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Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Sentinel

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Sentinel

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Other religious holidays!

Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:56 pm by Sentinel

*wipes sweat from brow* Whew, political correctness is a lot of hard work. But it has to be done.

ANYWAYS, we did it - we (almost) survived 2016 which, I think we can all agree, was pretty damn terrible in many ways.

Regardless, it was a good year on the forums - we've met some new faces, set out …

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A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

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A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid on Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:31 pm


Xenophobia (noun) - extreme dislike or fear of foreigners, their customs, their religions, etc.

Since the dawn of the time, a race known as the Majo have existed on the small, unnamed landmass that they knew as the world. These people would be considered special by us; they possessed magical, arcane abilities that strongly defined their way of life. Their dark ages have long since ended, and after the foundation of the Mahou Empire, for several hundred years they enjoyed a new era of peace, prosperity, culture, loving and fine arts. The only threat to their society was a cursed forest of darkness to the west, indestructible and undefeated. But even it could be controlled, and the wisdom of the Fiore clan, the ruling family of the Empire, guided them into a mindset with peace and without worry.
Until the visitors arrived.

The landmass they occupied was in actuality a very large island. They occupied the eastern half, and the western half was entirely comprised of the dark forest, except for a very small amount of the land at the coast, completely isolated from the Mahou Empire. One fateful day a battered fleet of ships landed on this tiny coast. The colonists on these ships, similar to the Majo but without magic, were fleeing their homeland, a land called Sectoria that had become unable to sustain life. They settled on the island unaware of their neighbors separated by the forest.

At first all seemed grim. The colony was failing and the tiny plot of land almost became unable to support life, especially bordering so close to the dark forest. One man of the Sectorians, named Ezekial Valencis, was only a young boy when he departed from his homeland. Now older, he opened a shaft mine in the ground, hoping to find a mineral that could strengthen a wall between the monsters of the forest and the colonists. Instead, he found a new element, named "Valencium" after him.

This miracle ore held almost magical properties. Undiscovered by the Mahou, it contained properties that seemed to bend the laws of reality. Valencis used its power to rise to the highest position in the colony. The Valencium opened the path to new technology, which its discoverer used to unite the bickering factions of the colony, and formed a union known as the "Tech Conglomerate." The Sectorian colony erupted practically overnight, transforming a rural society into a booming technology giant. Instead of blocking off the dark forest, their heavy machinery cut down the dark forest and exterminated the beasts that dwelled inside.

This brought them face to face with the Majo. The Mahou Empire had observed tall, foreign buildings rising on the horizon beyond the forest with great dread. When these new arrivals claimed the previously uninhabitable western lands, it was a time of great uncertainty. However, the Mahou's leader, the Arch Empress of the Fiore clan, had a goal to act in the interest of both nations, a goal which Ezekial Valencis shared. Together, they prevented the possibility of war and sustained a tenative peace with each other, with a desire to further their relations.

The golden age continued, with both countries influencing each other and very little conflicts occuring. Valencis was made immortal by his people, without death, but not without age. He watched the nation he founded grow for the next 500 years of peace and prosperity. The line of Arch Empresses continued, each one guiding the Empire with a steady hand until the time came for their successor to take over, and the cycle continued. The Sectorians continued to work in unison with the Majo in crossing the rift between worlds.

Three Years Ago

Recently, a political coup occurred in the Tech Conglomerate. Mr. Valencis was covertly murdered in his office by his close personal secretary, a woman named Zoe Heriot. Heriot took advantage of his lack of a succesor and used it to become Executive of the Tech Conglomerate herself, and blamed Valencis's murder on a terrorist assassin. An investigation launched by her framed the Mahou as working with the assassin, which she used to declare war against them. During the process of this, Emperor Wilhelm was kidnapped by Conglomerate forces and a massive war robot was sent into Mahou territory, which destroyed part of a city. Arch Empress Kagami launched an attack on the Executive tower with the aid of Tech Conglomerate resistance forces, and rescued the Emperor as well as capturing Heriot.

The resistance leader was installed as Executive and Heriot was found to be mentally controlled into figureheading the revolution by a nebulous spy who goes by "Nyarlathotep" and seems to be invested in the destruction of both nations. He escaped from the scene and has not been seen since.

The entire event lasted a little over eight hours.

The Mahou

The citizens of Mahou - individually called Majo - are all gifted with the ability to use magic. About half of the population is born with their own powers, which they must channel and control on their own. The other half, though not born with abilities, may easily seek to learn from schools or tutors, or become apprentices in any number of fields of magic passed down from generation to generation. It will be far easier for someone born without powers to learn other magic than someone born with. Powers can range from the basic (ex: manipulation of fire) to the obscure (ex: control of the autumn leaves).

Under the eyes of the law, and in almost every aspect of social life, both males and females are equal. There cases in which magic abilities are passed down a gender line (such as the Fiore clan ) though those are becoming less and less seen. Children are seen as legal adults at 18, but are often still under their parents' care until they're 20-22, or settled with their Soulmate, whichever is sooner.

Every year, when the next group of children become 15-17, all of those in that age range are summoned to the capital so that their Soulmate may be found via divine magic. The ceremony is preformed by the Arch Empress, Kagami Fiore, and it will be to ensure everyone has a partner for life.

Finally, the Fiore clan is the ruling matriarchy of Mahou. This family lives in the capital, and one girl is raised each generation to carry on the divine powers associated with leading. Their powers vary with the carrier, as some find some abilities easier or more useful than other.

Mahou Guidelines

Natural hair/eye colors work for every village.

Powers can be as concrete or abstract as you'd like.

The setting of Mahou villages range from the Roman Republic to the Victorian Era, no later. The technology of Mahou does not exceed that of 1899, though it can be in any area.

Characters who start in the age range of 15-17 will be Matched in the ceremony mentioned above on the same day as the Tech Conglomerate have their event. If they are younger, they will wait until the next one when they are in that age range. If they are older, they will need to be Matched before the RP starts. Unless you and someone else plan otherwise, I will match your characters together. If you have a plan, please PM me or Lady Senbonzakura.

If you have any other questions about powers, designs, occupations, whatever, feel free to contact me or Lady Senbonzakura in any way.

