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Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Cana on Sun May 22, 2016 6:21 pm

My eyes flutter open to streams of light shining from a large, arched window, my body instinctively stretching out in a feline nature as I let out a sigh. I roll over, my eyes scanning the other body that my face only a finger’s length apart from. His eyes are closed in a mask of sleeping tranquility, with a face kindly handsome enough that not even a skilled observer would guess how much trouble he has the capacity to cause. My fingers reach out to caress his face, trailing down to his open mouth and pausing.

The breath only escapes my lungs when I decide that he is no longer breathing.

Still, despite whatever had caused him to become a target, he had been easy enough to seduce into the boudoir. My guess is that he was like so many of the others who are roped into the dark, illegal underbelly of New York City - attractive, naive, and looking for a little bit of extra money. Still, they’re all foolish enough to fall into something that is way above their pretty little heads.

Satisfied, I slip out of the bed and walk to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, my eyes are met with purple eyes ringed with the smoky remnants of last night’s makeup and a wild, inky black mass of bedhead.  A smile tugs on the edge of my lips as I turn the water on, any leftover makeup tinging the water and flowing down the drain. As far as I’m concerned, the same could be said for the events of last night. I don’t bother with my hair; instead of taking upon myself the task of detangling it, the dark tendrils stream down my back. Beach hair is in nowadays, anyway.

My bare feet pad over the soft carpet as I pick up last night’s clothing, which is currently scattered in a trail from the door to the bed. I redress myself once I’ve collected everything; I’m thankful that I was sensible enough to include a decent jacket - clubbing clothes aren’t flattering in the daytime.

Grabbing my purse, I perch myself on the side of the bed once more. My lips brush against his forehead; for a moment, I feel a sliver of pity. It quickly dissipates.

I leave a nice tip for the cleaning services.


As soon as I open the door to my family’s home, I’m met with the masked judgement of one of our servants.

“There was mail for you, Ms. Juliette,” she says, handing the letter for me before going back to tidying the living room.  My eyes flick down to the letter, which freeze when I read “FOR THE EYES OF AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.”

Interested, I walk to the kitchen and rip it open with a knife.

After reading the contents, I light a match and burn the letter in the sink. Perhaps ashes do signify fresh beginnings.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Athena Lionheart on Sun May 22, 2016 6:30 pm


The world blurs.

It's just movement, simple and straightforward. I rain punches, kicks, jabs, and blows onto the punching bag, putting all my effort into it...

"Bian?" I hear Anna's voice call, making me come to a halt, my fist very close to the bag. "Bian, vieni qui."

"Ah, vengo subito!" I call back, dropping my arm to my side and rubbing it with my other as I walk towards her voice, out of the ugly basement.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by boyhoy on Sun May 22, 2016 6:34 pm

After ordering and paying for our food, Carrie and I found a secluded booth off to the side, tucked away in a corner. Without even discussing it, we both gravitate toward the booth, realizing that it was the best location in the building to monitor the exits and others that could approach. And with our backs against the wall, it'd be impossible for anyone to sneak up on us from behind. Not only that, the exit was only about ten feet away so we could make a quick escape if necessary.

We sat in silence for most of our meal, eating the meager offerings we were able to purchase. I glance out the window near the exit, scanning the passerbys for any suspicious looking individuals. When I glance back down at my food, a letter was on my tray. Large bold letters on the envelope read FOR THE EYES OF AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. A matching letter lay near Carrie.

My heartbeat instantly starts racing as my eyes dart around the establishment, trying to find who could have left the letter. My outward appearance remains calm and composed as I don't give any indication of my panic. But internally, I was a wreck. I had been so careful. My senses were all on alert and I was positive I could have noticed whoever came up to our table. They were inches away from us when they put the letters down and I hadn't even known.

<"Did you see anything?"> I whisper to Carrie in our native French as I continue to scan, my voice barely audible. <"I didn't sense any presence coming towards us and I see nobody nearby, yet the letters are here. . .">

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Salphirix on Sun May 22, 2016 6:45 pm

{ Des }

I hit the final key of the grand piano, radiating the note out between the applause of Falkner.

