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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by WritingBookworm on Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:39 pm

Surely you've heard of them.

Lightbringer, the most powerful superheroine in the world, and whose appearance in the 1980s revealed the existence of superhumans to the world.

The Sorcerer, and the other Guardians that allied with Lightbringer.

The Citizen and the other heroes that came before them. The heroes that only continue to come.

Surely . . .

You know you are one of them.

Surely you know of the terrorist attacks on several major cities carried out by other superhumans, prompting fear and discrimination.

Surely you know that, in some ways, with society's growing tolerance, the attitudes towards superhumans have become better.

But surely, in some ways, with the rise of extremist organizations targeting superhumans, you know the attitudes toward superhumans are only becoming worse.

Yet even in the face of these growing threats, there still stands a sanctuary for young heroes bequeathed with exceptional gifts.

The heroes that came before you were the last generation.

You are the next.

Welcome to Harwell's.


Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional, founded by William Harwell circa 1990 and located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, is a safe haven for young superheroes.

There, you are finally able to learn to properly harness the abilities that set you apart from the rest of mankind. There, you learn to identify and defeat evil. There, you learn what it truly means to earn the title of 'superhero'.

First, you shall receive a letter confirming your admittance into Harwell's. The day after, August 31st, you shall be picked up and brought to the Institute. There shall be a brief welcoming banquet (formal attire is suggested, but not required). After this, according to your ability, you will be placed into one of four Classes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. You will also receive your superhero name (the costume will be your to design later). Schoolwork begins the following day.

Do keep in mind though: being a superhero is not fun and games. Various organizations are becoming stronger, and superhumans with malicious intent only grow more numerous. I recommend being on your guard.

That closes the introduction to Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional. I wish the best of luck to you.


♦ ♦ RULES ♦ ♦

-All CC Rules Apply-

-All basic RPG etiquette applies (no godmodding, controlling others' characters without permission, etc.)-

-Villains are allowed-

-No more than four people with the same power. I'd like to see some variety-

-Powers aren't limited to any number, but they do need to be just a bit more toned down than they were in the previous RPGs. These are students, after all, not fully-fledged superheroes. If a well-prepared, non-powered human isn't able to take your character down, then their powers probably need some rethinking-

-Don't just put IG on forms. I realize that characters have a tendency to grow in ways we don't expect during RPGs, but I also want to see effort-


The Form:
Personality Type:
Personal History:
Likes and Dislikes:

Maxwell Grayson:
Name: Maxwell 'Max' Grayson

Alias: Sentinel

Age: 17


Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Personality: The first thing that's obvious about Maxwell is that he's intelligent. The second is that said intelligence brings on other traits such as condescension, arrogance, and smugness. He might go to a school for heroes, but he does not consider himself a hero. His motivation for being a 'hero,' after all, isn't necessarily because he wants to help people -- it's because he needed to compensate for his inadequacy, and be great at something that didn't require the use of his legs. It's a very good distraction from his problems, and he loves the rush he gets from this. It's become more of a drug than anything else recently, and if he overdoses, it's possible he could crash and burn.

Personality Type: He's kinda flirting between INTP and INTJ. We'll see where he ends up.

Abilities: Technopathy. It allows him to control any electrically-powered object, from small phones to large construction cranes, though he can't be more than ten or fifteen feet away to control the object. He also, by extension of technopathy, has cyberpathy.

Personal History: For the first few years of his life, Maxwell lived fairly normally. He got good grades (particularly in science), had a loving family, and developed a passion for cross country. He was very good at it, too, making the high school varsity team at freshman year. He would have continued to be very good at it, if not for the tiny car wreck that took out his dad and left Max paraplegic (did I say tiny car wreck? I meant huge car wreck).

The accident really turned his life around. No longer a track star, Maxwell instead focused on his studies, and trying to adjust as best as he possibly could. And the adjustment was made even harder than he expected; while the crash took his legs, it, apparently, gave him something else.

Maxwell discovered he had an innate ability to control machines. At first, he was a bit terrified of this power, because it would go out of control sometimes. But eventually, he got a handle on it. And then he got a terrifyingly good handle on it. So good that, in fact, in the time that he would have normally devoted to track, he instead devoted to putting away criminals, sometimes by finding various criminal files and forwarding them to the government, or perhaps happening to be near a bank robbery just as various pieces of technology blew up on the robbers. More often than not, though, he did it through the internet, and because of that has been good at covering his tracks. Now, Maxwell has graduated high school early with high honors, planning to move on to college, all while keeping his other little hobby under wraps.

Family: James Grayson (father, deceased), Elsa Grayson (mother), Kerri Grayson (sister, 20), Emily Grayson (sister, 14)

Likes and Dislikes: He still likes track and cross country, and keeps himself rather up-to-date with the sport. He likes various science fiction franchises, and mostly hates people that he finds annoying. Which is almost everyone.

Strengths: He's rather intelligent. Through cyberpathy, he can hack into quite a bit of crap, from websites to security cameras and, heck, if it was really needed, perhaps even government files. Since he's on the rational side, he's good at keeping things from blowing up between people. Oh, and if there's a time that things go really bad . . . let's just say he's prepared. In other words, he has an ace up his sleeve that he can play.

Weaknesses: He's freaking paraplegic. Even if he wasn't, he has no combat training aside from very basic gun usage, and is overreliant on his technopathy to defend himself. In other words, take away his wheelchair and any other pieces of electrical technology, and you've got him beat. Given that he's condescending and has a problem with sarcasm, he can come off as an arrogant douche sometimes, and has a bit of a selfish streak.


- His name is a reference to Gwen Grayson from Sky High, who served as rough inspiration for the character, who is in turn a reference to Dick Grayson. Reference-ception.

- Maxwell's theme is Detective Detective by Static P. The situation described in that song doesn't actually happen, but some of the lyrics the narrator uses to describe himself and the way he tells the story is quite a bit like Maxwell's personality.

- Since he's paraplegic, he doesn't go out into the field unless necessary. He's the one usually behind the scenes monitoring the situation, like Felicity Smoak from Arrow or Oracle from Batman.

- He's a Slytherin. He's very Slytherin.

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:08 pm

Gretchen Norman:
NAME: Gretchen Norman
ALIAS: The Seamstress
AGE: 16
Image of Saegusa Mayumi from Irregular at Magic High School. I own neither the gif nor the character.
HOMETOWN: Winchester, Indiana
PERSONALITY: Gretchen does her best to take care of people. She has a natural instinct to help others, and it comes with a warm voice and a smile. She is often motherly and nurturing to those she finds worthy of her help, but as any mother, she holds her friends to a high standard and becomes very upset when they don’t reach their potentials. She’s a bit of a perfectionist, and she can put herself down for not achieving her goals. She also has a tendency to stress over things she ultimately has no control over.
ABILITIES: Creation and manipulation of ribbons, which can be used to bind objects to one another, restrict opponents, or weaved together
PERSONAL HISTORY: Gretchen was born on May 11th to Genevieve and Kevin Norman, and is an only child. She lived with her mother and father until she was 11, when her father was killed in an accident at work. She and her mother then moved in with her grandmother who had moved from England for one of Genevieve's brothers. She misses her father greatly, she believes he is happier where he is. 
FAMILY: Slade Norman (cousin, alive); Genevieve Norman (mother, alive); Kevin Norman (father, deceased); Alice (grandmother, alive)
-Likes: cute outfits, aesthetics, feeling clean, cleaning, cooking for someone, people-watching
-Dislikes: getting dirty, being ignored
STRENGTHS: With the right amount of effort and imagination, her ribbons can be used to create a variety of things. Gretchen is also very persistent.
WEAKNESSES: She can get so distracted worrying about other people she forgets about herself.
OTHER/TRIVIA: Team Mom has risen

