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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Comrade Squid on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:49 am

@Sentinel wrote:that the majority of mankind is not worthy of superhuman gifts, and those with supernatural powers must channel their abilities into becoming a more perfect, intelligent version of humanity, even if it's at the expense of "mortals," and that normal humans aren't worth saving in this "new, dog-eat-dog world." He's an elitist scumbag, basically.
Ooh, I'm interested to see how this character interacts with Hivemind.

Also, I really like your other character's power!

~In the memory of~

Thank you so much ~Hermione~ for the awesome signature!
Comrade Squid
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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by WritingBookworm on Tue May 30, 2017 2:22 pm

Hey guys! This post is just to let you all know that I've updated the character form. It now includes 'Sexuality,' right in between Personality Type and Abilities. If you'd like to go back and add this in your already-posted characters' forms, that's great; if not, then that's just as well. Thank you for all you do for Harwell's!
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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Athena Lionheart on Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:35 pm

I'm not late. You're all early.

The very lost alien stripper:
Name: Zilia Fiane
Alias: Azalia. She thinks that’s clever, too.
Age: 17
Appearance: Zilia’s pretty visually striking. She’s traditionally beautiful and she visually appears somewhat Middle Eastern. Her skin is pale and has a slight blue tinge: not enough to be super noticeable or bright, but enough to clue in that something’s up. Her hair is abnormally black, almost like it’d been dyed. Her eyes are the real giveaway, though. There’s something scalelike about them and their pinkish-brown irises are surrounded with yellow.
Her suit is a saturated pink, skintight outfit with a narrow window over her eyes, yellow details, and a short, ruffly half-skirt.
Hometown: A galaxy far, far away...
Personality: Zilia’s amazing at making the best of her situations. She’s confident and naive, kind-hearted but easily distant from humans. Her species’s culture is very open and accepted, embracing change almost to an extreme; family units aren’t a thing and long-term relationships are viewed as unnatural. These views are entirely accepted by Zilia.
Personality Type: ESFJ
Shmexuality: A bit hard to place, honestly. Within her own species, straight, but with humans…  
Ailities: Aero and Hydrokinesis. In addition to this, she’s stronger than her form would suggest, thanks to being an alien. However, she only has any of these abilities when she’s not in contact with oxygen.
Personal History: Zilia ain’t human. She came from a distant planet. However, ending up on Earth was an accident; she meant to go to Mars for vacation. A few miscalculations later, she was stranded here instead. This was a bit troubling to her at first, and the air made her feel nauseous, but she decided this was fine. She could have a good time here, right?
When she arrived in Seattle, she was pretty much broke. She got work as a stripper for a year, amassing some cash. Once she had a decent amount, she tried to get out but realized it wasn’t going to be easy. On this planet, the oxygen weakened her. She eventually went to a back-alley superhero specialist by the name of Dorvian Crue. She offered everything she had for help. He accepted. Thus, her weakness was identified and her suit was made.
Zilia returned to her place of employment and confronted her boss, who set two of his men on her to ‘teach her a lesson’. With her suit, her strength and health was returned, but to her surprise she found out that strength was not all she had now. She could also control the air that once weakened her and had water at her beck and call.
She entered into a partnership with Dorvian Crue: she would keep him safe, he would repair and do maintenance on her suit. However, she was then at square one; no money, nothing to do and nowhere to go.
So she became a superhero.
Family: Out of sight, out of mind.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes, new things, people. Dislikes, others in pain and commitment.
Strengths: She has very flexible and useful abilities. She’s also just a likeable, if bizarre, person and not unattractive.
Weaknesses: She's an alien, plus a tourist, and a lost one at that, thus not entirely up to speed on Earth. Yea, her powers seem alright.
Her weakness is oxygen. Do I even need to say more?
She's got a friggin' song.

This kid:
Name: Shayla Thompson
Alias: Glitch
Age: 15

Hometown: Chicago
Personality: Shayla is a pretty good example of a jaded teenager. She knows any and all conflict that happens is an invention of some kids, the other people are puppets, and the good guys will probably win. She's rigidly opinionated and self-centered. However, she's not going to throw the game just because she's aware of it; she'll make the most of what she's got. She'll just also complain every step of the way.
Personality Type: Salty.
Shmexuality: Complicated, but leaning gay.
The Deadpool Effect: Aware of the fact she's in a roleplay and able to read all OOC chat on the role-playing thread.
Enhanced Athelticism: Capable of superhuman physical activity, increasing her endurance, strength, speed, and acrobatic capabilities.
Superhuman Vision: Her eyes now have a couple of fun features, such as X-ray and heat-sensitive as well as just generally being SuperHD™.
Personal History: Shayla was raised almost entirely by herself. From the moment she was born, she had to be independent and uncaring. If she wasn’t independent, nobody else would care about her enough to get her by. If she wasn’t uncaring, she’d feel her parent’s absence. She became a child of the internet, secluded most of the time. Earlier this year, she ordered more of her prescription contacts online as usual. Little did she know, her order was tampered with. Those contacts never came out again.
Shayla’s body was changed. Within a day, she was capable of athleticism beyond anything she’d been capable of before. It was also more fluid. It made sense, since, beyond anything else, her eyes had been opened. She was given sight beyond the veil and saw the world for what it was. Why should limits exist to what she was?
She wasn’t real. She was a toy in a game, a toy that was conscious of the clumsy children moving the pieces around. She was in the games she had once thoughtlessly created characters for, thoughtlessly sent to fight and die for entertainment, for the sake of a story, or a show.
Fine. Then she’d put on a show.
Family: ---
Likes and Dislikes: She likes swimming and water. She dislikes you.
Strengths: The ability to communicate with roleplayers. In the past, she’s gained popularity with players this way. She’s very quick and excellent at getting away and dodging attacks.
Weaknesses: However, this can also be a weakness for her; she’s not usually kind to the roleplayers and while that is part of her success, it will also lead to people being less likely to slip her information. Her powers are not directly combat oriented and better suited to infiltration and escaping when things go wrong. Shayla is young and has little real world experience.
Other: Shalya was going to be the villain Troja in the Minor League.

Okay, the party can start now, y'all. What's happening in roleplay?

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by WritingBookworm on Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:29 am



Anyways, accepted! For the missions, Azalia will be with Team A while Shayla will be with Team C.

WARNING: The person above has a great knowledge of grammar and is not afraid to use it against you.

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Sponsored content

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