«Splendid, milady. Your playing is as exquisite as always.» He compliments.

«I know.» I answer plainly, expecting it. I mean, how many times have I played this song for him? It's the same every time with everyone: you did amazing, you're so talented, and Desirée you're so gifted in the arts! Compliments really weren't anything meaningful to me anymore, even if it was from someone as respected as Falkner.

I sigh, watching as Falkner slips something out from his back pocket. I hadn't noticed it before, and on the top of it it read, "FOR THE EYES OF AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY".

«I thought I'd wait to surprise you.»

Saying nothing, I took it from his hands and opened it carefully. Compliments may just be words to me, but expressing appreciation for my gifts is another. And if this had anything to do with my abilities. . . .


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Kane on Sun May 22, 2016 6:51 pm


I emerged from the large clawfoot tub in a haze of steam and crisp smelling soaps. Music drifted down from the speakers installed in the ceiling up above. Morning was really the only relaxing time in my family's life and even then it still was busy by average standards. For example, while the average family would be enjoying breakfast with a mother cooking and the father reading his morning paper, my mother would be negotiating in Farsi to the Iranian ambassador while my father called politicians across the nation for endorsements.

The Fosters certainly never did anything averagely. My hands guided the towel over my body before I changed into my school uniform. As I tied my tie onto the stiff white collar of my school shirt, my eyes noticed an envelope resting on a marble tray by the sink.

"FOR THE EYES OF AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" jumped out at me before I picked it up to evaluate it. Had mom or dad left something from their work in my bathroom on accident? I shrugged slightly before I ripped open the seal.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid on Sun May 22, 2016 7:09 pm

Marcel quickly got dressed and headed downstairs to the breakfast table. His sister Zoé was there eating, and a plate with a steaming hot omelette was waiting at Marcel's place. His mother had already finished and was presumably doing housework in some other part of the house. He sat down next to his sister and greeted her with a "Good morning."

Zoé looked up and gave him a nod and a smile in response.
"Ah, finally awake? I couldn't help but notice you had slept in this morning."

"Oui... I was up pretty late last night." He sat down and took a bite of his omelette. "You find anything in regards to housing?"

His sister shook her head.
"Everyone's flooding there after the attacks. Most of it has been bought, and what little remains is too expensive to even dream of buying. I wouldn't worry, Mom and I will be fine in the city."
She gave him an uneasy glance, and started to speak in a hushed tone.
"I heard you were planning on enlisting."

Marcel looked at her with surprise.
"How'd you find out about that?"

"I found those documents regarding signing up in your room. I'm not gonna try and stop you, but Mom's not gonna be happy. She couldn't bear to lose anymore of her family. Please try and think about her before you make any final decisions."
Zoé paused briefly before continuing.
"You're not doing this out of some crazed revenge idea?"

Marcel shook his head.
"No. It just seems like the right thing and I can't explain it. Maybe I'll get to know somebody important."

Zoé shrugged and passed an envelope to him.
"This, apparently, is for you."

Marcel looked over the envelope. The words "FOR THE EYES OF AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL," were printed on the front. He noticed the envelope had the seal of the ESO binding it. Now burning with curiosity, he hastily ripped off the seal and retrieved the letter inside.

"If you think voicing such an opinion here and now was a wise move..."

"...then maybe you should reevaluate your definition of stupidity."
Thank you Fix-it for the amazing signature!
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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Shadyluv on Sun May 22, 2016 8:19 pm

-- Kinley --

Mom had me cleaning in the family room while she worked on cleaning the kitchen and Harvey worked in the yard. I sorted through Faye's toys, putting them back in their appropriate spots, and then I moved on to sorting through the many papers that lay spread out across the coffee table. Harvey was a mess when it came to his work.

While deciding what was trash and what was to be put into a pile of more important papers, I picked up a letter titled "FOR THE EYES OF AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY". To my curiosity, I decided to take a look at it. Besides it's most likely Harvey's seeing it's been buried in his papers, and it's not like he keeps secrets anyway.