Latchna martin:
NAME: Lachtna Martin
AGE: 18
APPEARANCE: Both twins have straight, chocolate brown hair that is long enough to rest on their shoulder and gray eyes. They are roughly 5’11”, and are commonly considered slightly too thin to be healthy. Both twins are not considered conventionally handsome. Lachtna tends to wear darker clothes, including loose jeans, flat-bottomed shoes, t-shirts, thin jackets, and has been known to wear a thin headband on windy days. However, since he and his brother share clothes, they are likely to swap.
HOMETOWN: Evergreen, Alabama
PERSONALITY: When in public, it is easy to believe that the twins have the same personality - they are outgoing, playful, teasing, confident, mostly respectful, and often talkative. However, their own differences are seen when they are separated or when away from the public eye. Lachtna is more quiet, submissive, passive-aggressive, indecisive, and tends to repress his emotions.
--Ability absorption - the ability to temporarily “steal” another person’s enhancement or power (5-10 minutes)
--Ability mirroring - the ability to copy another person’s enhancement or power; the effects lasts longer when the power is copied with consent (10-30 minutes)
--Ability negation - the ability to cancel an enhanced person’s ability for a short amount of time; essentially returning the person to their normal human state (5-10 minutes)
--Ability sensing - the ability to sense another enhanced or power-wielding person and if/when they are using their enhancements/powers
PERSONAL HISTORY: Lachtna and Fiachra were born on November 6th to May and Douglas Martin a few years after their older brother and were graced with a little brother and a little sister. They grew up to become very attached to their family, per the teachings of Domhnall, but became more attached to one another. With both parents working to keep up the family, Domhnall spent a good amount of time raising his siblings. Despite their other family, the twins grew especially close to one another, and over the years have been unable to distance themselves emotionally. They have become accustomed to responding to either name (or any pronunciations for that matter.) Because of the culture they were brought up in, both twins have strong values that emphasize including family in many parts of their lives, keeping intimate connections with loved others, and embracing traditions.
FAMILY: Fiachra Martin (twin, alive); Domhnall Martin (elder brother, alive); Quinn Martin (younger brother, alive); Caitria Martin (younger sister, alive); May Martin (mother, alive); Douglas Martin (father, alive)
-Likes: comfort food, having football playing on the TV, reading comic books, trying to recognize actors in movies, memes, family, spending time with friends at church, making fun of tv shows/movies (even if he likes it)
-Dislikes: unnecessary camouflage, hunting for sport, English assigned reading, being alone
STRENGTHS: Because of his abilities, Lachtna can potentially use a large variety of tactics and positions in combat. He also has strong communication skills with his brother, which allow them to make quick decisions. 
WEAKNESSES: Neither twin functions very well without the other - they may become somewhat paranoid and agitated. They also have no real abilities of their own, and are better in support roles.
OTHER/TRIVIA: Though both twins were raised in the deep south, their accents are only really heard when they are angered, or they are raising their voices. Their diction and word choice betrays their geographical origins before their pronunciation does.

Fiachra martin:
NAME: Fiachra Martin
AGE: 18
APPEARANCE: Both twins have straight, chocolate brown hair that is long enough to rest on their shoulder and gray eyes. They are roughly 5’11”, and are commonly considered slightly too thin to be healthy. Both twins are not considered conventionally handsome. Fiachra tends to wear darker clothes, including tighter jeans, short boots, t-shirts, thin jackets, and has been known to wear this hair in a ponytail on windy days. However, since he and his brother share clothes, they are likely to swap.
HOMETOWN: Evergreen, Alabama
PERSONALITY: When in public, it is easy to believe that the twins have the same personality - they are outgoing, playful, teasing, confident, mostly respectful, and often talkative. However, their own differences are seen when they are separated or when away from the public eye. Fiachra is more confrontational, rash, talkative, risk-taking and displays his emotions more bluntly.
--Ability absorption - the ability to temporarily “steal” another person’s enhancement or power (5-10 minutes)
--Ability mirroring - the ability to copy another person’s enhancement or power; the effects lasts longer when the power is copied with consent (10-30 minutes)
--Ability negation - the ability to cancel an enhanced person’s ability for a short amount of time; essentially returning the person to their normal human state (5-10 minutes)
--Ability sensing - the ability to sense another enhanced or power-wielding person and if/when they are using their enhancements/powers
PERSONAL HISTORY: Lachtna and Fiachra were born on November 6th to May and Douglas Martin a few years after their older brother and were graced with a little brother and a little sister. They grew up to become very attached to their family, per the teachings of Domhnall, but became more attached to one another. With both parents working to keep up the family, Domhnall spent a good amount of time raising his siblings. Despite their other family, the twins grew especially close to one another, and over the years have been unable to distance themselves emotionally. They have become accustomed to responding to either name (or any pronunciations for that matter.) Because of the culture they were brought up in, both twins have strong values that emphasize including family in many parts of their lives, keeping intimate connections with loved others, and embracing traditions.
FAMILY: Lachtna Martin (twin, alive); Domhnall Martin (elder brother, alive); Quinn Martin (younger brother, alive); Caitria Martin (younger sister, alive); May Martin (mother, alive); Douglas Martin (father, alive)
-Likes: comfort food, having football playing on the TV, reading novels for fun, trying to recognize actors in movies, memes, family, spending time with friends at church, making fun of tv shows/movies (even if he likes it)
-Dislikes: unnecessary camouflage, hunting for sport, English assigned reading, being alone
STRENGTHS: Because of his abilities, Fiachra can potentially use a large variety of tactics and positions in combat. He also has strong communication skills with his brother, which allow them to make quick decisions. 
WEAKNESS: Neither twin functions very well without the other - they may become somewhat paranoid and agitated. They also have no real abilities of their own, and are better in support roles
OTHER/TRIVIA: Though both twins were raised in the deep south, their accents are only really heard when they are angered, or they are raising their voices. Their diction and word choice betrays their geographical origins before their pronunciation does.

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:25 pm

Adair Scàthàn:
Name: Adair Scàthàn

Alias: Mirror

Age: 17

Appearance: (Left)

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Personality: With everyone: Adair is the more level headed of the Scàthàn boys. He has always been the proper, goody-two-shoes who always kept his nose clean and would never break a rule if his life depended on it. As he grew older it became less of an annoying trait and became a respected one as he always stuck to his word and always accomplished what he sets out to do. His brother always teases him about being "dad's perfect soldier" and this can get on his nerves but he loves his brother wholly and would die for him if the need ever arose. He loves to be in control of a situation so he can fix anything that didn't go according to plan but will always follow another person in charge if there is nothing he can do about it.
With his twin: Adair relaxes so much when it's just him and Riada. He loses his proper air and manages to chill out, becoming more giggly and jokes around more often. He feels as if all the stress their father places on them falls off his shoulders when he and his twin are alone and manages to lose all that he has been taught to be a perfect child, if only for a moment.

Personality Type:  ENTJ

Abilities: Teleportation: via mirror with a little recharge time after (later on with training he can go through any reflective surface or multiple mirrors in a short time)
Mind-link: He is able to connect with his twin cognitively and be able to mirror his actions perfectly and vice versa. This is their main form of attack

Personal History: Before I talk about the boys, I need to talk about their mother: Lilian (Lil) Scàthàn. Lil had been sick all her life. She had Dissociative Identity disorder, showing signs of other mental disorders, but this one was the most prominent. This disorder made her spacey and she lost her retention of memories and experienced a loss of identity. Because of this she became strangely obsessed with the idea of reflections. She loved mirrors because she felt they could bring her back to herself, remind herself who she was. It helped her heal and her husband, Michael, helped her with this. He was already the owner of an incredibly popular company that made ornate furniture (this is where he gained his fortune) and began to make a special line of mirrors to make his wife happy. Having their mansion filled with mirrors made her so happy, and almost helped to lessen her disorder. Almost.
When the boys were born she had a mental break down. They hadn't expected twins and when two healthy little boys who looked exactly alike were born from her she believed that her obsession with mirrors drove her to create the perfect reflections in human beings. It destroyed what progress she had made in her fight against her disorder.
She still loved the boys with all her heart, they just...worried her. She would have good days, where she could interact and be with her children just fine and they would all have a good time. But on bad days she couldn't even look at them without breaking down, thinking her obsession was coming to life again.
The boys loved their mother as much as she loved them but the same was true that she scared the young boys with these breakdowns and they really didn't know what to do. But they dealt with it. They lived and behaved as a normal family in public even if they weren't so normal at home. Their father kept Lil locked up at home if she had bad days and let her come on family outings when she was presentable enough to go out.
Then the boys' true powers shone through.
Lil walked into the boys bedroom one day and stopped dead when she saw them both leap out of mirrors on opposite sides of the room. The boys were terrified and were quick to try and apologize and play it off as nothing, but it was too late.
Lil couldn't handle it anymore. She went berzerk, breaking the mirrors in the hallways and furniture in the rooms, screaming for her husband, the police, a doctor, anyone. Michael came rushing in and had to call for the hospital who came and took Lil away to save her from herself. Michael wasn't angry with the boys but he was a bit concerned with these abilities they had hidden away for so long. So Michael found the best path for his family. Lil would heal both at the mental facility and at home, and the boys would go away for a school that could help them understand their powers and keep them away from their mother, at least until she gets better.

