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End of Year News (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Forum Bug

Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Adrian

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Adrian

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

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Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Hime on Sat May 21, 2016 10:02 pm

Welcome to the official roleplaying thread for Evergreen Incalescent! I just need to address a few things before getting started.

We will be starting a Skype group where people can chat in general and ask questions, but for the individual squads, there will be Google Docs provided in order to try something new. Once squads are released, I will require emails if you wish to join, so please keep that in mind.

Also, I'm working on constructing both a wiki and a separate website for this RPG & its information. If any of you would like to help out, let me know! I'm not coding savvy. xD

That's all for now! Check this initial post for updates/announcements as often as you can remember, though I'll definitely be sure to let you all know if something drastic changes.

I will be keeping track of activity! It's a bit free now since I know school is wrapping up for a lot of us, but please be as active as you can! Once you get left behind, it's extremely difficult to get caught up.


This is where important events and character birthdays will be placed.



-- NEW YEAR: January 1st


-- VALENTINE'S DAY: February 14th




-- APRIL FOOL'S DAY: April 1st












-- ALL HALLOWS EVE: October 31st


-- AVENIR KIEL'S BIRTHDAY: November 22nd
-- THANKSGIVING: November 26th


-- BIAN VIERA'S BIRTHDAY: December 10th
-- CHRISTMAS: December 25th
-- NEW YEAR'S EVE: December 31st



Marcel Blanc — played by Pyrobot!

Bonjour! Our first character of the week is the ever-lovely and charming Frenchman, Marcel Blanc! He hails from Paris, and his loyalties lie with Team Monroe. Let’s give a round of applause for this dazzling flirt!



--> <--

*wikia is under construction, but feel free to help and edit as you please. Special thank you to Tara and Lyss!


Subject to change as more people join.
Name / Age / Codename / Birthday:
Levi Durov — 18 going on 19 — “Ironsoul” — August 3rd [Hime]

Sadie Alden — 17 — “Angelwing” — May 5th [Hime]

Avenir Kiel — 18 — “Kamikaze” — November 22nd [Hime]

Kdin Eaton — 17 — “Forsaken” — July 9th [Shaybay]

Marie Toulouse — 16 — “Plague” — December 7th [Shaybay]

Desiree Chardon — 18 — “Venus” — September 2nd [Lyssy]

Eliott Fetsch — 17 — “Omega” — October 2nd [Lyssy]

Kinley Kace — 18 — “Aphelion” — April 2nd [Shady]

Zhaleh Ahmadi — 16 — “Yang” — September 16th [Shady]

Andy Foster — 17 — “Ambassador” — August 1st [Kane]

Marcel Blanc — 18 — “Fire Starter” — May 24th [Pyrobot]

Carrie Coupe — 16 — “Duplicity” — May 3rd [Tara]

Bian Viera — 15 — “Dust” — December 10th [Athena]

Mona Cassidy — 16 — “HAL” — December 12th [Omni]

X2 “Masha” Ukladnyslodat — 18 — “Samosek” — No official birthday [Omni]

Bryce Coupe — 17 — “Viper” — June 19th [Ronan]

Nathan Adair — 17 — “Chatter” — November 2nd [Jack]

Juliette Montesquieu — 17 — “Rhea” — April 9th [Cana]

Nadezda Stanislav — 17 — “Trihlav” — April 21st [Syd]

Ran Mao Barnes — 15 — “Fargo” — August 8th [Lady Sen]

Arthur Kirkland — 17 — “The Gentleman” — April 23rd [Lady Sen]

Travis Underwood — 17 — “Fireheart” — February 29th [Writing]

Evelyn Underwood — 17 — “Aquaheart” — February 29th [Writing]

Zhanna Petrov — 17 — “Pariah” — December 2nd [Pyrobot]

Leona Ikaruga — 18 — “Rising Sun” — November 9th [Ace]

Jojo Adebowale — 14 — “Mamba” — April 13th [Shaybay]

Flavio Silva — 17 — “Renegade” — December 3rd [Adrian]