The Tech Conglomerate

The Tech Conglomerate is a sovereign, democratic nation occupying the formerly uninhabitable western half of the island. Its people(called Sectorians, after their lost homeland) have no magical abilities like the Majo do, but they're an advanced and forward-thinking people with great advances in the fields of engineering and medicine. A vast cityscape dominates their land and to make sure that its citizens do not completely forget nature, the government has installed bio-dome parks around the metropolis.

The Conglomerate gets its resources from specialized "sectors" around the massive city. These sectors, in addition to urban development, contain service and resource providers such as factories, agricultural plants, power generators, Valencium mines, military zones and more. Independent corporations produce most of these services, but the main political power of the Tech Conglomerate resides in the Representative Council, a group of politicians and high-ranking experts in the necessary fields. The de-factor supreme commander and final decision maker of the Conglomerate is the Executive, an elected-official who presides over the representatives and guides the nation to a brighter tomorrow.

In a process adopted from the Mahou, the Tech Conglomerate have a trienniel event to ensure that its youth are matched with their optimal partner. Unlike the Mahou, however, the Tech Conglomerate do not have any magic to back this up, and instead have created a massive supercomputer called the Central Database to neurally scan each candidate and compare a plethora of information about each one of them in less than a minute in order to ensure each one is matched to the best possible other. Of course, nobody is forced to stay with a partner they don't think is right for them, and are simply encouraged to spend time with their chosen other before considering marriage.

Most citizens of the Tech Conglomerate own MPDs. MPD stands for Multi-Purpose Device, a description that fits the small machine well. An MPD is small, smooth, handheld device that could easily fit into your pocket, and is capable of making phone calls, taking photographs, recording videos, projecting holograms and playing games. They're manufactured by a plethora of different companies, with varying cost and quality, but most are functionally the same.

Tech Conglomerate Guidelines

Natural-born Sectorians have no powers, but bio-augmentations and scientifically justified abnormalities are alright. Crossbreeds might have powers if they inherit them from their Majo parent.

Every Sectorian has a unique eye color, called their Iris. These range from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple and White. Further information on this can be found below.

No unnatural hair colors by birth, they have to be artificial if used by Sectorians.

Conglomerate buildings can be anything that looks futuristic, and the clothes are similar to modern day outfits, so T-shirts and jeans are alright.

You don't have to have an MPD but most Sectorians have one.

Unless you and someone else plan otherwise, I will match your characters together. If you have a plan, please PM me or Lady Senbonzakura.

Characters who start in the age range of 15-17 will be matched in the event listed above on the same day as the Mahou have their ceremony. If they are younger, they will wait until the next one when they are in that age range. If they are older, they don't need to have already been matched as the Tech Conglomerate matching process simply suggests a partner based on man-made technology, while the Mahou ceremony decrees a soulmate using the divine. Unless you and someone else plan otherwise, I will match your characters together. If you have a plan, please PM me or Lady Senbonzakura.

If you have any other questions about powers, designs, occupations, whatever, feel free to contact me or Lady Senbonzakura in any way.

Just a glossary of terms in case there's a word in the RPG you don't understand. Will probably be updated as time goes on.

Arch Empress - leader of the Mahou Kingdom who inherits great power, including knowing the name of all her subjects just by glancing their faces and seeing a person's Soulmate; has always been female; current title bearer is Kagami Fiore

Bio-Dome Park - Glass domes with controlled temperatures spaced around in the Tech Conglomerate cities; contains natural areas with grass, trees and park benches to allow Sectorians to better connect with nature

Central Database - Massive supercomputer in the Tech Conglomerate capital; contains all information regarding partnering of Sectorians; every three years Sectorians aged 15-17 are brought to the Database to be neurally scanned; the Database calculates and compares neural scans, predicts how the brain acts and reacts and suggests a partner based on this information

Colossus War Robot - a massive AI controlled war machine designed in secret by the Tech Conglomerate; upon Zoe Heriot's takeover of the Conglomerate, she deployed it and it broke a hole in the Mahou border wall and destroyed a sizable portion of Cancello before finally being destroyed by the Mahou army

District - Tech Conglomerate slang for Sectors

Emperor - Mate of the Arch Empress who often takes on smaller diplomatic roles for the kingdom; current title bearer is Wilhelm Fiore

Executive - leader of the Tech Conglomerate who is democratically elected from the pool of representatives and corporation owners; current holder of office is Alistair Bradley

Familiar - "being that is born along side a human"; creatures that appear with Majo children shortly after they are born and act like pets; often hold ranges of intelligence and forms

Imperial Couple - term for the Arch Empress and Emperor in unison

Imperial Guard - Mahou police force

Iris - term for Tech Conglomerates with a Valencium altered eye color; term is preceded by the color of the eye; each different color is generally associated with a certain corresponding sector

Mahou - kingdom on the eastern half of an island home to the Majo people

Majo - people of the Mahou kingdom who have the ability to perform arcane feats

Match - (n) Mahou slang; is used to describe two people who acknowledge they are Soulmates, but are not yet married; often used interchangeably with "girlfriend," "boyfriend," or "fiancee"; (v) act of two people being made aware of their shared destiny [Matched, Matching]

Mate - (n) Mahou slang short for Soulmate; is used to describe two people who acknowledge they are Soulmates, and are married; often used interchangeably with "wife," "husband," or "spouse"

Middlelands - Mahou term for a small nation about the size of a Mahou village between the Tech Conglomerate and Mahou kingdom set aside for Mates in which one is form the Tech Conglomerate and one is from Mahou; allows for both parties to live and raise any children in an environment of equal parts technology and magic

Middletown - Tech Conglomerate term for the Middlelands

Multi-Purpose Device - a device similar to a cell phone that most Sectorians carry around, primarily for communication; frequently abbreviated as MPD

Partner - Tech Conglomerate term for Mate; in Tech Conglomerate society, there is no destiny between partners unlike Mates, and is generally only used for two people who are together based on the Central Database's suggestion.