Despite this the boys grew up with pretty normal lives. They did well in school, participated in his father's parties (more so Adair than Riada), and on the weekends went off to play hero. They recognized their powers around the age of 9 and once they turned 10 they thought they were old enough to try and save lives as superheroes. Only one person knew of their adventures, an elderly butler called Desmond that helped them keep their secret and clean up any injuries. Desmond sensed great things were going to come from these two and so he wanted to help them on their quest in any way he could. As they grew up and their lives became more stressful as their father put more and more pressure on them to be the future heirs of the company they still tried to be heroes in any free time they had. When their mother discovered their secret and went crazy they blamed themselves but Desmond helped quell their fears. There was nothing that could have been done about it. So the twins went willingly to the school, wanting to heighten their abilities, help their mother heal, and become closer with each other through their powers.

Family: Lilian Scàthàn, Michael Scàthàn, Riada Scàthàn

Likes: Seafood, suits, reading, organizing, documentaries, photography (when he has the time), classical music, cooking
Dislikes: Greasy foods, joggers, romantic films, metal music

Strengths: His studies have given him a great education, he is a great leader and follower, he's organized, cooking

Weaknesses: He relies on his brother to complete what power he holds, he's formal to the point of awkwardness around people, he's almost borderline OCD about keeping things neat.


Riada Scàthàn:
Name: Riada Scàthàn

Alias: rorriM

Age:  17

Appearance: (Right)

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Personality: Riada is the partier out of the Scathan twins. He dealt with the stress of being the son of a rich man very differently than Adair did. Instead of following the rules he did everything he could to break them without getting caught. He would skip school, sneak out to go to better parties that the ones his father hosted, and has been known to do...even more illegal things. Despite this rebellious attitude Riada is actually very cautious. He always keeps on the low and never takes a risk too big. He doesn't want to get caught doing these things, since he never wants to disappoint his parents or his brother, but he always feels a need to do something to get away from such a suffocating life.
With Adair: When the two boys are together Riada drops his "tough guy" facade. He becomes more compassionate and caring, always asking his brother how he was doing and trying to help with his problems. He feels more at peace when they're alone, like there's nothing to prove and nothing going wrong. He chills out in a different way from Adair, becoming less wild instead of less uptight, but still manages to keep his cool better when the two are alone.

Personality Type:  ESFP

Abilities: Same ^

Personal History: Same ^

Family: Same except with Adair

Likes: Fast food, comfortable clothes, all movies, Rock music, sketching, Vodka
Dislikes: Rich people food, tight ties, fancy settings, cheap beer

Strengths: He's a people person, he works really well with others, he's more cunning than he appears

Weaknesses: He relies on his brother to complete the power he holds, he has a tendency to speak before thinking, he can be pretty unpredictable at times.


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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Fix-It on Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:22 pm

Name: Loretta Williams
Alias: Puzzle Piece
Age: 15, and her birthday is December 22nd.
- Loretta is 5’1” and weighs 114 pounds.
- She’s a B-cup.
Hometown: Lexington, KY.
Personality: Loretta is an odd ball. She likes to think that she is a mature woman with fine tastes, but acknowledges that this image of herself is far from the truth. She’s spontaneous and excitable. When in a group, this quality is made even more prominent. She has difficulty keeping her emotions in check, although more so when it comes to positive emotions.
She’s fairly resilient and brave when the situation calls. If others imbue her with their trust, she becomes much more determined to succeed. But, she would definitely prefer to be backstage, helping others to succeed.
Personality Type: ESFP
Sexuality: Bisexual
Abilities: Super speed. However, when running at super speeds, her stamina and energy drains about 20% faster than the normal person.
Personal History: Loretta has been surrounded by science her entire life. That’s probably why she hates it. Her parents, two physicists, were always busy with work. Not to mention her brother, a scientific prodigy from the first day of school. She could never be like them. Loretta was sent to a private academy, where she got passing grades and managed to keep up with her classes. But she still couldn’t understand science. This kept her busy with studying and tutoring, leaving little time to make friends. Mind you, this was in junior high. She had no friends and therefore was subject to a few mean jokes and snickers in the hallway.

So when given to opportunity to make friendships, she took it. All she had to do was chug a tiny glass full of chemicals found in the lab. Easy enough! Well. Loretta ended up in the emergency room after that spectacle, and for the most part had no friends. But she did have something else. Super speed.
Family:Alissa Williams (mother), Jeffery Williams (father), and Caleb Williams (brother)
Likes and Dislikes:She has an appreciation for purple and red. She typically listens to alternative and indie music, but is good at finding the best in all genres*. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. On the flip side, she hates the colors orange and yellow, instrumental music, and spinach. She despises any and all science.
Strengths: She is generally an agreeable ally, with great conversation and relationship skills. She’s not one to stray away from a challenge, and not terrible at fighting.
Weaknesses: Loretta is an airhead, unfortunately. She is very excitable and this can be inappropriate during more solemn times. She’s very unpredictable and can be difficult to get along with, depending on your patience.
Other/Trivia:#KorettaRevival !!!

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Omni on Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:07 am

I'll get my other forms up later, but for now, here's Ada. I did hers first because I knew it was probably going to be the longest.

The Return of Doctor Silicon:
Name: Vasilia Weston

Alias: Ada Adler

Age: 16


Hometown: The Egg, a highly advanced and private space station parked in a geostationary orbit over Carduel, Vasilia’s secluded mansion in the Rocky Mountains. As far as the world at large is concerned, however, she’s from New York.

Personality: I’m gonna do like I do for my Anaphora forms here and say that if you can’t get this from the rest of the form, then one of us isn’t doing their job properly. It’s worth noting, however, that while Ada doesn’t share the original Vasilia’s memories, neural conditioning to make Ada’s personality similar to the original’s despite their wildly different upbringings was an integral part of the cloning process.

Personality Type: INTJ

Abilities: Vasilia, and thus also Ada, is superhumanly intelligent. Her intellect is far too high to be measured by any conventional IQ test, with the best estimates she’s been able to arrive at using a specially designed battery of tests giving her a score of about 280. However, her raw intelligence only reflects a small part of the actual power of her mind. While the typical person can experience as much as a forty percent drop in efficiency when multitasking between even two different things, Vasilia is capable of carrying out over 8.3 million simultaneous thought processes with no noticeable difficulty or loss of efficiency at all. She is capable of understanding any language within minutes of hearing it, and can automatically calculate the physical properties, including mass, angles, and chemical composition, of any object she sees. She is also generally immune to mind reading, not through any sort of mental shielding, but simply because her thoughts are utterly incomprehensible to most humans and superhumans.