Madison Leslie — 17 — “Mockingbird” — October 18th [Mythie]

Malina du Asile — 18 — “Ariadne” — January 4th [Adrian]

Mallory Everheart — 18 — “Earthheart” — August 5th [Writing]

Anzeti Nour — 18 — “Ra” — No official birthday [Shaybay]

Sophia Hayes — 17 — “Gatortail” — June 6th [Pyrobot]

Hakar Bashur — 17 — “Shepherd” — November 18th [Adrian]

Catalina Morales — 18 — “Witcher” — July 28th [Adrian]

Amity Churchill — 20 — “Cuckoo” — March 15th [Omni]

Without further ado...
Happy roleplaying!


Nighttime fell over Russia like a thick layer of dew, cold beneath the white beams of the great moon above. Everything in this land seemed to be magnified; the weather, the people, and above all, the thirst for power.

In the midst of a small and scarcely populated town, there was a bunker. It was squat and grey, adorned with a singular window that was always tinted with golden light as soon as the sun sank away. Those around it knew better than to approach it.

Inside, there was one inhabitant. He was a hulking figure with a dark beard and stony eyes, always hunched over the tiny desk that sat cluttered in the corner away from the cot. The only sound came from the fan, which gave out soft croaks as it turned within its metallic socket. There came soft scratches from his pen, which were abruptly drowned out by hard knocking at the door.

The man shifted, grunting under his breath. It wasn’t often that he received visitors. He was soon face to face with a much skinnier man whose greying blond hair cast a shadow over his hardened expression. They watched each other for a moment. Then, the bearded man dipped his head.

“How do you do, Captain Durov?”

He smiled sardonically. “Fine, Gruschev. Just fine. Listen… I came here because I wanted to ask you something.”

For a mere second, his dark eyes gleamed.

“Something important.”


Levi Durov

“A significant number of lives have been lost following this brutal SRSIA invasion in western Europe…”

Nonchalantly, I changed the channel. Not like the news mattered coming from this crummy television, anyway. Death and destruction was a common sight to see. Mama would always say that she’d never expect to live in a day and age when everything was falling apart. I’m a little envious of that sometimes.

I eventually gave up on the TV and reclined back, staring at the ceiling and the half-broken fan that whirled above. New York City wasn’t as dazzling as the brochures made it seem.

“Was that the news, zvyozdochka?” Mama’s voice, clad in her thick accent, drifted in from the doorway. “You know that watching that does no good.”

A yawn came from me. “Yeah, I know. But there’s nothing else on.” It was strange how void of Russian influence I was now; no accent, no nothing… Maybe it was my psychological way of running from the past.

Mama’s hand suddenly came down upon my forehead as she stroked my hair back a little ways. Everything she did was gentle and had purpose to it; even if she was shaken by rage or overcome by grief, she was still gentle. “You seem tired,” she said softly. “Is something wrong?”

I was taken aback for a second. She was always intuitive, but I was sure to be extra careful about concealing how unhappy I’ve been lately, especially since she couldn’t do anything about it. Guess that was yet another special thing about her.

“Err… Yeah. I just didn’t get much sleep last night is all,” I told her quickly, sitting up.

Her watch lingered on me for a second or so before faltering to the window. I followed suit, greeting the same unimpressive skyline that I saw each and every day. “It sure is a different world out there…,” I heard her mutter before she disappeared back into the kitchen.

With a heavy sigh, I got up from the couch and headed for the stairs. A shower seemed like the best solution to whatever strange feelings were clinging about me.

Something was bound to happen today...  

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Kane on Sat May 21, 2016 11:07 pm


Morning sunlight filtered in through the heavily draped windows as early morning D.C. traffic drove past the white stone townhouse. I stretched my arms in a wide arch as I heard my mother's voice drifting up the stairs. 

"I understand your hesitatioSafir but the President feels very strongly about this new resolution," My mom said into her phone as she opened the door into my room. She motioned for me to get up before she turned to leave the room again.