Pureye - (prounced "Pure Eye") Tech Conglomerate term for individuals whose ancestors did not receive Valencium injections and retained their natural brown eye color; Due to the dominant Iris gene, Pureyes are very rare and becoming even rarer as generations pass

Representative - a high-ranking political individual who is well-learned in a certain subject, who holds a spot on the Tech Conglomerate high council to provide information regarding this subject and help make decisions regarding the nation

Sector - A part of the Tech Conglomerate; holds residential developments as well as a certain industry to contribute to the country; each Sector is generally associated with a corresponding Iris color

Sectoria - the land the early Sectorians came from before settling on the same landmass as the Majo; no currently living person has ever seen it, but Mr. Valencis seemed to have a deadly fear of anyone attempting to return; Sometimes called "Old Sectoria"

Sectorian - people descended from the colonists that came from Sectoria and cannot use magic

Soulmate - in Mahou religion, two people who are destined to meet and fall in love

Super Soldier - genetically-altered elite Tech Conglomerate combat force designed to have super strength; a suit of powered armor and a supply of combat drugs as well as heavy weapons are provided for the very few who have become one; all male due to side-effects caused by female incompatibality with the physical enhancements and awareness drugs

Tech Conglomerate - nation on the western half of the island; home to the Sectorian people

Mahou Towns Information:
A compendium of all the different towns and cities in the Mahou! Some of these are designed by me and Lady Senbonzakura, others have been designed by players.

Note: All Mahou can speak the language of the Mahou Capital, which we would identify as "English". The villages that have a separate language use it interchangeably with their "native" language, but both languages are taught at an early age and most can speak both fluently. This is also, coincidentally and conveniently, the language of the Sectorians, so there's no need to worry about communication issues.

Located in the northeastern mountain range of the Mahou, Bergstadt is quaint mountain town ruled over by the Achterberg family. Bergstadt has a rich culture that has permeated many other Mahou societies and even part of the Tech Conglomerate. It's main export is lumber from the pine trees on the mountains, though it is also quite proud of its alcoholic beverages. (Bergstadt's language, accent, culture, architecture and fashion are primarily inspired by 18th-19th century Germany)

Cancello City
Frequently called "The Border City" due to its location snuggly against the Mahou border's central entrance. Most unfortunately, Cancello was heavily destroyed by a war robot sent during the Tech Conglomerate coup three years ago. (Cancello City's language, accent, culture, architecture and fashion are primarily inspired by Renaisiance Italy)

Gensokyo is situated to the southwest of the Mahou Capital, built around a large lake that flows out into the ocean. Its history dates back very far, deeply intertwined into Mahou history, and is ruled over by the equally ancient and proud Shimizu clan. The culture of Gensokyo heavily promotes honor, duty and self-sacrifice. The main export is rice, grown from fields irrigated by the lake, but the town has other commodities such as the rare cherry blossom wood. (Gensokyo's language, accent, culture, architecture and fashion are primarily inspired by Feudal-era Japan)

Ville Pasture
Ville Pasture is one of the smallest villages in the Mahou, with the lowest population and barely noticeable on the map. That doesn't make it any less beautiful, though. The quaint village is located in the rolling, picturesque fields just east of the Capitol. Most residents have a trade in farming, and fresh vegetables are a prized export.
(Ville Pasture's language, accent, culture, architecture and fashion are primarily inspired by 18th-19th century France)

Mahou Capital
The large urban capital of the Mahou, located generally in the center of their territory. The city is the biggest in the Mahou, with the highest population as well. It is the neural center of the country, and holds the Imperial Palace, where the Arch Empress and Emperor live. (The Mahou Capital's language, accent, culture, architecture and fashion are primarily inspired by Victorian-era England)

Tech Conglomerate Sectors and Iris Information:
After the immediate founding of the Tech Conglomerate, Executive Ezekial Valencis announced that there would be mandatory preventative vaccinations of liquefied Valencium to the entire population, without giving a reason. Most citizens complied to these vaccinations, and after being injected noticed no side-effects other than an immediate change of color in the eyes.

The ore used for these injections was dug from specified “sectors” planned to develop certain areas. The ore in each sector was of a different strain, functionally identical but visually distinct with a unique color. The people living in each sector were injected with their local Valencium and as a result, received different eye colors depending on which sector they lived in at the time of injection. As the years went on, their children were also born with the same colored eyes, creating a society of visually distinct irises in each sector.

As a result, almost every sector had a unique eye color in its citizens. The Sectorians who had the unique eye colors were dubbed “Irises”. Of course, some people never received injections, either by denying the injections or being unable to receive them due to medical reasons. Those who retained the original brown eyes of the Sectorians after the dawn of this colorful society were called “Pureyes” although people like this are very rare.

Two Irises cannot mix in color(Example; if a Yellowiris and a Rediris were to reproduce together, their children would not be Orangeirises, they would either be Rediris or Yellowiris).

The Iris genetic is dominant(Example: If a Greeniris reproduces with a Pureye, every single one of their children would be Greeniris). This is why Pureyes are becoming much more rare.

Any Iris can live anywhere. There’s nothing stopping an Orangeiris from living in the Entertainment sector, it’s just most people living there would be Purpleiris because their ancestors who were injected there became Purpleiris. It’s more a showing of where your ancestors lived than where you live.

Note: A high-speed monorail connects all the sectors and makes it easy to get from one end of the Tech Conglomerate to the other.

Note: Tech Conglomerate standard education covers a variety of basic subjects to ensure for a decent life and ends at 16. After graduating, students can either choose to find employment, or go to the Academy for another 4-8 years of education, which is necessary to become a scientist or politician.

Capital Sector - No Specified Iris
The Capital is the smallest sector, dedicated to housing the Conglomerate’s government offices. As an academy sector, it has no Iris that can be traced to its origins in the Tech Conglomerate, and generally holds a large variety of Irises. The Executive Skyscraper is the most prominent building in the region.

Business Sector - Whiteiris
Located in what was originally a market square, the Business sector has many offices dedicated to corporations that monopolize the productions of the other sectors. Business headquarters are located here, as well as large shopping centers and malls. Its founders were Whiteirises, and white is still the most common Iris color there, but it has one of the widest varieties compared to other sectors.

Mining Sector - Pinkiris
Originally Valencium was mined in the entire country, but shortly after the Valencium injections mining was ceased in the rest of the nation and relocated to the abundant mountains in the north. The Mining Sector is located in this mountain range, inhabited by Pinkirises. The most common form of employment is the operation of the huge machines that mine Valencium from the earthy depths. It’s worth noting that this sector is the poorest sector in the entire Conglomerate, with lower than usual living conditions and run-down, abandoned urban areas. The government has been working on improving the area, but it’s been difficult to make any serious progress.