Personal History:

“May 21, 1924. In Chicago, two students seek to prove their brilliance by committing the perfect murder. In a Viennese sanatorium, Franz Kafka lies starving, his burning throat unable to force down a bite to eat. In Landsberg Prison, Adolf Hitler languishes and dictates to Rudolph Hess the third most dangerous book in the world. And in quiet mining town of Succasunna, New Jersey, the smartest person in the history of the human race is born. Her father is a railroad supervisor who once fought on the Macedonian front of WWI; her mother is a foreigner, charmed away from home by a dashing young mercenary and the inexplicable allure of America: the promise of a better life. The child’s name is Vasilia Weston, and she will change the course of history. If there is a god, beyond what humans have made for themselves, and if he is very kind, perhaps she will be merciful. Perhaps.”
—From Elvin Raske’s introduction to Deus ex Machina; or, How to Program a New World Order by Vasilia Weston

From the first, it was clear that Vasilia was anything but a normal child. Lacking anything resembling a formal education, Vasilia devoured every scrap of information she was given as though she were dying of hunger, and often rediscovered that which she was not taught. Her father, a gruff, practical man, largely dismissed his eccentric child save when he was deep in his moonshine, and she would have given much for his apathy then; for all of her genius, she should have been a child, or at least been given the chance. Her mother protected her when she could; her brilliant daughter was her joy.

When Vasilia was five, things got worse. Her father, laid off in the early days of the Great Depression and desperate for money to stay in booze, finally began to take note of his daughter’s ideas. He tried a few. They worked. And so it was that in the winter of 1929, Vasilia Weston came to Wall Street. She had made a million dollars by the end of her first two months. With that capital, her father founded Weston Mechanical. In the desolated economy, backed by Vasilia’s boundless genius, the corporation ran rampant. Her father made the cover of Time Magazine. He beat her when she worked too slowly, or sometimes her mother while she watched. He was the king of New York, Vasilia a princess in a tower. And then one day when Vasilia was seven, he got a bit much in him, he didn’t really know what he was doing, and her mother was crying, and she was also crying, and then one of them wasn’t crying anymore, and then her mother’s battered corpse hit the marble tile and it splashed a little in the blood. And then Vasilia was calm. Vasilia was cold. It was done, and there was no more use for crying. Vasilia shot her father with a miniature railgun, obliterating half of his body and scarring what remained beyond recognition—it was a miracle he lived at all—and threw up in a trash can. When the police arrived, she was standing over her mother’s body, muttering something about ladders and proteins and how she was going to fix it, just wait, and she screamed and kicked as they dragged her away. By the time she saw the body again, it was far too late.

Vasilia was in the orphanage for less than six months before she took her father’s fortune—her fortune, now—back from the government with a bit of legal trickery and vanished into the night. It was shortly after that that rumors of the mysterious Mr. Weston, assumed by most to be the same man who had vanished in the covered-up accident months before, began to flow. Vasilia built her empire to unimagined heights, but always from the shadows, beyond the notice of all but the most dedicated of watchers. That was the second rule, always: “Let no one see.” The first was “Let no one touch.”

As she built her resources, Vasilia likewise built her plans. She knew that she had been put into the world for more than making money. Step one was to kill the Depression. Step two was to kill war. A secret plan presented to the newly elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt began the first, while surprisingly similar documents given to the newly elected Chancellor Adolf Hitler the following year laid the seeds for the second. For the next seven years, Vasilia’s plans proceeded smoothly, up until the very eruption of the war, when one small flaw in her calculations threw her plans into disarray. Unbeknownst to Vasilia herself, she was not simply the smartest human being in history, but rather one of the first of a new type of superhuman being, and she was not the only one, and while she had noted certain individuals of special talent during her planning, she had dismissed stories of individuals with truly bizarre or even magical-seeming powers as urban legends. With the outbreak of open hostilities, however, the warring powers began to covertly send their superhuman assets against each other. Though the superhuman side of the war stayed in the shadows, in order to keep the enemy from knowing what abilities a nation had in its arsenal, its effects were felt on all fronts, critically altering a number of key variables and threatening to send events spiraling out of control. Vasilia had engineered the war to be brutal but ultimately survivable, a painful experience to spur nations to greater cooperation as they entered the nuclear age. Now, it looked as though the world might simply tear itself to pieces. Desperate, Vasilia modified one of her exo-suits, originally created to allow her to explore the outside world in perceived safety, into a weapon and entered the fray directly. Assumed to be piloted by a male, the mecha was quickly dubbed Helio-Man by the propaganda-happy press after the sunlike color of its golden radiation shielding. Vasilia, however, had no interest in heroism, not on that small a scale. She would create a better world if it took the blood of millions to do it, even if one of those millions was her.

Ultimately, Vasilia, along with an odd handful of other masked adventurers and “science heroes”—highly skilled humans or superhumans with undetectable powers like her own incredible intellect, armed with weapons ranging from high-tech lightning cannons to simple bows and arrows—was able to put events back on track, and Vasilia’s plan was put back on course. Unlike their more obviously superhuman counterparts, the masked adventurers fought openly in the war, becoming widely-admired patriotic symbols for their various nations. However, after the war, conservative political entities began to feel threatened by the masked adventurers’ popularity. Many began to publicly express concern with the adventurers’ secret identities, saying that they could easily be communist agents beneath their masks. The situation only worsened when photographs emerged proving that not only was Helio-Man actually a twenty-two-year-old girl, but that the billionaire CEO of Weston Mechanical was, in fact, that same twenty-two-year-old girl. Given the rigid gender norms of the time, Vasilia’s conduct was considered shocking, and her public approval rating plummeted. Thus, she was a natural first target when, in 1947, the House Un-American Activities Committee launched a series of hearings on Communists among the masked adventurers. Under the intense public scrutiny of the hearing, unable to take shelter in one of her exo-suits, Vasilia suffered a breakdown and was cited for contempt of Congress, for which she served a year in jail. The confrontation with HUAC was a disaster for Weston Mechanical due to nationwide boycotts prompted by the contempt citation, leading Vasilia to rebrand and sell off the company. Taking what remained of her fortune and her pride, Vasilia left America for Paris. She would not return until 1960.

During Vasilia’s time abroad, she gave birth to a son, Mark, conceived through artificial insemination. Vasilia’s exile also saw the beginnings of what would become a long conflict with the Citizen, another World War II-era masked adventurer. A noted patriot, the Citizen had acquired his name in his very first interview on the front lines when he told the newspapers “I’m just a citizen, doing my duty.” When called before the HUAC, the Citizen had voluntarily unmasked and escaped unscathed, even more popular than ever, becoming America’s costumed figurehead going into the Cold War much as he had been in WWII. While Vasilia was careful to operate indirectly, keeping her name out of the press, she was the Citizen’s primary nemesis throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s, just as the masked patriot was her own.

After the fall of McCarthyism and the beginning of the HUAC’s demise, Vasilia returned to America. Using her fortune, rehabilitated through investments during her time abroad, she founded a new company, Weston Industries, bought back the scattered portions of her old empire, and began an aggressive push into the development of computer technologies. She assisted President Kennedy in defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis, was instrumental to the development of the American space program, and, working as part of the CIA’s Project MKNOBODY, successfully created the first artificial superhuman. Vasilia ever returned to heroics in order to boost her public image, using a new, more compact exosuit, and was given the name Doctor Silicon by the public due to her close cultural association with the emergence of computer technologies. Her feud with the Citizen continued until 1968, when his plane suffered a critical systems failure and went down over the Arctic Ocean, taking him with it. The crash was blamed on Soviet sabotage, and Vasilia made a note not to release her EMP ray to the market for at least another decade.

The ‘70s passed largely uneventfully, as Vasilia continued to focus on her long-term goal of steering humanity’s development for the greater good. Mark, now in his twenties, moved to Chicago and began his own career as hero, wearing a suit of powered armor and calling himself Helios. While he hadn’t inherited his mother’s abilities as she’d hoped he would, he was nevertheless a genius, and infinitely more personable than Vasilia. Very quickly, Helios became one of the defining faces of the 1970s, and was the closest the world would come to a genuine superhero until Lightbringer revealed herself in the early ‘80s. Vasilia herself retired from the hero business permanently to concentrate on the plan. Relatively little changed in the ‘80s, though the public revelation of superhumans did require many changes to the plan and cost Vasilia many sleepless nights. Helios joined Lightbringer’s new Guardians team and was its most enduringly popular member, due to a combination of his natural charisma, lack of superhuman abilities, and nostalgic association with simpler, pre-superhuman times. This state of affairs continued until 1996, when Helios was killed by shapeshifting supervillainess Blue Ruin and dark sorcerer Alex Song.