My feet met soft slippers on the ground before I stood up and shuffled over to my dresser. I grouped around the drawers in the hazy morning light before I finally found a pair of underwear for the day.

"Good morning, Senator Hale! It's Patrick Foster." My father's loud voice called from the bottom of the stairs. "I was hoping I could talk to you about your endorsement in Vermont." 

Every morning was so busy in this house. I shook my head slightly before heading into the bathroom to begin the day.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by NightOwl on Sun May 22, 2016 2:59 am

Carrie walked down the busy streets of Bucharest, Romania alongside her brother, Bryce. The streets around her were brimming with life. People were going this way and that, simply going about their daily lives. The sounds of people chatting, shoes clicking against the sidewalk, and cars driving by filled her ears. She moved out of the way of a businessman storming down the sidewalk, not paying any mind to the people around him. The only thing he seemed to care about was the phone in his hand. She sent him a glare before turning her eyes back at the stores, looking for a place to fill her stomach.

The two of them had been residing in the city for over 2 weeks now, staying in an old house that was currently for sale a good few miles from it’s center. Though, ‘staying in’ probably wasn’t the correct term to use there. ‘Breaking into’ would be more accurate. But, what could they do? It’s not like they could waste money on overly pricey motels which weren’t even that nice and most likely had rats. Now, the house? That was a nice place, but nothing too fancy, obviously. They weren’t idiots. Well, Carrie wasn’t an idiot at least, she couldn’t vouch for Bryce in that department.

Yet, houses don’t fill empty stomachs, so they were out looking for a warm meal to eat. Though, on their budget, finding good food didn’t come cheap. They had stopped by a number of stores since they arrived in the city and there were all much too pricey to either of their liking. She figured that’s what they got for staying near the center of the country's damn capital. Of course everything would be too pricey. She was just glad they were leaving again in a few days, this time to a place of her choosing.

As she walked, Carrie turned her face away from a group of tourists taking photos since the last thing either of them needed was their faces floating around the internet. Even though she highly doubted the photo could somehow reach their hands, she didn’t want to take the chance.

<“What about there?”> She finally said, pointing to a McDonald's a few stores away. They had been to it a few times before and the food was nice enough. Since arriving in this city, they found the only places they could afford were fast food restaurants, though they did try to buy vegetables every now and then.

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Thank you so much Athena! You're amazing!!
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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Sun May 22, 2016 10:29 am


Sitting in the dimly lit room I attempted to read the book spread out in front of me and drown out the incessant chattering and insults coming from my roommate. It was usually fairly easy to ignore the idiotic words coming from the girl's mouth but she always brought up one subject that grated on my nerves.

"-I mean you were left by spies, the lowest position in my opinion, who would ever want you if people like that left you on a doorstep?" she asked, a knowing smirk already crossing her face.

Ferme la bouche, Jean," I finally snapped, slamming the book shut and glaring in her direction, "You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about."

"What did you just say to me?" she yelled, jumping off her bed and stomping over to mine with her hands on her hips.

"We live in Paris and you still don't know a word of French," I mumbled, shaking my head and going back to the book in front of me.

"Well it's not like the teachers here have taught me French," she complained, still standing there with a pout on her face.

"Well if you were as smart as you pretend you are you would have learned on your own," I countered, standing up and heading to the door, "Tu es completement débile, Jean."

With that I slammed the door shut behind me and headed off to find a quiet place to read.


It was quiet in the tiny graveyard this early in the morning, not like it was any busier any other time of the day. Gray clouds rolled endlessly above me, promising rain but the downpour hadn't started just yet. I chuckled at the irony, the usually sunny LA would only get rainy if someone was visiting a grave.

Wandering about the tombstones with elaborate bouquets of flowers made me feel a bit self conscious of the small bundle of roses in my hands, but Momma and Eva never liked fancy crap like that. My steps slowed as I neared the final row of graves, already seeing the large 'E' carved into the marble. A chocked sob threatened to escape my lips but I held it in, collapsing on my knees in front of the stone.

