathers the students for an announcement, where he briefs them on everything that occurred and promotes seberal of the Gamma students to Beta. He also offers Silverwave, whose daughter Tristen Madden(Adrian) is a student, a position as the Delta class head.

-Lightbringer awakens in the snowy forest. The last thing she remembers is blacking out while searching for ASDOM's headquarters. Empathy calls her via communicator and tells her everything that transpired, including Harbinger. Piecing together evidence from what she experienced, both in the present and past, she reaches the horrifying conclusion that she is Harbinger, somehow. However, she does not tell Empathy this revelation, and assures him that her loyalty is with him.


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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by Comrade Squid on Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:50 pm

Sorry for double post but look at what our very own @Fix-it drew!!!!!!
Bikini Bottom S/L/K:

"If you think voicing such an opinion here and now was a wise move..."

"...then maybe you should reevaluate your definition of stupidity."
Thank you Fix-it for the amazing signature!
Also, thank you so much ~Hermione~ for last year's awesome Marcel signature!
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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by Comrade Squid on Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:46 pm

Been a while since we've had some incorrect quotes!

Loretta: [eating a cinnamon roll]
Kendall: Cannibalism, Loretta?"
Loretta: [confused chewing noises]

Lachtna: It's so weird when people are squeamish about seeing brains because that's their own brain making a decision that it looks disgusting. Brains don't like how they look.
Riada: Brains don't like what they look like because they're not supposed to be visible.
Riada: Because if they're visible something is deeply wrong.
Lachtna: You might say it's...braingerous.
Riada: [groans]
Fiachra: A brain made the decision to make that joke.

Sophia: [attempts to high-five Sam]

Annie: Top reasons to get married?
Gretchen: Firmly saying "That's my wife!" and knocking someone out in one punch.
Annie: ...
Gretchen: And love, I guess.

Sam: Domhnall dearest, if you're gonna get that position at Harwell's, you're gonna need to be more professional.
Domhnall: [standing on chair] Those are mighty brave words for a man standing in lava.

Summer: Aren't you gay?
Lachtna: I like how you imply that I have done something heterosexual. If so, I apologize.

Maxwell: My kink is being right and that's why I'm turned on all the time.

Annie: Mansplaining is a sexist and dogmatic term only used to shut down conv-
Eric: No, mansplaining is a huge problem in society. You don't know what you're talking about.

Summer: [realizing that she lost Wesley in the grocery store]
Summer: [going back to the first aisle]
Summer: Oh, there you are Wesley
Wesley: [tearing up] Miss Summer you cAmE BAck f0r ME

Matt: What do you call sabotage and vandalism?
Noel: A hobby.
Matt: ...
Jack: ...that we do not engage in.

The Martial: Mister Vaughn, please try to be more serious so we can complete the after-action report.

Noel: [pointing at Jack] Shoot him! He's the evil twin, not me!
Lucille: [aims gun at Noel] The real Jack would never pass up an opportunity to die!

Gretchen: Did it hurt?
Slade: Did what hurt?
Gretchen: When you broke through the earth's crust, ascending from hell.

Lance: Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?
Annie: I'm a knife.
Fiachra: [from across the room] She's a little spoon.

Arabella: Cheer up, Slade, it's not so bad! In fact, just earlier today I had to beat the snot out of some poor giant monster for a publicity stunt. Image if that was you?
Slade: That was me, Arabella!

Slade: Will you stop bringing up the betrayal?!
Gretchen: Me? You started it!
Slade: I didn't start it at all!
Gretchen: Yes you did, you kidnapped Lucille!