Following the death of her son, Vasilia, now seventy years old, realized that she needed to secure her legacy, and that while she fully expected to live to be at least a hundred, she should begin preparations immediately. Thus, at the dawn of the new millennium, Vasilia created a clone of herself, to raise in secret on her private space station and to groom as her successor. Now, at age sixteen, that clone—under the assumed name of Ada Adler—is being sent to Harwell’s Institute in order to integrate with the future members of the superhuman community, with whom she will be expected to work closely upon assuming her responsibilities as Vasilia’s successor and the sole executor of her master plan.

Family: The closest thing that the Ada version of Vasilia has to family is her precursor, the original Vasilia. She is also biologically related to the original Vasilia’s son, Mark, better known as Helios, but the two never met.

Likes and Dislikes: Again, this is hopefully something that the rest of the form should be able to convey.

Strengths: She’s superhumanly intelligent and the sole heir of the richest person in American history.

Weaknesses: A superhuman intellect is of limited applicability in, say, a fist fight, and using too many of the elder Vasilia’s resources risks exposing her true identity. Because of her neural conditioning, she also shares the original Vasilia’s psychological weaknesses. While she isn’t completely paralyzed by even the prospect of human touch the way her precursor was at her age, Ada is still haphephobic, and avoids physical contact in a way that can be off-putting to some people. Being touched unexpectedly can be quite shocking to her, and repeated touches can cause a panic attack. Similarly, Ada is less obsessed with security and isolation than her precursor and is capable of venturing into unfamiliar areas without the use of an exosuit, but she nevertheless grows extremely nervous in public places. She hates being stared at. Additionally, Ada is certain that there is knowledge that her precursor is withholding from her and which she plans to disclose only upon her own death, because that’s what Ada would do.

Other/Trivia: Vasilia and Ada have heterochromia; their right eyes are blue, while their left are a brown so dark as to nearly appear black.

Ada's theme is "Mother Machine" by Delain.


I'm also going to be keeping a running list of NPCs referenced in my forms here, just in case anybody else would like to use them for anything. If you want to use anything on this list, drop me a PM.

Alex Song- Age 40, a powerful wielder of dark magic, active from 1993 through 1996, when they were arrested for the murder of Mark Weston, AKA Helios. They have, at various times, claimed to be both a Chinese yaoguai and a Judeo-Christian fallen angel. They are far more likely simply insane. They are currently confined at a secure mental facility in upstate New York.

Belesprit- Age 53, a French supervillain with the power to charm others into his near-mindless slaves through speech alone, active from 1981 through 1996, when he was captured in the aftermath of the death of Helios. Though he has been imprisoned for the last twenty years, he still has a small cult of followers out in the world, working towards his escape or release. He is currently confined in a French prison for supervillains.

Blue Ruin- Age 45, a shapeshifting supervillainess, active from 1990 through 1996, when she was arrested for the murder of Mark Weston, AKA Helios. Unbeknownst to all but a few superhumans and government officials, her abilities are not superhuman in the way that most are, but are rather of extraterrestrial origin. Ruin recently escaped from a secure mental facility in rural Wisconsin.

The Citizen- Age 48 at his death, a masked adventurer, patriot, and hero of WWII, active from 1940 through 1968, when his plane went down over the arctic ocean. He was the archenemy of his former teammate Vasilia Weston, AKA Doctor Silicon, though this is now known only by her. The Citizen was a superb athlete and an exemplary soldier, but he possessed no obvious superhuman powers; what abilities he possessed were seemingly the result solely of intense training.

Elvin Raske- Age 54, one of the world's leading scholars on superhuman studies, active from 1989 through the present.

The Falconer- Age 32, a non-powered assassin and mercenary who specializes in killing superhumans, active from 2009 through the present. Despite his preference for superhuman targets, the Falconer is not driven by hate, but rather by the thrill of hunting only the most dangerous game, as well as the lucrative prices which his specific skillset can command.

Fusillade- Age 51, a superhuman marksman and often-lethal vigilante, active from 1984 through 1996, when she lost her right eye fighting French supervillain Belesprit in the same battle in which Helios was killed. Fusillade spend most of her active career in the American South and Southwest as well as Central America before relocating to Chicago in 1992. She may or may not be a direct descendant of Sulo Kolkka, who may or may not have been a real person, who may or may not have been a top-secret Finnish superhuman sniper in the Winter War, who may or may not have killed far more than the 400-odd people popularly attributed to him, and this may or may not be where she inherited her powers.

Helios- Age 41 at his death, a non powered superhero who fought using high-tech powered armor, the son of Vasilia Weston, active from 1974 through 1996, when he was killed by Blue Ruin and Alex Song. His real name was Mark Weston, and he was a founding member of the Guardians in the early 1980s. He was the major resident hero of the city of Chicago.

Overshadow- Age 58, one of the most powerful and notorious supervillains in the world, active in secret from 1983 through 1992 and publicly from 1992 through the present. Overshadow is impervious to physical harm, faster than the speed of sound, strong enough to juggle airplanes, capable of flight, and is surrounded by a field of tangible darkness and cold which he controls mentally. He's stood at or near the pinnacle of Lightbringer's rogues gallery since his public debut, and he's never been captured. Unbeknownst to almost everybody, Overshadow was originally a CIA agent given powers artificially to serve the government, and to serve as a defense if Lightbringer ever turned against the state. In 1992, following deployments in South America and the Middle East, Overshadow went rogue, emerging publicly as a supervillain. Overshadow's ascendance has, in some ways, been a blessing, for though he's certainly not above killing, he's always a consummate professional and keeps collateral damage to an absolute minimum, unlike some other villains.

The Revivalist- Age 28, an Evangelical Christian superhero with the power to reanimate corpses, active from 2008 through the present. For a man who doesn't believe in evolution, he's awfully fond of dinosaurs... Or at least, of their bodies.

The Tribulation- Age 18 at his death, a minor, street-level pyrokinetic supervillain, active from 2009 through 2011, when he was killed by Overshadow.

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:27 am

All accepted! Seriously guys, I'm loving all these characters so far!


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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Comrade Squid on Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:38 am

Slade Norman:
Name: Slade Norman

Alias: Smokescreen

Age: 18


Height is around 6'2"

Better shot of the body, wearing business attire.

Hometown: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Personality: Slade is nothing short of an extremely outgoing and friendly person. He cares about others very naturally, and always seeks to be a helping hand a good influence. It's difficult to get him to dislike somebody, as he's cordial even to his enemies, though he does take a very stern view towards wrongdoers. Stern, but not angry. In his mind, nobody is beyond redemption.

He has a very brotherly attitude towards others, striving to be a totem of strength for others to rely on, as well as a good friend. He functions naturally in a group, and always tries to prevent in-fighting and make sure everyone works together, reflecting his overall idealist nature. When the stakes are down, he seeks to protect those close to him, sometimes at his own expense, but he doesn't mind sacrificing himself to save the people he loves.

At times, however, his strong and capable demeanor can be shattered, when an anxiety attack sets in. This is usually when bringing up his past, as he remembers a traumatic event, most likely the death of his father. When this happens, he prefers to seek solitude and be alone, in direct contrast to his normal behavior.

Personality type: ENFJ - The Giver

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Smoke Generation- Whenever physically exerting himself, or in states of duress or in high temperatures, Slade's body begins to automatically emit an odorless smoke. This smoke seems to originate from the sweat glands, and appropriately, it begins to emit in situations where most people would be sweating.
Heat Control- Slade has some control over his body temperature. While he cannot decrease it beyond the normal, he can increase it to degrees which would be impossible for most humans, to the point where skin can become scalding to the touch. The temperature of the area around him can be increased substantially as well, though the aura only extends roughly three feet around him in all directions. This ability exerts Slade's energy depending on how high he increases the temperature, so he can't use it forever. As a side-effect, extreme heat is less effective against him than most people(but if you light him on fire, he'll burn).