Kenzie Elizabeth Eaton and Evaline Naomi Eaton. Two angels taken to Heaven far too soon.

Reading the names brought a chill down my spine. It had been 10 years and I still blamed myself for everything.

"Momma...Eva...I'm so sorry..." I muttered, finally feeling rain falling onto my back. The falling water helped to hide the tears now streaming down my face.


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Hime on Sun May 22, 2016 11:27 am


Sadie Alden

Life was always changing. Everything seemed to slip away, like sand falling between the fingers. First my dad... Then, my brother. And lastly, my mom. And the worst part was the fact that they're all still on this planet, and I have no idea where. I wish I did.


I awoke with a start, realizing that there was a book laid across my face. With a brief scream, I rolled off of the couch and landed upon my back with an unpleasant thud. I blinked up, realizing it was my grandmother who was standing over me.

"Sorry!" I apologized quickly, leaping to my feet. "I must have fallen asleep here while reading."

She smiled, though a sad light lingered in her eyes. "You were dreaming about them again, weren't you?" she asked a bit hesitantly. My expression gave her a clear answer.

"Don't feel ashamed, dear. When something is on your mind constantly, you're bound to dream about it more than once." Grandma began to fix my hair, her hands working tenderly. "I've had the same dream about your grandfather every night since he died."

Grandpa, I thought a bit guiltily. He died so unexpectedly when my mother was a teenager, but Grandma would never tell me how. She said it was much too horrible.

I shook my head. "But they're not dead, Grandma. It's different. These dreams of mine shouldn't even be happening."

"You can't control your thoughts, Sadie. Now, enough of this talk. Let's go make breakfast, shall we?"


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Shadyluv on Sun May 22, 2016 11:40 am

-- Kinley --

Sunlight had been creeping in through my curtains for hours now, but that never bothered me. Not even the cries of my baby sister in the middle of the night made me stir. I'm sure that the apocalypse could start while I was asleep and I'd still never wake.

"Rise and shine, kiddo!" blared an over enthusiastic voice. I only grunted in return.

Suddenly light poured into my room as the curtains were drawn back and Harvey was shaking me awake.

I tore his hands off of me. "What's the idea with getting me up so early?" I asked while shoving half my face into my pillow.

"Actually, it's past noon. Your mother and I need help around the house today. Not to mention with your friends about to start college, we think it's a good idea to come up with a plan for your travels."

I sighed groggily. "Alright. Just give me five minutes and I'll be down."

Harvey left the room and closed the door behind him as I pulled myself from my bed and immediately wrapped my pink hair into a bun before making my way to the bathroom.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Hero of Time on Sun May 22, 2016 12:38 pm


From the roof of the apartment building that I'd been staying at, I gaze across at one of the windows in the opposite skyscraper.

Floor fourteen. Third office. Blonde hair, green eyes. Tall gentleman. Likes Golf. I recite to myself as I slide a thin knife out of its sheath in my bag.

Sunlight reflected off of it and into my eyes as I held it aloft in my right hand.

Fifty-four feet across. Six feet's depression. Wind at 6 miles per hour. Time window closing. Guards on their way.

I take a deep breath, blink once, and throw the knife.

As I ducked to avoid being seen, I heard the distinct sound of a window breaking.

Target Eliminated.

Fifteen minutes later, I am eating Lucky Charms in the condemned apartment on floor 6.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Sal on Sun May 22, 2016 12:40 pm

{ Desirée }

My hands glide across the pristine keys of the piano, a melody known as Comptine D'un Autre Ete by Yann Tiersen emitting from the key work. It had always been a personal favorite of mine, no matter how many times I had learned another beautiful piece this one always drew me in. There was something about this song that moved me, may it be the way the notes fell and rose like an ocean, or the way my heart fluttered with every note I played. It was soothing, yet tugged at my heart and moved me in such as way I couldn't even begin to describe.

And so I continue to play, losing myself in the music until I finish it, holding the last note out until I noticed there was someone else in the room.