Military Sector - Rediris
The Military Sector contains most of the military installations in the country, though some secret locations due exist in the other sectors. Due to the regularly calm state of affairs in the Tech Conglomerate, the sector is rarely in use, although the infantry are kept ready to go in case of domestic threats and new weapons are sometimes tested. The original soldiers of the Tech Conglomerate were apparently Redirises, as most of the residents here are as well. The Military Sector has the most residential development of any sector due to the small amount of space taken by the military bases.

Manufacturing Sector - Orangeiris
The Manufacturing Sector contains the industry of the Tech Conglomerate. It one of the larger sectors, and its residents are predominantly Orangeiris. This sector has a special relation with the Business sector due to the transportation of goods to the shops, and even has built a specialized freight rail for the purpose of transporting products. Unfortunately, pollution there is heavy but the citizens are paid a bonus by the government for living there until a cleaner solution can be found.

Electricity Sector - Yellowiris
The Electricity Sector is home to the Central Power Terminal of the Tech Conglomerate. The Power Terminal contains an artificially created, miniature sun to directly power the rest of the city. Due to the large footprint of the building and the low job count, this sector has one of the lowest residential area of all the Conglomerate, though the ones that do live here are mostly Yellowirises.

Agriculture Sector - Greeniris
The Agriculture Sector produces the majority of the food products in the Tech Conglomerate. Its token industry is the crops and livestock housed in the massive, multi-purpose greenhouses. The greenhouses are temperature controlled for optimal, year-round produce and most of the physical work is done by machines. However, many humans are still needed to moderate and control everything. Appropriately, most of the citizens here are Greenirises.

Aquaculture Sector - Blueiris
This sector is located on the coastline, where the Sectorians first built their colony before becoming the Tech Conglomerate. The original colony has been repurposed into a wharf and harbor where Conglomerate naval trade and fishing can take place. This is one of the oldest and most traditional sectors due to its heritage, and much of the architecture appears to be significantly older when compared to the rest of the country. Many of the remaining colony buildings have been repurposed into tourist destinations for travellers.

Entertainment Sector - Purpleiris
Ah, the Starlight sector! A beautiful haven of glamour and activity. This is by and far the cultural center of the Tech Conglomerate, where every movie and TV show is filmed, where every novel and comic book is written, where the actors and creative geniuses live. It also doubles as the relaxation capital of the country, with resorts lining the coastline for those that just need a getaway. And of course, if you’re looking for more *ahem* adult fun, there is a red light district dedicated to casinos and nightclubs. Unfortunately, the seedy, criminal underbelly is very active in this part of the sector, but that’s to be expected, isn’t it? As long as it keeps them in one place! The residents here are mostly Purpleiris, but you can see a practical rainbow of people in the streets due to all the tourist activity!

Research Sector - No Specified Iris
The Research Sector is the intellectual center of the Tech Conglomerate. This sector is the location of the prestigious academy. Outside of the academy, there are numerous laboratories dedicated to high level scientific pursuits, especially in technological advances. Besides laboratories, there are also many libraries and museums here containing a nearly infinite supply of knowledge.

TL;DR: Different eye colors depending on which part of the Tech Conglomerate your ancestors came from; each part is a sector dedicated to a specific industry.

Rules and Information

All site rules apply.

No godmodding.

Put "Senbon" in "Bot"

No causing/altering of major events without permission from myself or Lady Senbonzakura.

Please include first and last names, realistic ages, and a fitting occupation for the character

Strengths and Weaknesses include social and physical ones

There will be a main story for the RPG that continues on the last one, but it will be optional to partcipate in. So if you wanna join in on the story, you can, but you can also engage in your own side stories or just live day-to-day life with your character. Yay for free-choice roleplaying!

No more than two powers!!

Don't hesitate to ask me or Lady Senbonzakura a question via any form of communication


Character Forms




Appearance(Pic or description):

Homeland(Mahou or TC):

Home Village/Sector:

Iris Color(TC only)





Weapons/Powers(Only Mahou have access to powers):



Family/Friends/Love Interests:


And lastly, my first form for the RPG, in case you need a guide as to what goes where.
Wilhelm Fiore:
Username: PyRobot

Name: Wilhelm Fiore

Age: 29

Physical Appearance:

Image source is Germany from Hetalia (thanks for the recommendation Lady Sen)
Formal Attire:

18th century garments for regal affairs.

Homeland: Mahou

Home Village/Sector: Born and raised in Bergstadt, though he currently lives in the Imperial Palace in the Mahou Capital.

Iris Color(TC only): N/A

Personality: Personality: Wilhelm is a kind and friendly extroverted person who seeks to make friends with everyone. He is happily married to his wife, Kagami, and tries to be supportive of her and her position as Arch Empress. He attempts to seem strong and unafraid to reassure his wife and his people, but he's still new to the job and isn't entirely sure of what he's doing. He is also a bit of a neat freak, though, and has a minor obsession with perfect strategies (most noteworthy when he's playing chess, which is SERIOUS BUSINESS by the way).

Wilhelm is the very definition of an optimist, and insists on trying to see good in even in the most evil of people(the only exception are people who harm and kill his family, they're irredeemable in his eyes). He also becomes very uncomfortable when in intimate personal contact with anybody who isn't Kagami after the incident in his past.

Biography: Wilhelm grew up in the castle of the Achterberg clan, who were the lords of the mountain town Bergstadt. His father, Erwin Achterberg, lorded over the town for most of Wilhelm's childhood until passing on the title to Wilhelm's older brother, Hans, once Hans had been matched at the age of seventeen. Wilhelm submitted himself to being a lesser to his brother for the rest of his life with no qualms about it, until at the age of sixteen he was matched to, against all odds, Kagami Fiore, the heiress to the Arch Empress title. Wilhelm was overcome with joy and changed his surname to Fiore to join their clan. He was married to her for nine years until the Arch Empress at the time, Ruko Fiore, died and he and Kagami were crowned as the new Imperial Couple.