Personal History:  Slade grew up in a fairly average manner, with seemingly little abnormality in his life. He was born to Robert and Michelle Norman, and shortly after followed by a younger sister named Isabelle. He became aware of his powers sometime during his pre-teen years, but he never told anybody outside of his immediate family.  Every year, his family would travel to Winchester, Indiana, where most of his extended family lived, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. While he was there, he met his cousin Gretchen Norman, but the two weren't very close at the time.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Slade was thirteen in the form of his father's death in a workplace accident. His mother was unable to financially support the family on her income alone, so Slade sought out employment as soon as he graduated High School, sacrificing his college education in the hopes Annabelle could achieve hers. Years later, he received the invitation to Harwell's, and decided to accept.

Family: Robert Norman(Father; Deceased), Michelle Norman(Mother; Alive), Isabelle Norman (Younger Sister; Alive), Gretchen Norman(Cousin; Alive)

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes- Making other people happy, fruity beverages, "leisurely" exercises such as jogging, high-quality chick flicks, being with friends and family, brisk winter days
Dislikes- Friendships ending, cats, hardcore sports, monster movies, uncomfortably hot days, unintentionally hurting people, lying

-Has an infectiously likable personality
-Outgoing and social, easily makes friends
-Atheleticly built and physically strong
-Functions best in a team

-Powers aren't very strong, and tire him out easily
-Uncomfortable talking about past
-Overburdens himself with other people's problems in attempts to help them
-Overprotective, scared of letting others take risks and puts himself in danger to ensure their safety

-I'm sorry for the lack of details, I don't want to say too much about Slade's background but more light will be shed on it during the course of the RPG. If it's confusing to you, hopefully it will become more clear later.
-Thank you Lady Senbonzakura for suggesting the FC!

Sophia Hayes:
Name: Sophia Hayes

Superhero Alias: Devourer

Age: 16


Sophia in her natural habitat, stealing food
Height is about 5'6"
Usual clothes are more casual... honestly just picture her wearing whatever you want, I don't care at this point

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Personality: Sophia is warm, friendly, bouncing-with-energy type person whose antics regularly draw attention to herself. Though she's not very smart, and her wit is sub-par at times, her crafty resourcefulness solidifies her usefulness in a team organization. She's very outgoing, but not terribly experienced in social etiquette, leading to frequent embarrassment on her end. Her rambunctious behavior has made her somewhat unpopular in the past, so she hopes to rectify the situation and strives to behave better so that she can obtain some(preferably male) companionship. However, her mischievous side occassionally rears its head when she gets the urge to steal something, usually food.

Personality Type: ESFP - The Performer

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Hyper Metabolism- Sophia's metabolism and digestion are superhuman. She has very high energy levels, allowing her to physically exert herself for long periods without getting tired. She's also slightly stronger and faster when at full capacity, thought the effect isn't terribly noticeable. However, as a side effect, she has a greatly increased appetite, forcing her to eat large quantities of food often. However, she's also capable of digesting even extremely resilient materials, such as stone or metal.
Stomach of Holding- Sophia is actually in possession of a secondary "stomach" that she can choose to send swallowed items to at will. This stomach has no digestive acid, and preserves anything sent to it exactly as it was received. She can regurgitate anything sent to this stomach easily, making it an effective storage system. To make this ability useful, Sophia is also capable of swallowing anything that can fit into her mouth, without chewing, to allow her to store slightly larger items.

Personal History: Sophia never excelled at much in her hometown, though her antics made her a point of observation for many people whose morbid curiosity led them to her. Her status as local legend was not an inherently positive thing, in fact, it caused her to be ostracized from most other people her age. She didn't notice at first, but later it led to her feeling rather empty.

She had no idea she even had powers until she was invited to Harwell's, honestly believing until that point that she simply had a humongous appetite and possessed a hidden talent in regurgitation, but she was pleasantly surprised when she received the letter on August 31st. Sophia's mother, long since fed up with her daughter, was equally happy to send her  away and achieve a few months of peace.

Family: Gabriel Hayes(Father; Alive), Emily Hayes(Mother; Alive)

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes- Eating, cuddling up in a warm blanket, cheesy action movies, cute effeminate boys, being appreciated, being sneaky, having a full stomach
Dislikes- Being hungry, getting caught doing something bad, being rejected, not being included, cold breezes, indigestion, being reminded that she isn't too bright

-Tricksy and resourceful
-Very fast, fairly strong, and does not tire easily
-Powers allow her to quickly dispose of objects, or smuggle them with ease

-Not the sharpest knife in the shed
-Lacks social awareness
-Behavior is unpredictable at times, making others potentially distrust her
-Needs to be fed often

-Probably the anonymous star of at least three "Florida Woman" news stories.
-Also, thank you Lady Senbonzakura for helping me come up with her powers!

Professor Edmund B. Hommel:

Name: Edmund B. Hommel

Alias: Hivemind

Age: 54


Around 5'4" in height

Hometown: Somerset, Maryland

Personality: Your first impression of Hivemind would be of a clean, sophisticated, older gentlemen with high-quality taste in music, suits, and wine. Amiable and pleasant, he'll probably offer you take a seat and make yourself comfortable before presenting himself in a very formal, business-like manner. Like a college professor who cares about your grades and your future. But this is just the mask.

Hivemind is usually very affable, and slightly sinister. Though he is methodical, calculating, and determined to succeed in his plans, he carries an air of casualness, and is unfettered, sometimes even humorous. Most of this seems to be a result of his confidence in his abiility to succeed, as when his plans are threatened, he is capable of getting angry, and when he does, gets very angry.

Personality Type: INTJ - The Mastermind

Sexuality: Asexual

The Hivemind- Mental communication and control of certain species in order Hymenoptera, namely bees, wasps and hornets. Hivemind can  communicate using thoughts with these select organisms, forming a vast network of psychic connections, binding the many smaller minds into one coordinate. Hivemind also holds notable influence with all the beings he is connected to, and can seemingly control all of them, which may lend credibilty to theory that Hivemind is the at the center of this psychic coordinate.
Giant Bugs- Possibly the physical manipulation of Project Myrmidon specimens. It is unknown if the genetic altering of the specimens is performed by supernatural means, or if it is an extension of the same super-science used to kickstart Project Myrmidon in the first place.

Personal History: Edmund B. Hommel was originally a professor at Harwell's Institute at its origin. Though he possessed no supernatural qualities of his own, he was well-versed in their study and excelled at identifying, categorizing, and recording the super powers of others. Though he hid it will, his lack of powers while in such a heavily-powered environment led to feelings of exclusion, and possibly resentment. Nevertheless, he served faithfully and dutifully examining the powers of students and piecing together the details.

The details differ on how Hommel interacted with the other staff at Harwell's. Some say he was a grump with no sense of humor who simply couldn't take a few light-hearted jokes, others would vouch that he was genuinely mistreated. Regardless, he seemed to view Harwell's in an overall negative light, and quietly resigned after receiving a job offer from the government.

His position was in the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology, involved as a scientific adviser and assistant director in a top secret development codenamed Project Myrmidon. Project Myrmidon was dedicated to the creation and bio-engineering of several species of hyper-advanced wasps, bees, and hornets, for use as bio-weapons for the military. Though the creation of the giant, human-sized, predatory insects was an overall success, the government cancelled the project after finding no effectual method for controlling the organisms, and seeing the danger of one escaping and forming a colony in the wild, ordered all specimens be destroyed.

Shortly before the termination of Project Myrmidon, a dangerous supervillain known as Mindwarp became aware of the experiments. Possessing immense psychic power, she sensed Hommel's mental vulnerability and took advantage of it, and psychically connected his mind to the minds of the Myrmidon specimens, and allowing the connection to extend to any related creature he came into contact with. Edmund became accustomed to the voices in his head, and fearing what would happen if they went silent, stole a few larvae and some of the feeding stock before reporting it all as destroyed.

Mindwarp intended to use Professor Hommel as part of her world domination scheme, dubbing him Hivemind. However, before she could kick her plan into action, she was vanquished by outside forces. Nobody ever became aware of the existence of Hivemind, and without Mindwarp's subtle influences to drive him to the path of villainous servitude, he slowly devolved into insanity.