Upon opening it, I noticed it's addressed in my name. I scanned through it, seeing the words like "ESO" and "Academy" and growing far confused.

"Mom?" I called and she hummed back from the kitchen. "Wouldn't it be a bit late for me to be receiving mail about college?"

She walked through the doorway in curiosity. "What do you mean?"

"I just got a letter about some academy," I answered. "Evergreen?"

I could tell Mom was getting ready to say "no", but she hesitated and froze as if she just registered the name.

"What is it?" I questioned.

She bit her lip nervously and didn't say a word to me and instead walked over to me so that she could read the letter.

"What are you getting worked up about?" Now I was growing nervous just by watching her.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't think I'd have to explain this to you," she finally responded.

Impatiently I replied, "Explain to me what? Mom you're not exactly giving me answers."

"Alright. You see, this letter is for a school. A school for spies. Your father went to it many years ago," she began; though, she continued without giving me time to speak. "Back before you were born, and before your father and I's divorce, he failed to mention this to me. He's a spy for the ESO. For years I thought I knew that man and it wasn't until a year after our marriage that he decided to give me this information. We fought a lot after that, we divorced, and then I found out I was pregnant with you. And now it looks like the ESO wants you to follow in his footsteps."

My jaw dropped in shock and I was close to being unable to find words for what she just told me, but I definitely still had something. "So what? You were just never going to tell me that my dad's a spy and here I thought he just traveled for work?" I balled my fists in anger and my face grew heated.

"I didn't want to keep this from you. It was out of my control."

"So what about Dad? I see him frequently and he never said a word to me!" I argued, and at this point I began to storm off to my room.

"It's so much more complicated than you think, dear," Mom called behind me. "They're extremely exclusive about their information."

That was the last I heard her say before I slammed my bedroom door behind me and crashed onto my bed.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by WritingBookworm on Sun May 22, 2016 8:21 pm

- Travis -

"So, looks like you two've got mail."

"Mail?" I snort. "We live in a trailer. We don't get mail."

"You and Harriet did today. Want to see for yourself?"

I glance up from the device I'm working on fixing and to my dad, a lean, black-haired man who just about always has one or both of his hands in his pockets. Today, however, Ace Underwood has two crisp envelopes in hand.

"The ESO gave them for me to give to you once my assassination was done." He lets go of the envelopes, letting them plop on the table where Harriet and I sit. "So yes. Today, we have mail."

I nod, taking hold of the envelope addressed to me. Harriet does, too, with an almost solemn silence. "Speaking of the assassination, how did that go?" I ask.

"Easy," Dad says. "I mean, I got hit with a bullet laced with poison, but no big deal. I still got the job done, and I still got away clean." He sighs. "I just wish they'd stop sending me on missions to Barcelona, though. Can't I just go to, like, say, Kentucky, for once? There've just been so many missions in foreign countries, and I'm dying for a change of pace."

"Yeah, because there are going to be seriously insidious threats in Kentucky."

All heads turn to Mom, who enters the small kitchen as she adjusts her high ponytail.

"I mean, think about it," Dad continues. "The fact that you scoff at there not being threats in Kentucky is exactly why threats should be there. If SRSIA agents were smart, they'd be planning nasty stuff there instead of an obvious, formerly-communist place like Russia."

"Except SRSIA's not smart." Mom grins cockily. "And that's why the ESO is always going to come out on top of those losers."

"Yeah, we'll show them!" I match Mom's smile, taking one of the envelope and waving it above my head like a flag. "See that? Here's the proof that Harriet and I are soon gonna go wreck SRSIA's shit."

"Um . . . " Harriet notices the way I treat the envelope and cringes. "I really don't think I would handle something from the ESO like that . . . "

"Hmm?" Just noticing the letters, Mom squints at the envelopes. "It's for 'authorized personnel only', huh? Well that way you know it's official."