Three years ago, on the day of the matching, Ezekial Valencis was assassinated in his office. The killer was theorized to be a Majo and the Tech Conglomerate sent a squadron of soldiers into the Mahou Capital to assist in her capture. The accused killer was found by the Mahou first and Wilhelm had her brought to the throne room to hear her story without informing the soldiers. While there, she testified that she did not kill Valencis, but she confessed that several years ago she assassinated several prominent figures, including Helga Achterberg, Wilhelm's mother. Though she admitted being deeply remorseful about these killings, the Emperor was furious and began beating her savagely until Kagami intervened.

The Tech Conglomerate soldiers burst into the room and announced their true intentions; to capture Wilhelm. Not wanting Kagami or anyone else to be killed, he surrended himself and both he and the accused assassin were taken to the Capital Sector. At the Executive Tower, he was chained up in the private room of the new Executive, Zoe Heriot. She revealed that it was she who had killed Valencis, and the reason she had kidnapped Wilhelm was because of a deep and obessive sexual interest in him. And most horrifyingly of all, she took complete advantage of his predicament and raped him.

Afterwards, Wilhelm waited for what seemed like hours, clinging to the knowledge that aid would come and rescue him. Eventually, Kagami managed to arrive at the same time as some concerned Sectorians who suspected the true nature of the coup. Wilhelm was freed and a small skirmish ensued after capturing Heriot, with security forces arriving to fight them. When a defector revealed that there was a sniper waiting outside the building to open fire, Kagami and her aides had drained too much of their energy to fight much longer, and Wilhelm asked them to teleport him to deal with the sniper.

The Emperor was transported to the rooftop of another building, where he reluctantly killed two enemy soldiers, the sniper included. He then used the sniper's rifle to scope in on the building and killed a final opponent who was preparing to kill Kagami. The Sectorian "rebel leader" broadcasted a confession from Heriot about the scheme, stopping any further attacks from Tech Conglomerate forces. The Majo participants found transport back to their homeland.

The entire event deeply affected Wilhelm, and for a brief period left him a shell of his former self. He was incredibly guilted by his brutal but necessary killings of three people, and the trauma of the rape lowered him to such a state that not even Kagami could help with. After some time like this, his naturally positive nature helped him make a full recovery, and he soon returned to his usual self... mostly.
Bot: Senbon

Occupation: Emperor of the Mahou.

Weapons/Powers: Wilhelm has some basic training in melee weapons, but for the most par he can be considered a non-combatant. His power creates a defensive energy barrier in front of him, which he can direct to any nearby location to protect himself and others.

Outgoing- Wilhelm is a very public figure and open to trying new things.
Friendly- He's very likable and likes to make friends whenever possible.
Kind- Wilhelm tries to help the needy, and show mercy to his enemies when possible.
Encouraging- Has an extremely positive attitude, and is usually prepared to give a rousing speech whenever someone doubts themselves.
Strategic Genius- Years of studying military strategy, and his chess hobby, have honed his strategic skill. Not that he gets much of a chance to use it.

Insecure- While he is friendly and encouraging to others, he is seriously doubting about his abilities as Emperor.
Trusting- Doesn't really recognize when somebody is trouble.
Traumatic Past- The events three years ago were extremely scarring to Wilhelm and he still hasn't completely mentally recovered.
Vindictive- If you do manage to actually cause him anger, he will never forget it, nor will he ever let you forget it.

Family/Friends/Love Interests: Erwin Achterberg (father; alive), Helga Achterberg (mother; deceased), Hans Achterberg (older brother; alive), Krista Anderson (younger sister; alive), Kagami Fiore (wife/mate; alive), Wesley Anderson (brother-in-law; alive)

Other: N/A

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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid on Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:31 pm

This post will be a quick guide to the characters we have collected so far. Please forgive the double post.
Wilhelm Fiore - PyRobot - M - Mahou - 1
Nicolaus Wieland - Shaybaysasuke - M - Tech Conglomerate - 1
Rayen Maiara - Shaybaysasuke - F - Mahou - 1
Firuza "Fi" Maiara - Shaybaysasuke - F - Mahou - 1
Kagami Fiore - Lady Senbonzakura - F - Mahou - 1
Lamia "Mia" Lavenza - Omni - F - Tech Conglomerate - 1
Alistair Bradley - PyRobot - M - Tech Conglomerate - 1
Sakura Shimizu - PyRobot - F - Mahou - 1
Rosenith Calla Meridian - Wishie - F - Tech Conglomerate - 2
Getrud Bellerose - Lady Senbonzakura - M - Mahou - 3
Yume Night - Lady Senbonzakura - F - Mahou - 3
Hikaru and Kaoru "Fiore" - Lady Senbonzakura - M&M - Mahou - 3
Kairi Uchida - WritingBookworm - F - Mahou - 3
Daisuke Enzo - WritingBookworm - M - Mahou - 3
Miaya Katsuragi - Fix-it - F - Mahou - 4
Ara Verdictus - Athena Lionheart - F - Tech Conglomerate - 4
Asier Linna - Paradox - M - Mahou - 4
Damian Aiza - Paradox - M - Tech Conglomerate - 4
Julian Schult - Salphirix - M - Mahou - 5
Atticus Aldrew - PyRobot - M - Tech Conglomerate - 5
Mizumi Fedele - Athena Lionheart - F - Mahou - 5
Annie Emerson - PyRobot - F - Tech Conglomerate - 5
Ivonne Falkenrath - Omni - F - Mahou - 5
Kriemhild - Omni - F - Mahou - 5
Megan Ross - Salphirix - F - Tech Conglomerate - 5
Zoe Chambers - Salphirix - F - Tech Conglomerate - 5
Sira Duval - NightOwl - F - Mahou - 6
Leonard Kelvin - Lady Senbonzakura - M - Tech Conglomerate - 7
Idris Aquilla - WritingBookworm - M - Tech Conglomerate - 7
Elias Martyn - NightOwl - M - Tech Conglomerate - 8
Sindri Myr - PyRobot - M - Mahou - 8
Marcel Blanc - PyRobot - M - Mahou - 8

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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:57 pm

I'll be sure to get some forms in when I get home tomorrow! Very Happy

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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:31 pm

Username: ShaybaySasuke
Name: Nicolaus Wieland
Age: 21
Appearance(Pic or description):

Homeland(Mahou or TC): TC
Home Village/Sector: Manufacturing Sector
Iris Color: Orange

Personality: If you had just met Nicolaus you would think he was a stoner. He’s so chill and calm in any situation he’s put in and ever even blinks an eye if things go wrong. He takes the punches as they come but is also never afraid to give them back. He has a very easy sense of humor and can laugh at almost everything if he finds something amusing in it. He is very easy to get to know and he is always open to meeting new people.