Hommel used the wealth he accumulated from his two well-paying positions to retire early, and quickly and quietly bought a large area of farmland on the outskirts of Lebanon, so he could keep an eye on Harwell's. He nurtured the remaining larvae and adulthood, establishing a few queens to reproduce and allowed them to dig a vast hive underneath the farm. He used the honey production from the hive to maintain an income, and waited.

Hivemind became more and more twisted by the collective intellect of the hive, and the constant connection caused him to be influenced greatly in his worldview. Soon, he realized that the insects were not inferior an inferior species as previously believed... but rather, in their coordination, their diligence, and their unbreakable unity, they were actually the superiors to the human race. He became increasingly aware of the war, death, fear and hatred that spread around the globe like wildfire, and realized that it could so easily be stopped if higher beings became the dominant species.

The only way to save the planet was to cure it of the plague of humanity. He realized though that William Harwell would not stand for these new ideals. And as the founder of Harwell's Institution, he would train his students to thwart him. So, Hivemind had to act fast... the students at Harwell's were not full-fledged superheroes, merely larvae. If he could eliminate them before they were fully mature, then nothing would stand between him and a perrfect earth.

Family: Hivemind has no living family of any notable interest.

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes- Bees, honey, the color gray, classical music, thought-provoking books, insects, aged wine, background noise, unity
Dislikes- Silence, plans being interrupted, Harwell's Institute, most students at Harwell's, smoke, country music

-Cunning, strategical and intelligent
-Knows what his strengths and weaknesses are
-Possesses immense power through control of bees and wasps

-Constant psychic connection is taxing, causing premature aging
-Physically weak, most people could overpower him
-Relies too heavily on his bees
-Mentally unstable, and separation from the collective could be disastrous to his mind

-Owns a small company as a front, called Hommel Acres.
-If anybody wants to use Mindwarp for any purposes, they are free to do so. I only created her as a plot device to create Hivemind, and deliberately left her fate ambiguous to allow anybody who wishes to use the idea and build on it to be able to.

Name: Unknown

Alias: Daikaiju

Age: Unknown


Measures slightly under 25 feet when standing up fully, though it's often hunched over or running on all fours. Weighs over 8000 kg, and slightly larger than an adult male African Elephant.

A closer, more detailed look.

Hometown: Unknown

Personality: Daikaiju is an enigma and it would be difficult to assign a personality to it. It seems to behave in a cunning and clever fashion, using instincts that would not be uncommon in a high-level predator. However, at times it seems to become apparent that it possesses, or is at least controlled by, a sizable intelligence, as it can identify and react to things no animal would know how to, and knows that the Shadow Creed is its ally.

Personality Type: Inapplicable

Sexuality: Inapplicable

Firebreath- Daikaiju is capable of breathing a stream of fire with a temperature of over 4,000 F from its maw. The exact mechanics of this are unknown, but it is theorized that the creature has an internal combustion organ connected to a secondary throat that can generate and release flames. However, this appears to be physically taxing, and it can only do so in bursts, but it is nonetheless a very powerful ability that should be anticipated at any time.
Super Strength- Daikaiju is a massive and ferocious beast that possesses extreme strength. It can lift cars and throw them, knock over trees with its powerful tail, and crush a human to death by squeezing them with one hand.
Agility- Its huge size does not slow it down. In fact, Daikaiju can even keep up pace with moving vehicles, reaching speeds of 45 MPH. It is also capable of rapidly scaling buildings with its massive claws.
Feral Smell-Daikaiju possesses a keen sense of smell that allows it to easily distinguish the scents of prey and track them down using that scent.

Personal History: There are no facts regarding the nature of Daikaiju, or its origins. Only rumors circulate about it. Some speak of a Chinese bioweapon experiment gone awry, others mention it emerging from the unexplored depths of Central Africa, but few of these rumors have any sources or credibility. Others guess at the nature of Daikaiju. It surged only a year or two ago, and so far, it has appeared only a few times, usually alongside the Shadow Creed and under their command.
It's most likely that whether by controlling it, or possibly even becoming it, Daikaiju is somebody's superpower. Who that mysterious individual is is unknown, and doubly unknown is why they would work with the Shadow Creed, given their position on Supers. Maybe the answers will come soon, but only time will tell.

Family: Unknown

Likes and Dislikes: Inapplicable

-Strength, speed, and fire breath make it an extremely dangerous foe
-Very durable, able to take a lot of damage before being forced to retreat
-Little information about it, with no known weaknesses other than a lot of firepower
-Possesses human-level intellect

-Size makes it ineffective in cramped environments
-Few options for ranged attacks, other than its fire breath which is still relatively short-ranged and can't be used often

-Daikaiju's form is vague but I've planned everything out with Writing, more information will come in the future regarding the true nature of both the beast and its master.

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Paradox on Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:13 pm

Sarah Brandt:
Name: Sarah Brandt
Alias: Crimson
Age: 17
(Her eyes are brown though, and her hair is far less red)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Personality: Sarah is logical, efficient, and cold.  She generally doesn't care about company, friends or any real type of interaction.  She's extremely quiet, even considering that she can't speak, mainly because she doesn't want to deal with others.  Sarah also has an arrogant streak.  While less visible than some of her other personality traits because of the lengths she goes to to isolate herself, she believes she is the best of basically any group she is part of.  Additionally, she is extremely secretive. While she tries to avoid interaction as much as she can, Sarah tries to hide what she is doing even more.
Personality Type: ISTJ
Abilities: Sarah can generate red particles out of the air.  These particles are about the same size as sand, and behave in a similar manner.  The only large difference is that Sarah can create solid rigid objects out of the particles.  She can currently generate up to one cubic yard of these particles, though that many can be hard for her to control.
Personal History: Sarah has had a largely normal life, with one clear exception.  When see was born, her vocal cords developed extremely badly.  As a result she is completely mute.  Other than that, she's had an extremely normal life.  Both of her parents, while having no superpowers of their own, were supportive when she discovered hers, and are equally supportive of her decision to go to Harwell's.
Family: David Brandt (Father, Alive), Sophia Brandt (Mother, Alive)
Likes and Dislikes: Sarah has few things she likes, a better term would be things she can tolerate.  She prefers logic, truth, and directness to being emotional.  She also likes her family, thinking she owes them a debt for raising her.  She dislikes lying, even if is for a good cause.
Strengths: Sarah is intelligent and a good fighter.  She's perceptive, driven, and dedicated.
Weaknesses: Sarah is not very good at using her powers.  Summoning anywhere near her maximum number of particles requires intense concentration from her, and her constructs have a habit of falling apart when she's not focused on them.  She also doesn't get along with basically anyone… Not that she wants to.
Other/Trivia: She's fluent in ASL, and taught herself a significant amount of British Sign Language.

Alex Marshall:
Name: Alexander “Alex” Marshall
Alias: Eidolon
Age: 17
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Personality: Alex tends to be friendly, focused, and tactical.  He gets along with people easily, and tends to be a good leader.  However, he has a tendency to be manipulative, and while almost never outright lying, he has a way of making people think what he wants them to think. That being said, he does care about his friends and family, a lot, but he doesn't like to make it clear very often.
Personality Type: ESFJ
Abilities: Alex can generate copies of other superhumans who he's seen using their powers.  These copies are fully capable of using their powers in the same way that the original person can.  The copies take time for Alex to generate, and dissolve after taking enough damage.  Currently, Alex is only capable of generating one copy at a time.
Personal History: Not long after Alex was born, his mother died from cancer.  This led to him being raised by his father alone.  Eliot Marshall, his father, happened to be a superhuman himself, working as an infobroker for organizations and people in the superhuman world.  This led to Alex not having a normal childhood.  His father discovered Alex’s powers early, and the two of them, despite occasionally denying it, have a good relationship.
Family: Eliot Marshall (Father, Alive), Natalie Marshall (Mother, Dead)
Likes and Dislikes: Alex generally likes people.  He tolerates and enjoys relaxing and joking at most times, but expects seriousness from other people in serious circumstances.  He likes his friends, and often hates anyone who harms him or them.
Strengths: Alex is intelligent, a good leader, and an excellent planner.  He is moderately skilled with his power, and knows how to compensate for its weaknesses.
Weaknesses: Alex is not particularly physically strong.  Additionally, his powers don't directly benefit him in any way, meaning that he can be taken down by focusing on him, rather than the copy.