"Yup!" My smile only becomes larger; finally the time had come. "We're going to Evergreen tomorrow!"

Mom lets out a "Whoop!" as Dad nods his approval. The three of us all burn with a fiery, vibrant excitement . . .

But when I glance at Harriet, all I see is her downcast eyes.


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Omni on Sun May 22, 2016 8:55 pm

Honningsvåg, Norway | January 1st, 2005 | 00:01

"Happy f***in' New Year, Mickey!" the radio buzzed

Michael Cassidy grinned. "Okay, one don't call me Mickey. We're still on op. Two, don't call me Mickey
ever. Three, you're a minute late, over."

"Eh. It's a shit op and you know it. It's New Year's, for f***'s sake. Besides, what the hell kind of a codename is Ulster anyway, over?"

"It's cultural, Redtail, which I guess explains why you don't know. And we can't get sloppy just because it's a holiday. We're ESO, we're better than that." Michael edged towards the door to the bunker. "I'm going in, do you copy?"

"Copy that," Redtail said. "Also, I call bullshit. Ulster's in northern Ireland. You're from Kildare. And I'm plenty cultured. I watch
The Daily Show. Hey, you hear that that Colbert motherf***er's getting his own show?"

Redtail kept talking. Michel no longer heard her. "Redtail?" he finally whispered. "Are you— Are you receiving visual?"

"What, not gonna say 'Over?'" The sound of typing on a keyboard drifted over the comm. "Yeah, I've got your feed, pulling it up now." A pause. "Oh, Jesus. Oh, holy Jesus."

"No," Michael whispered. "I think... I think that this had more to do with the other guy."

"I..." Redtail trailed off. "I don't understand. I don't understand. What the hell happened here?"

Evergreen Academy | August 1st, 2020 | 13:00

Mona Cassidy was losing her mind.

To start, the freshmen would be arriving in less that twenty-four hours, less than a day, and she wasn't ready. She wasn't even close to ready. Christ, she was supposed to be an authority figure. Not a full squad leader, thank God that was Mr. Valkov's job, but even so, Mona would be teaching, and assisting, and teacher's-assistanting, less than twenty-four hours, so of course, in accordance with the universal law that everything must always be as terrible as possible, her alarm clock had chosen this morning to die. So, she'd woken up, seen the time—past noon!—and hit her leg on the dresser getting out of bed. It hadn't hurt, of course, nothing ever did, but it was starting to bruise and the rules were that she had to take herself in for any injury, since she wouldn't be able to tell how bad it might be. She'd considered just ignoring it, but how could she be a good role model for the new students if she couldn't even follow the rules herself? So off to the nurse's office it was, and now she was sitting in the waiting room, wasting even more time that she didn't have.

Her father walked into the room, and Mona got to get feet, snapping off a quick salute. "Sir."

Michael Cassidy smiled fondly at her. "Sit back down, kid. You might be on duty, but you're still my daughter, and nobody's watching anyway. Besides, if you're in here, you probably shouldn't be standing until you've gotten looked at." Mona nodded and sat. "Better. At ease, agent, all that, if you really need it."

Mona shook her head. "Protocol matters, Dad. Even for us. Like you said, I'm on duty."

Michael chuckled. "Oh, no, I get it. I remember being a young agent too. Believe me, I was an even bigger stickler for protocol than you. My partner, though, Redtail... Well, that's a story for another time." He sat down in a chair across from Mona. "Mind if I wait with you?" Mona shook her head. "Good. I wanted to chat a bit. How're you holding up?"

"What do you mean?" Mona asked.

"With all of this. I know it can't be easy, transferring out of your old squad like this. Even if the new squad is going to be your age, they're still going to be freshmen. But for what it's worth, I think it's a fantastic opportunity and a sign of how much the ESO trusts you, and I'm sure that Valkov appreciates the help. This can't be easy for him either."

"I suppose not," Mona said. She shrugged. "I guess I'll miss my squad, and I guess... The whole thing just feels a bit weird, I guess. I've never heard of a senior getting transferred like this. But mostly I'm just scared of messing it up."