Biography: Nicolaus grew up in a very wealthy family and was all set to become the next in line to acquire the Wieland branch of factories. Nicolaus was never thrilled to take over after his parents but he played along to their dream to keep them happy. In his spare time he would sneak out of the house (whether it be during a fancy party his parents would throw or even just a regular afternoon) and go to the wall surrounding the city and just sit on top and stare out into the real forests. He dreamed of leaving TC one day and living in the neighboring city Mahou. Leaving his boring life to live a one of magic and nature. But every night he would head back home and pretend to enjoy the ramblings of rich adults and his parents excessive nagging to be a gentleman.

3 Years Later: Nicolaus is still living near his parents, trying his best to get away. His parents have gotten even more stubborn in him taking over the business. But all Nicolaus wants to do is help the Majo. He's found a new purpose ever since that attack, he likes helping people and still desperately wants to move to Mahau. His father, unfortunately, has eve been getting more violent. Every time Nicolaus refuses a meeting or talks of his dreams he is hit, and now it's getting bad enough he has to cover up the bruises. It wears down on him but he still never shows any emotion and takes quiet actions to make his dream a reality.

Bot: Senbon

Occupation: Aspiring factory owner

Weapons/Powers(Only Mahou have access to powers): A small pistol he keeps on his person only for emergency situations.

Strengths: His ability to take any hit and give it right back, he can take any criticism, his want to be better
Weaknesses: His uncaring nature has made him pretty lazy, he can be a little too chill, he could snap at any moment from suppressing his emotions from his parents.

Family/Friends/Love Interests: Albrecht (father), Annelies (mother), Mizumi (If they're still soulmates)
Other: His cat (Maximillian) is a source of comfort to him

Username: ShaybaySasuke
Name: Rayen Maiara
Age: 19
Appearance(Pic or description):

Homeland(Mahou or TC): Mahou
Home Village/Sector: Bergstadt
Iris Color: N/A

Personality: Rayen is a very independent person, never asking for help even if she desperately needs it. She loves spending time alone after being with other people to recharge. She is a motherly figure and is very caring and nurturing to those younger than her.

Biography: When Rayen was little she lived very happily, playing with her mother during the day as her father worked and being read to by her father when he came home. She wanted to grow up and be as happy as her parents were but then her sister came. When her mother was about to birth her sister she became very ill. The delivery was a success and the child lived, but Rayen’s mother passed on. Rayen’s father was crushed but tried his hardest to give his children a normal life. He made do with what he had and the two girls grew up well, but Rayen became more secluded as she basically raised her sister while her father worked. Once she was old enough and her sister was able to stay home alone she found a job to get out of the house.

3 Years Later:
Rayen is terrified. She doesn't know what in the world she's going to do now that the TC has attacked her home. She makes frequent trips to her home in Mahau to get away from her new life in the TC to visit her sister. She still tries her hardest to get money to her father and sister so they live comfortably.

Bot: Senbon

Occupation: Gatherer (She goes out into the forest to find plants or other resources needed by the people)

Weapons/Powers(Only Mahou have access to powers): Animal Immitation-Rayen discovered this power as she was reading through books centered around nature for her training. She studied this power for about a year and is still perfecting the technique. As of now the immitations she has mastered are tracking (dog), sprinting (cheetah), hiding (turtle), and strength (ant). She mainly uses these powers to help her find plants or animals on her trips and to keep herself safe from large creatures.

Strengths: Her powers are were a lot of her strengths are, she’s kind, she’s nurturing
Weaknesses: She’s too trusting, she’s very weak without her magic, she’s easily distracted

Family/Friends/Love Interests: Lycus (father), Firuza (little sister), Damian (If they're still soulmates)

Bringing back my bbys and also here's Rayen's little sister cause I want to use her in this one

Firuza :
Username: ShaybaySasuke

Name: Firuza "Fi" Maiara

Age: 11

Appearance(Pic or description):

Homeland(Mahou or TC):

Home Village/Sector: Bergstadt

Iris Color(TC only) N/A

Personality: Fi is very firery, unlike her sister. Rayen was fierce in a quiet way but Fi is very spirited both inside and out. She loves people and would never ever turn away from someone in need. She does have a bit of a temper and can't really control her emotions, sometimes needing someone there to calm her down or comfort her if it's a fit of sadness.

Biography: Same as Rayen's up until the point her sister left. In just a day Fi's life was turned upside down with the attack. She had been quietly reading in the house when her father burst through the door, scooping up the things they had and heading out into the woods with a few others. Fi didn't really understand at such a young age but it was all made very clear to her in time. Their neighbors were attacking, and who knows how far they would reach.

3 Years Later: Now Fi keeps busy by helping the people involved in the attack, sometimes with the help of her father. The aftermaths of the attack seemed to breath new life back into her father since he could now really help people get their lives together and help him find his own path. He became more loving and caring to his daughters and even though Rayen is never around all the time to see it, Fi is finally happy in their home.

Bot: Senbon

Occupation: Healer

Weapons/Powers(Only Mahou have access to powers):
Animal Imitation: Like her sister's but a lot less powerful since she discovered it later. Her father has her carry a small knife to keep her safe

Strengths: She really knows how to use that knife, she's friendly, she is not afraid to take someone down

Weaknesses: Her powers are a WIP, she's naive at times, her feelings can get in the way of her better judgement.

Family/Friends/Love Interests:
Rayen (Older sister), Lycus (Father)


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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:13 pm

They all look good to me, Shay!

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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Athena Lionheart on Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:07 pm

I'm still down for the soulmates, Shay!

So, I still need time because I need to update my forms, but Mizumi and Ara will have their triumphant return. Things just hit me hard this week. Any idea when the role play thread will be released?

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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:13 pm

I can't remember the exact date that we decided, but I'm sure it won't be for a week or more.


