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Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

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Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Hime on Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:39 pm

accepted, both of you Smile

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Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Michael DeathFlame on Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:42 am

Here's the other half of the Ginger Squad~

Sierra Vride:
Name: Sierra Vride

Age: 39

-She stands at 5'10 and weighs 155 lbs.

Personality: If you talk to Sierra for more than ten minutes, you'll probably learn just about everything there is to her. Sierra isn't the kind of person to stay quiet or keep her word out of a decision; she's loud, opinionated, and always says what she believes in. Although she does her best to restrain her blunt nature around her friends (especially friends in mourning), Sierra really doesn't have much a filter around anyone. Famous for her excessive swearing, Sierra is always pretty blunt around people, particularly those she's not that fond of. If Sierra doesn't like you, she'll make it very, very obvious.
Around most people, Sierra's very social, never afraid to start up conversation or jump into new ones. After wandering around Epon Kiin for six years with only Yupik to talk to, to say that Sierra appreciates the company of people she likes is a bit of an understatement. Sierra is pretty extroverted, always in the mood to do anything at the drop of the hat. This makes her pretty disorganized in just about everything she does, but she gets by well enough.
Outside of her generally loud persona, one of Sierra's most notable traits is her loyalty. Growing up as the younger sister of the Chaos host, Sierra was almost forced into the role of Yupik's guardarian and protecter. Although she initially loathed her brother for this, the two became practically inseperable by the time they were cast out on their own. Sierra's loyalty to her friends is unquestionable; while with the Row, Sierra often volunteered to go on missions for the sole purpose of helping a friend. Her loyalty to Yupik, however, is second to none. Sierra is willing to do just about anything if it means keeping her brother safe. This loyalty, of course, comes with a few consequences. If Sierra feels like someone is putting the lives of her loved ones at risk, she will shoot as much animousity at that person as possible. Sierra is definitely the kind of person to hold long, long grudges; to this day, Sierra would still jump at the opportunity to kill people she feuded with as a teenager.
Her sense of loyalty and responsibility to protect her friends has also taken its tolls on Sierra herself. Ebony's death still sits heavily with Sierra, and the immense amount of guilt she feels has stayed with her. Sierra is terrified of "being responsible" for the death of another loved one, and this has put strains on both herself and those she's close to.

Biography: Sierra did her best to keep herself busy in the years immediately following her withdrawal from the Row. For a while, she focused mostly on hunting, training, and other physical activities to keep herself busy. She picked up a few things, learned a few more skills; most notably, she started teaching herself how to fight with a spear, which she called Vengeance. As the years went by and as her brother and other friends began to settle down, though, Sierra began to feel increasingly lonely. Despite her social demeanor, she couldn't bring herself to stay in any kind of long term relationship with someone else. She would date another woman for a month or two, but she always ended the relationship on vague grounds. She told them that she just didn't want to be in a relationship, but the reality was far more complex than that. Sierra just felt stuck in the past, and that departing from that was terribly wrong. She felt more and more like a traitor the longer she stayed with each person; who she was betraying, she never really knew.

As Sierra went through her early twenties, she settled down with Miranda. Not in a romantic sense; the two still drove each other insane. They were just two lonely people who, when together, felt less lonely and shitty. Sierra ended up adopting three children throughout her twenties, and still maintains her lifestyle of hunting today.

Family?: Yupik Vride (brother), Natasha Vride (sister-in-law), Miranda Kanrinin (friend), Benjamin Vride (son), Alyssa Vride (daughter), Andrew Vride (son), Kendra Vride (niece), Landon Vride (nephew), Mordecai Reaves (brother-in-law), Catrina Vride (mother), Amanda (sister-in-law).

Row Membership?: Lul no

Unique Strengths:
-Determination: Do not piss off Sierra. Sierra will go to the end of the world if it means getting her way, so if someone stands in her path, she has no problem flattening them.
-Physical strength: Sierra might be in her late thirties, but she's still in ridiculously good shape; it's one of the few things that keeps her sane.
-Combat experience: Sierra is skilled with both spears and knives, and is particularly skilled with axes and bows. She's been using the last two weapons for her entire life, so to say she's familiar with them is a bit of an understatement. She also has absolutely no qualms with torturing or killing enemies, so don't expect her to get hung up about having to kill someone.

Unique Weaknesses:
-Reckless: Dear lord is Sierra reckless. Sierra is... well, to put it bluntly, she's not very smart. Never has been, never will. Sierra often doesn't think things through, no matter how much time she has to consider something. Although she has some degree of combat smarts (she'd be dead if she didn't), outside of a fight Sierra's brain is pretty useless. She almost always goes on her gut feeling, and although this has occasionally worked out for her, usually it just means she ends up fucking up royally.
-Close-minded: Sierra admits she's not the brightest bulb, but she will still stand by her beliefs pretty religiously. She's not exactly open to outside input, and will only really listen to friends when she's trying to make a decision.
-Anger management: Something Sierra is not good at. Once she gets pissed off, she stays pissed off. As said before, she can hold grudges for a long time; she's hated her mom for about the past twenty-nine years now, and she's hated the Row for twenty-three.

Weapon Type: (axe, sword, guns, scythe, etc.) Man-Eater (ax), Vengeance (spear), Bow and Arrow, Dirks, anything she can get her hands on.
Weapon Information: (appearance, abilities, etc.) You know them.


Thanks so much to Athena for the signature!
Michael DeathFlame
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Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Hime on Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:06 am

she's baaaack~

accepted mike!