Ethan Blanc:
Name: Ethan Blanc
Alias: Shadow
Age: 16
Hometown: Singapore
Personality: Ethan is kind, friendly, and moderately shy.  He tries to get along with everyone he can, and tries to prevent conflict as much as he can.  That being said, he understands that there are times each when conflict or violence are necessary, he just doesn't believe they're necessary very often.  He's incredibly loyal to his friends and those who help us.
Personality Type: INFP
Abilities: Ethan’s main power is the ability to make himself ignored.  When he has it active, he is incredibly hard to detect, as wherever he is, people automatically believe he is supposed to be there.  He also has the ability to teleport short distances.
Personal History: Ethan has had an extremely normal life.  He was born and raised in Singapore, with his sister by both of his parents, and had nothing extremely strange happen during his life.
Family: Thomas Blanc (Father, Alive), Ai Blanc (Mother, Alive), Grace Blanc (Sister, Alive)
Likes and Dislikes: Ethan is a big fan of some of the earliest public superheroes, he was brought up on stories of their heroics.
Strengths: Ethan is pretty good with his powers, and gets along well with most people.  He's also intelligent, though not extremely.
Weaknesses: Ethan's powers make him clearly a specialist.  As a consequence of that, he tends to be bad at any direct combat, among other things.
Other/Trivia: He is fluent in English, Mandarin, and French
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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:38 pm

Py and Paradox: Accepted!


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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Post by Adrian on Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:35 pm

Vincent Christiansen:
Name: Vincent Christiansen
Alias: Continuum
Age: 18
Hometown: New Madrid, MO
Personality: Vincent hardly looks like superhero material from the outside - he seems like your stereotypical "basic-normal-average-teen-who-suddenly-gets-superpowers." But in fact, he is surprisingly intelligent about his abilities. He learns very quickly, and is rather good at connecting with others, aside from one exception (see weaknesses). Overall, he's pretty relaxed and likes to keep it "normal" - which is hard to do when you're a superhero in training, but he gets by.
Personality Type: ENFP (Campaigner), but he is an ambivert
Sexuality: Straight
Teleportation - Vincent has the ability to teleport short distances by creating "tears" in spacetime, with multiple objects so long as they're all making contact
Levitation - Perhaps a misnomer; Vincent has the ability to turn off his "personal gravity." Basically he can will himself to not be affected by gravitational and tidal forces, and can move around this way to a decent extent. Centripetal force and inertial force still apply, however - if he's falling from a great height and uses this ability, he still has to deal with terminal velocity.
Psychokinesis - Vincent has exceptional abilities in telekinetic powers. While he can't exactly explode someone's brain like Eleven from Stranger Things, he CAN bend steel and lift trucks with his mind.
Personal History: The first month of Vincent's life, including his biological family, is virtually unknown, with the exception of his birthday - September 5th, 1998. Even where he was recovered from is not documented in his adoption papers, though he is of mixed European ancestry (particularly Scandinavia). The curious omissions of Vincent's details didn't prevent Julia and David Christiansen of New Madrid, MO, from adopting the infant and taking him in as their own.

For the first 12 years of his life, Vincent was quite a normal boy; playing with his younger sister Noelle in the comfort of their backyard, taking up lessons on the piano, and of course video games were some of his hobbies. But it was about two weeks after his 12th birthday that he started noticing something... peculiar about him. During an adventurous walk in the wilderness around the town, he and his sister stumbled upon two bear cubs. Little did they know, the mama was nearby, and was very angry. Out of fear, Vincent grabbed Noelle's arm, closed his eyes, and braced for death. A death that never came. He opened his eyes to find out that he and his sister had been teleported back home. After months of experimentation (and discovering two more powers), the two siblings concluded the impossible - Vincent was, for lack of a better word, superhuman. The two children swore themselves to secrecy, and over the years Vincent honed his newfound abilities in solitude. Until he received the letter that changed everything....
Family: Julia Christiansen (adopted mother, living), David Christiansen (adopted father, living), Noelle Christiansen (sister)
Likes and Dislikes: Vincent loves midnight blue. He doesn't really have another favorite, although his favorite people is likely his family. Even if he's not related to them, there's this undeniable connection he feels. After the harrowing childhood experience, bears definitely make him nervous, but that's about it for the negative side of things.
Strengths: When it comes to getting a job done, Vincent can work well with other people or by himself. He's very flexible that way. He also is confident in his abilities, yet is always willing to make more improvements to fully master them.
Weaknesses: : Something about his past always nagged at Vincent - the fact that he practically has none. His adopted parents are AWOL, DNA checks don't match up to any known superhumans in the U.S., and even the people who found him are unknowable. Vincent has grown increasingly paranoid that there's a secret being kept from him and his parents, but the fact that he can't do anything just frustrates him more. As a result, this frustration extends to others - Vincent hates secret-keeping. He'd much rather know the truth, and learn it right now, than to have other people withhold it (even if it's for his own good), and he grows exponentially distrusting of those who cover stuff up and lie.
Other/Trivia: There's much more to Vincent than meets the eye - stuff he hasn't even realized about himself....

Bridget Baumgartner:
Name: Bridget Baumgartner
Alias: Lambda
Age: 17
Hometown: Cheyenne, WY
Personality: Split. See Powers
Personality Type: ISTJ (Logistician)
Sexuality: Asexual
Divided Mind - Perhaps the most interesting of Bridget's abilities, and the explanation for her dissociative identity disorder. Bridget Baumgartner is effectively two different people in one. She is aware of this. Her two sides are:
* Bridget - Her natural side, the personality she is in most often. This side uses soft analysis and intelligence. Slightly erratic, eccentric, and emotionally unstable at times.
* Bridgett - Her other side, which manifests in dangerous settings. This Bridget is more strategic and militaristic - she even seems more powerful combat-wise. However, she also grows more confident and may ignore information that comes to her.
Claircognizance - Bridget, regardless of minds, has the ability to gain intelligence through intrinsic means - knowledge just randomly comes to her. It can be arbitrary as well. It was in a dream at the age of 7 that she suddenly gained a high level of proficiency in Afrikaans, and she inexplicably understands quantum mechanics and C# coding despite not having a proper education.
Accelerated Probability - Bridget, regardless of minds, has the ability to physically see all possible options of a current situation as well as the outcomes for those situations. However, the more variables there are, the less accurate the foreseeable outcomes are. When using this ability, her mind works in overdrive - meaning time from her perspective slows down, even though it's still moving at the same rate. This is mentally exhausting for her to perform.
Personal History: Bridgett never had an easy life. Born in Montana to an unknown mother and father, she was swiftly put into a girl's home at the age of 10 after being diagnosed with severe dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia. Little did she know that these were the symptoms of a unique grouping of abilities.

Now, Bridgett was by no means an idiot - in fact, she may be among the smartest children in the U.S., if not among the smartest people. Her initial IQ result upon entering her mental facility came up as a resounding 267. But her confusing and debilitating disorders didn't really do much to support this evidence. The only solace she found was in a young nurse, Courtney, assigned to her. As soon as Bridgett got to know her, she could finally make sense of her turmoil and dissociation. Courtney was the only one in the facility - perhaps the entire state, perhaps the country up until Harwell's - that firmly believed Bridgett had extraordinary qualities. But it wasn't until the age of 6 that Bridgett finally got the letter for Harwell's. Without hesitation, she accepted.
Family: None. The only person she's close to is Courtney.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes forest green, books, seafood, the outdoors, and thinking. Hates music besides classical, conversations, and loudness.
Strengths: Her biggest strength is her intelligence. Her quick-thinking and critical problem solving is an essential asset to her group, and she isn't unwilling to share her findings and information.
Weaknesses: Bridget dislikes to fight. It's not that she is repulsed by it - rather, she lacks the confidence to do so. She'd rather be a strategist and intel leader.
Other/Trivia: That's confidential.

Yes I used pics from my old forms because I'm lazy

I got other forms coming soon!

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Re: [APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

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