Michael smiled and leaned forwards in his chair, elbows on his knees. "You won't mess it up. Speaking as an ESO colonel and not just your father, you're one of the best recruits I've ever seen. You're special, Mona. And who knows? By this time next year, I bet you're right back here leading a squad of your own, if you want one."

"Yeah, I guess." The nurse poked her head out into the waiting room, and Mona stood. "Got to go, Dad. I'm already running late. Love you."

"Love you too, kid," Michael said. "Love you too."

Taipei, Taiwan | August 1st, 2020 | 21:00

The operative strolled through Shilin Night Market, making pretense of browsing the food and drink on offer. She was dressed in civilian clothes for the evening, though she still wore a bulletproof vest beneath her shirt. Unlike her poor brother, Masha could still be subtle, and if she often chose not to, that simply served to make it more effective when she was. For now, a nasty, creeping voice insisted somewhere in the back of her mind. You can still be subtle for now. Was that an ache she felt just now? A twinge in her leg? For now. The operative put it out of her mind. Moving casually, she pulled away from the throng of tourists, as though something at one of the stalls had caught her eye. She came to a stop in front of one which declared it sold "Small Sausage in Large Sausage" in English and Mandarin. When it was her turn at the counter, Masha smiled at the boy at the register. "Hello!" he said cheerfully. "Welcome to Mama's Happy Sausage Stand! How may I help today?"

<"Exactly how happy is Mama that the sausage stands?"> Masha wondered in Mandarin. The boy looked nonplussed, but seemed about to respond when Masha cut him off. <"I'd like the boba tea, please.">

An odd look—well, an odder look—stole across the boy's face. <"We don't serve boba tea. Only sausage. Would you like the special?">

<"Yes,"> the operative said, <"I would like the special, with boba tea.">

<"We don't have boba tea,"> the boy repeated.

The line behind Masha was getting restless. <"Then perhaps you have something European?">

<"Perhaps. What would you like?">

The operative smiled slightly. <"I would like an Irish coffee. Whiskey aged for sixteen years.">

The boy considered. <"Of course. Let me go into the back. One moment."> The boy left the counter. Masha waited, and in a moment he came back with a small-sausage-in-large-sausage, wrapped in paper. <"I'm sorry,"> he said, <"our coffee machine is broken. Please, have this on the house.">

<"Of course,"> Masha said. She took the sausage. After a few minutes of walking, she unwrapped the sausage, threw away the meat, and slipped the paper wrapping into her pocket.


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Hime on Sun May 22, 2016 9:35 pm

(Hey Lady Sen and Pyro, hit me up with your gmails via PM!)

- Levi -

"It can't be...," my mother muttered as I skimmed the letter, expression remaining still, but my heart was beating a mile a minute.

Hello, student. This note may come as a shock to you – but rest assured, each word printed upon this sheet is genuine.

You have been selected as one of the handful of students that will be accepted into Evergreen Academy for the next four years. Stapled to this notice is a small sheet with clear and detailed instructions on what to do, should you accept this rare opportunity. During these times of war, we must be extra careful in our actions.

Please burn this letter once you have absorbed all of the information; however, be sure to keep the slip of paper provided.

I hope to see you August 2nd.

Headmaster Alexander Meridian

A small little slip of paper then fluttered to the floor, landing by my feet. I blinked, paralyzed. Was this some kind of joke? Hadn't Evergreen been abolished? My grip upon the letter tightened as I leaned down to pick up the slip, trying to breathe as deeply as possible. There were three neatly written instructions upon the slip:

1. Promptly at 6:00, depart for the metro in your town. Arrival to the main metro should be no later than 7:00, depending on location.

2. Bring this set of instructions to Platform 6. There will be someone there who will know exactly where to take you.

3. Departure from the Evergreen metro will be at 8:00 am.

"I... Mama..."

For once, words completely and utterly failed me. I was too in shock to even comprehend what was before me.


"She was the light."

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Sponsored content

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