Username: Lady Senbonzakura
Name: Kagami Fiore
Age: 27
general genetics:
royal attire:
She tends to wear outfits that reflect the different styles through the kingdom. This is just some ideas.
Homeland: Mahou
Home Village/Sector: Born in Cancello, lives in the Capitol
Personality: Kagami is an optimistic extrovert. She is very social, and gets excited at the idea of fun things. She's a little innocent at times, but understands danger, and can usually keep some form of calm. She hates work, often forgets to clean, and loves to sleep in. She loves Wilhelm dearly, and tries to drag him into her shenanigans, even when they were first matched. After he was assaulted by Heriot, she has shown a more protective tone in their relationship.
Biography: Kagami knew from the beginning she was to be the next Arch Empress. At first, it frightened her a little. It still does, but she was always taught that fear was "intelligence in the face of danger" and grew up better because of it. During the Tech Conglomerate’s coup, her Mate be taken and abused and the Middlelands and Cancello was attacked, costing some lives. She launched an small attack on the usurpers, and won. Since then, she has been devoting her effort to returning relations between both countries back to normal.
Bot: Senbon
Occupation: Arch Empress
Weapons/Powers: No one is completely sure of the extent of the power the Arch Empress has. Kagami uses a variety, but sticks to levitation and the manipulation/creation of ribbons, which she can use to create weapons and attach or connect objects.
Strengths: Kagami has a lot of magic potential, and she is very loved by her people. She puts her citizens above most other things, even if it means neglecting herself or her family.
Weaknesses: She can be a bit scatter-brained and naive at times, and sometimes doesn’t always think about her actions.
Family/Friends/Love Interests: Wilhelm Fiore (Mate, alive); Ruko Fiore (aunt, deceased); Anthony Fiore (uncle, deceased); Erwin Achterberg (father-in-law, alive); Helga Achterberg (mother-in-law, deceased); Hans Achterberg (brother-in-law, alive); Krista Anderson (sister-in-law, alive); Wesley Anderson (brother-in-law, alive)
Other: Her first name is Gensokyian for mirror, and her surname is Cancello for flower.

Kylux is alive and so am I.
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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Omni on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:03 am

And here we are again, that old familiar theme. See if y'all can figure out what I'm riffing on today. Mike's not allowed to guess, he's heard me play a version of this tune before, down to the yellow eyes...

"We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon;

   How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver,

Streaking the darkness radiantly!—yet soon

   Night closes round, and they are lost forever..."


Username: Omni

Name: Lamia “Mia” Lavenza

Age: 20


Homeland: TC

Home Sector: Galvanism Electricity, though she currently lives—if that word can even be said to apply—and works out of a defunct cold storage warehouse, Arctic Meat Storage, in the Manufacturing Sector, which she rents on the cheap using the bonus money she gets from living in the Manufacturing Sector in the first place.

Iris Color: Yellow

Personality: I’m gonna go ahead and say wait and see on this one, mostly because I feel like it’ll be better revealed through play.

Biography: Mia Lavenza was always a nice girl. A little bit boring, maybe, but nice. She was born in Lectrisec, the only child of a couple of low-level technicians at the Power Terminal, and after finishing her basic education and being matched at age sixteen, she enrolled in the Academy to study mathematics, with the ultimate goal of landing a cushy accounting job in Bizsec, marrying her partner, and sending enough money home so that her parents could comfortably retire. She was well on her way to making it, too, until one night when she and her partner were out on a date in Entersec. The authorities later put it down as an armed robbery gone wrong—though Mia herself has some doubts about that—but the long and short of it is that, about two years ago, Mia’s matched partner was murdered.

And, as it happens, so was she.

Bot: Senbon

Occupation: Two years after That Night, Mia is a private investigator. Although her practice is relatively new and she tries to keep a low profile, she’s gained a reputation in certain, shadier corners for being the one to call for weirder problems and mysteries, especially stuff that may be of Mahou origin. Even with the other jobs she takes to pay the bills, however, Mia’s number one case has always been figuring out who killed her, who unkilled her, and above all, why. So far, aside from the fact that it was probably a Majo necromancer who brought her back, she’s had no leads.

Weapons/Powers: Mia’s power is that she is, in fact, dead. This confers a number of advantages, such as no longer growing tired, hungry, or short of breath, as well as making her generally immune to pain from injuries. Functionally, Mia is more like an organic robot than a human being, capable of functioning as her power source, which is unknown and presumably infinite, remains intact. Beyond that, Mia carries an electron blade, the molded-energy cutting surface of which can slice neatly through solid objects or be modulated to only deliver a stunning shock to an opponent’s nervous system, even through many types of armor.

Strengths: Mia is actually a pretty good detective, significantly aided by the fact that it takes a special sort of lowlife to maintain any sort of resistance when a pissed-off corpse starts grilling them for information.

Weaknesses: Mia is, incontrovertibly and visibly, dead. Despite the best embalming and refrigerating technology she can lay her hands on, her corpse is slowly decomposing and does not naturally repair damage to itself. This presents a severe obstacle both physical and social.

Family/Friends/Love Interests: I’m going to leave this vague for now, mostly because I want to give these characters more full introductions when they appear, but suffice to say that Mia’s parents are alive and don’t know that she isn’t and that her matched partner remains very dead. Whatever happened to Mia, it happened to her alone.

Other: Although it isn’t normally visible due to her clothing, Mia has a hole in her chest from the energy bolt that killed her, directly through the place her heart once was.


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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid on Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:06 pm

Alright, great forms everyone! All accepted.

@Shaybaysasuke: your forms are great as usual but I think I should tell you that your images are broken at least for me.

@Athena: There's no rush for your forms, take your time. I was hoping to post the RP thread at the start of the weekend but it can be delayed if necessary.

@Lady S: Ah, the Arch Empress! Hope you're feeling better, mein liebe.

@Omni: Looks good, just like we discussed.

Two more forms from me.

Alistair Bradley:
Username: PyRobot
Name: Alistair Bradley

Age: 45

Physical Appearance:

(Without eyepatch, possesses both eyes) Stands at about 5'11"

Formal Military Uniform for special events. [Hat Optional]

Homeland: Tech Conglomerate

Home Village/Sector: Formerly lived in the Agriculture district, though he had no interest in farming. Now lives in the Tech Conglomerate Capital.

Iris Color: Greeniris.

Personality: Alistair generally believes in upholding the laws of the Conglomerate. However, he does sometimes deter from the path of the law if he truly believes a different cause is morally right. He has a sharp nose for trouble and can usually tell when things are not as they seem. As Executive, he has mellowed out slightly and has done his best to be a reasonable and upstanding leader, though while he maintains his unfettered image, he is internally doubtful of his ability. A calm, logical, reasonable fellow.