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Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by WritingBookworm on Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:53 am

Name: Arthur Yate-Carstairs

Age: 14


-He's 5'6" and 145 lb.

Personality: While Arthur looks a lot like his father, his personality is a pretty sound mix of his parents. He's on the more level-headed side, like Elias, but he doesn't judge others for not being as intelligent as him. He's kind and supportive, like Gentry, but he's nowhere near as extroverted as her. He's pretty shy, all things considered, to the point where he does have social anxiety. Unlike the both of them, Arthur shies away from violence, and would rather not do it for a living. Instead, he gravitiates toward art, particularly literature.

Biography: Arthur was born to Elias Carstairs and Gentry Yate-Carstairs, and that right there determined most peoples' first impressions of him. Both Elias and Gentry were dedicated members of Runite's Row who sought to serve and protect N'al Ren, in their own different ways. Many expected him to follow in his parents' footsteps. They expected him to be a proud warrior, like both of his parents. Or perhaps a political figure like Elias, or perhaps eventually come to be a buisnessman and eventually take on the Yate Enterprises company from Nathan Yate's hands.

His parents didn't put those sort of expectations on him. Both Gentry and Elias had parents who wanted them to go down a certain path in life, and neither of them wanted to make that mistake and force Arthur to choose one certain path. They wanted him to feel like he could do anything. But as a result, Arthur had absolutely no idea what to do. It wasn't before long that Gentry and Elias realized this mistake, found that Arthur had a particular love for reading, and then encouraged him to cultivate that love and go in this direction.

Arthur's relationship with his parents still wasn't what he wanted it to be -- or what Gentry and Elias wanted it to be, either. Both of his parents had sworn they wouldn't be like their parents, and that they would be around their child as much as possible. But life wasn't that simple. For a good portion of Arthur's life, Elias was a major political figure, which meant he'd be away a lot. Gentry, though she wanted to be a good mom, also still wanted to be a career woman, and still retained her sense of adventure, so she worked in law enforcement. But the job had the tendency to call upon her assistance at inconvenient times. That meant that Arthur and his sister, Taylor, were touted around to babysitter to babysitter (usually staying with Yupik and Natasha). Even though she was making a conscious effort to be there for Arthur and Taylor, she realized just how much they needed more of her attention, and she felt like she was making the exact same mistake that her parents were making. So when Arthur was nine, Gentry finally cut her hours from full-time to part-time, so she could spend time with her children more. But it was only a year later that Arthur started his time at Ald Ruhn Academy, and started living away from home.

The first year of Arthur's time there didn't go completely well. He had a hard time making friends, and was picked on a bunch by a bully named Jules. After a miserable first few weeks, he almost asked his parents if he could drop out of Ald Ruhn Academy completely. But that was before he met her.

On a normal day, Arthur was being picked on by Jules again. But as Arthur was attempting to fight Jules off, to stop him from punching him in the face over and over, a pretty girl saw what was going on, and beat up Jules for Arthur.

The girl, who later introduced herself as Fiona, did get pretty heavy detention (as did Jules). But she'd also saved Arthur, and she was nice to him. She was pretty, kind, and smart.

Poor Arthur was head-over-heels for her in no time flat.

So he's remained at Ald Ruhn Academy, too nervous and withdrawn to ever say more than "Hi," to Fiona ever since. Taylor joined him at the Ald Ruhn Academy two years later, so he's been able to rely on her. For now, Arthur's just enjoying his normal life with his having a sister, suffering from a crush bigger than should be possible, and all the while, studying literature at the Ald Ruhn Academy.

Ha. He won't be enjoying that normal life for much longer.

Family?: Gentry Yate-Carstairs (mother, 39), Elias Carstairs (father, 41), Taylor Yate-Carstairs (younger sister, 12 going on 13)

Row Membership?: Yup, soon

Unique Strengths:
-Level-headed: Like his dad.
-Empathetic: Like his mom.
-Artistic: This is more of a strength of his own. While he's mainly well-versed in books and literature analysis, he's starting to take to writing and drawing as well.

Unique Weaknesses:
-Inexperience: He's younger than most of the other members of the next generation of Runite's Row, so it's probably safe to say he's not as experienced as others.
-Lack of Combat Training: A guy joining the Row without any combat training. There's absolutely no way this can go wrong.
-Withdrawn: Exactly as it says. Arthur's pretty withdrawn -- too much for his own good.
-Insecurity: His father and mother are famous. He has a lot of eyes on him. That right there makes him feel under pressure, and brings on a good deal of insecurity.

Weapon Type: Undecided at this point, but most likely a gun or a sword.

Weapon Information: Ditto above.


-He is named after Arthur Carstairs, Elias's biological father. There are reasons for it.
--On that note, Gentry and Elias agreed that Gentry would have major say in the name of the first girl, and Elias would have major say in the name of the first boy. Elias named the boy after his father. Gentry screwed it and named the first girl after her favorite fictional character.
-His face claim is Kousei Arima from Your Lie in April.
-As mentioned in the form several times, he's studying Literature at the Ald Ruhn Academy.
-He's a Class S student. He used to be Class A, but pressure on him to meet the precident Elias set has propelled him to work extremely hard.

WARNING: The person above has a great knowledge of grammar and is not afraid to use it against you.

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Re: Infinity's Row 2: The Puppetmaster [OPENING APP THREAD]

Post by Sponsored content

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