Loretta: [loud crash]
Kendall: What was that?
Loretta: my shirt fell
Kendall: That was louder than a shirt.
Loretta: That's because I was in it

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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by Captain Whitehawk on Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:23 pm

For my own benefit and everyone else's, the transcripts for the newest missions:

Mission A: Kyoto, Japan
Overseer: Dr. August Young (and their succubus gf, Farida)
Goal: "Yoko Yamamura, the head of the Kyoto superhuman academy, is attempting to apprehend a supervillain named Mirai. She's sent out multiple teams from her school, but now she's asking for our assistance."
↪️ Amber Lycan
↪️ Summer Matthews
↪️ Kendall Nolan
↪️ Marcus Rutaihwa
↪️ Lucas Vaughn
↪️ Loretta Williams

Mission B: Scarsdale, New York
Overseer: Professor Samuel Beckwith (and his fiancé, Domhnall Martin)
Goal: "There have been reports of a missing person, and the ISO was called to investigate."
↪️ Maxwell Grayson
↪️ Wesley Hampton
↪️ Fiachra Martin
↪️ Fianna Rhydderch
↪️ Adair Scathan
↪️ Riada Scathan
↪️ Genesis Woodland

Mission C: Dallas, Texas
Overseer: Kristen Waller
Goal: "You are to go to Dallas, Texas to investigate Arabella Martin."
↪️ Vincent Christiansen
↪️ Eric Daniels Jr.
↪️ Britannia Falkenwrath
↪️ Lachtna Martin
↪️ Octarine
↪️ Alex Rhee
↪️ Mysti Seko
↪️ Shayla Thompson
↪️ Valerie Waller

Mission D: Reno, Nevada
Overseer: James Madden (Silverwave)
Goal: "Your mission will not be to infiltrate the base.  It is mere surveillance. If it is there, then a more experienced ISO team will break into the base. I still urge you, Team D, to exercise extreme caution."
↪️ Bridget Baumgartner
↪️ Lucía Compean
↪️ Zilia Fiane
↪️ Lucille Lear
↪️ Tristen Madden
↪️ Annie McCallister
↪️ Gretchen Norman


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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

Post by WritingBookworm on Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:12 pm

Adair: I just need you to stay calm, okay?
Riada: I'm just gonna stay angry. I find that relaxes me.

Gretchen: I need an adult.
The Martial: I’m an adult.
Gretchen: I need a different adult.

Valerie: I’m gonna send you a dick pic.
Annie: You're a girl, how is that even possible--
Valerie: *sends a picture of Eric*

Darwin: To get back at the people who have wronged me, I’m going to let my anger and resentment toward them slowly destroy me.

Thanatos: If guardian angels really do exist, mine’s off drinking vodka straight from the bottle and pretending I don’t exist.

Sophia, at a shooting range: This is great.
Maxwell: You've never used a gun before, huh?
Sophia, throwing another gun at the target: I need more guns.

Tristen: This year, I lost my dear father Silverwave.
Silverwave: Quit telling everyone I’m dead!
Tristen: Sometimes, I can still hear his voice.

Annie: Get your facts straight, Lance.
Lance: I can’t even get myself straight, Annie.

Eric: Nice hands, Gretchen.
Gretchen: Uh, thank you..?
Eric: I bet they'd look even better wrapped around my-

Loretta: I'd love to relax, but it's just not realisitic.

Foxtrot: I wasn’t done talking!
Vincent: I was done listening

Gretchen: You look beautiful today Lucille.
Lucille: Um, thank you
Gretchen: APRIL FOOLS!
Gretchen: You look beautiful everyday.

Loretta: Tell Kendall I’m mad at him, but I still love him.
Lucas: Why don’t you tell him yourself?
Loretta: Can’t. We’re fighting right now.
Lucas: You are literally sitting in his lap.

Riada: You wanna see how punk I am?
Riada: [punches a wall]
Riada: Take me to the hospital.

Summer: *reading the newspaper* Some idiot fought a squid at the aquarium.
Fiachra: *covered in ink* Well, maybe the squid was being a dick.

Domhnall: Babe, do the thing!
Sam: [genuinely smiles]
Domhnall, breathless: Oh my God…

Bridget: What's your workout routine?
Octarine: Does running out of fucks to give count as cardio?

Caroline: When are you free?
Slade: I’m forever imprisoned in my own personal hell so I am never truly ‘free’ but I don’t really have plans all next week except for Monday.

Lance: What could have possibly motivated you to try to commit genocide???
Darwin: *shrugs while drinking a juice box*


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Re: Harwell's Fan Thread!

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