Biography: Alistair Bradley had a relatively uneventful childhood, and grew up the same way most other Conglomerate citizens do. He aspired to join one of the four armed branches of the Tech Conglomerate (Military, Home Defense, Police or the fabled Super Soldier Program) and eventually settled in the police branch. His quick thinking and logical mind earned him several quick promotions and quite soon he became commissioner of the police force in the Conglomerate. He commanded the Conglomerate police forces during the Gray Cell operations and skillfully planned a raid that destroyed 90% of the organization, and due to his success against them he was considered a sort of "arch-enemy" of the terrorists.

As the highest ranking member of the Tech Conglomerate Police, he was placed on the council of representatives. After Mr. Valencis's assassination, while most of the representatives were suspicious of Zoe Heriot very few of them were bold enough to speak their concerns or take action. Mr. Bradley was not among them, however.

Some investigations conducted by Bernard Reeves, his very valuable assistant and close friend, revealed that a half-Majo girl named Ara Verdictus had been coerced by the government into helping them create the deadly Colossus robot. Alistair contacted her and informed her of the gravity of the situation, convincing her into accompanying him and Reeves to the Executive tower when they found out the Emperor had been captured by Heriot.

Intending only to calmly discuss his concerns with Heriot, she became aggressive and ordered her security to kill them. The Emperor broke free of his containment and joined them, and the Arch Empress and her assistants arrived shortly after to confront the new Executive. After a short battle and the tragic death of Reeves, Zoe Heriot was apprehended and confessed to her crime of killing Valencis, claiming to do it under the influence of a criminal named Nyarlathotep. Alistair then had her confession broadcast to the entire nation to end hostilities and restore peace.

After cleanup had commenced, the representatives agreed to elect Alistair as the new Executive. Though concerned he would never be able to follow in the footsteps of Valencis, Executive Bradley has done a commendable job in these last three years and has followed Valencis's footsteps in preserving peaceful relations with the Mahou.

Bot: Senbon

Occupation: Executive of the Tech Conglomerate

Weapons/Powers: Carries a laser pistol which he is quite accurate with, but is generally escorted by armed security for his protection.

Calm- Executive Bradley never(or at least very rarely) loses his temper or panics.
Reasonable- Levelheaded in every situation, and very capable of dealing with others.
Logical- His principles are guided by simple logic.
Strong Authority- Has a commanding presence, and is someone the citizens of the Tech Conglomerate can eally to.

Doubtful- Somewhat uncertain of his abilities as a leader, and doubts he can ever compare to Valencis.
Inexperienced- Natural-born leader, but still somewhat new to the position.

Family/Friends/Love Interests: Lucille Bradley(Wife; Alive), Catherine Bradley(Daughter; Alive), Bernard Reeves(Former Personal Assistant and Friend; Deceased)

Other: In case you were wondering, some aspects of Alistair have been retconned from the previous RPG. He's been made slightly older, his last name has been changed to Bradley, and some of his family info has been altered.
Sakura Shimizu:
Username: PyRobot

Name: Sakura Shimizu

Age: 28

Physical Appearance and Clothing:

Stands at about 5'7"

Homeland: Mahou

Home Village/Sector: Gensokyo

Iris Color: N/A

Personality: Sakura is a proud traditional person, with a deep respect for her town's culture and a desire, as its leader, to maintain it and uphold it. She has a strong sense of authority and is generally respected in her town as a wise but strict ruler. She is also a very calm and serene person, very rarely losing her temper or giving any indication that she is anything other than the perfect image of a Gensokyian. Like other Mahou town leaders, she pays her dues to the Mahou Capital, and she is very loyal towards the Mahou country as a a whole... though not necessarily to its Arch Empress.

Biography: As the oldest of the Shimizu children, Sakura has been flaunted as the heiress of the clan and future leader of Gensokyo since her birth. Since her childhood, she has been taught the significance of Gensokyian culture and the Shimizu heritage, and to preserve and uphold both of these things.

When she was fifteen, she was mated to a distant cousin by the name of Ayumu Shimizu, who helped preserve the integrity of the Shimizu name. However, when she was eighteen her home, Shimizu castle, was set ablaze by an unknown cause. The fire engulfed part of the castle, and while Sakura, her mate, and her siblings were able to escape unscathed, their parents were gravely injured and succumbed to their burns several days later, leaving their oldest the ruling lady of Gensokyo.

Several years ago she and her soulmate strangely adopted a young boy named Masahiro. He is legally their son, but the family really considers him just another sibling and care for him greatly.

Bot: Senbon

Occupation: Head of Shimizu Clan and Ruling Lady of Gensokyo

Weapons/Powers: Carries a Shimizu ancestral family blade, a relic of ancient times that has been passed down her line for generations. Sakura's powers are directly tied to this blade, as when she graps its hilt, she gains increased strength, speed, reflexes, and reaction time. The blade itself is also strengthened while she holds it, with increased durability and the ability to cut through all but the hardest of materials.

Serene- Very rarely gets angry, or shows any strong emotion at all. She is the perfected appearance of an unfettered leader.
Noble- Naturally, given her code of honor.
Logical- Usually able to solve problems very reasonably, assuming tradition doesn't get in the way.

Dogmatic- Sakura follows a code of honor that has not been changed for several decades, and others might find outdated.
Stubborn- She's very set in her ways, and her ways are the ways of the Shimizu.
Distrustful- She isn't entirely sure about the ability or trustworthiness of the Imperial Couple.

Family/Friends/Love Interests: Daisuke Shimizu(Father; Deceased), Kokoro Shimizu(Mother; Deceased), Hideyoshi Shimizu(Younger Brother; Alive), Kumiko Shimizu(Younger Sister; Alive), Meiko Shimizu(Younger Sister; Alive), Ayumu Shimizu(Husband/Mate; Alive), Masahiro Shimizu(Adopted Son; Alive)

Other: N/A

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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Salphirix on Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:12 pm

I'll make forms soon, but I don't think I want to bring anyone back, seeing as this time around I'm only going to play girls ^^"


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Re: A Rift Between Worlds II [Applications Thread]

Post by Sponsored content

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