«Miss Chardon? Your parents are going to be less then pleased to know you're not practicing the required piece.» One of the more prominent butlers, a man I know as Falkner, speaks.

I let a sigh escape between my slightly parted lips, «I know, I was taking a break from it.»

«That's quite the long break, miss Chardon. But you're playing is beautiful nonetheless.» He sets down a plate of tea and scones, smiling down at me. Falkner is a good man who's been there all my life. He was only a teen when I first started to remember him. His family has been working for mine for a very long time, so it wasn't a surprise he became my butler at such an early age. But now he was a man, still a good if not better man.

«Do you have any requests, Falkner?»

«I do like that one piece you sing along to.»

He and I both knew exactly what he was going to say, usually whenever he's able to watch me play he requests as song called Je T'aime, which was the first song he ever heard me perform fully.

Nodding my head, my fingers place themselves in their starting position. Exhaling softly, I start playing.

{ Elliot }

I yawned, unimpressed with the display of immaturity my brother was showing. Our step-mom had woken the both of us up early, wanting to spend the last day before I left together, seeing as I got my letter earlier that morning. With that came who was going to use the bathroom first, which was usually me because I was the oldest, but Dorian insisted he started using it first because I was leaving anyways. Because he did all of this while yelling at me, our step-mom basically took it upon herself to lecture the both of us. Cispia was a good women at heart, and I knew that, but honestly sometimes I just wished she'd not include me in my brother's lectures.

Oh well.

"Tut mir leid" My brother and I both muttered before he ran into the bathroom, having basically won the rights to it first now. I could hear my baby brother basically crying downstairs, probably over his toys, he was extremely immature too. I guess more than one good thing is coming out of me leaving.

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app thread { the divine } rp thread || app thread { evergreen } rp thread

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Sun May 22, 2016 1:09 pm

"So, what's new in your world?"

Kidoka stopped in mid-chew of his bacon and looked up from his plate at James.
"Oh, you were talking to me?"

The man smiled, tucking some of his brown hair behind his ear before picking up his coffee cup again. Always with his right arm, Kid noticed.
"Of course. Birdy isn't up yet."

Kid always found himself smiling at the nicknames his father would come up with for his own spouse. He took a breath in.
"Well, um. Let's see. Did I tell you Ms. Braun got fired?"

"Seriously?" James asked with wide eyes and mouth slightly full of eggs. "Oh, thank God. She was the rude study hall monitor, right? The one that stalked people?"

"YES! She was the worst!" the teen replied, laughing at his response. "I mean, I'm sorry she's out of a job, but she was terrifying."

"Well, it's a good day for the American education system, then."


After what felt like hours of looking out the window, Arthur could finally confirm that those daft idiots were gone. He removed the blankets from himself and began digging around his drawers for something to wear. An outfit more formal than his sleep-wear but not so formal that he looked as if he was going out. Once he found an older pair of jeans and a Union Jack t-shirt, he took to looking at his wheat-colored, coarse, fluffy hair and decided not to both to put any product in it if he was just staying in, though he did put a comb through it as best he could.
At last, he stepped downstairs and met his mother in the living room.
"Morning, mum." He said casually. "Are all the morons gone?"

Alice sighed playfully.
"Your brothers are not morons. They are very fine young men."

"Yes. And you might want to get some new glasses." Arthur added quickly before moving into the kitchen.
Lady Senbonzakura
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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid on Sun May 22, 2016 1:16 pm

Marcel awoke in his dimly lit bedroom, attempting to turn away from the beams of light that had begun to shrine through his curtains.

It was no use. It was morning and that was that. He groaned, got out of bed and walked over to the window, brushing strands of his hair away from his face as he did so. He opened the curtains, letting in all the light from the gray morning sun, and looked down at the barren streets below. Cars were parked at all the houses on the street, but not a single soul stood outside. Not many people walked after the attacks.

A knock came from his door.
"Le petit déjeuner est prêt, Marcel," The voice of his mother spoke.

He looked over at the door.
"Je descendrai bientôt!"

"If you think voicing such an opinion here and now was a wise move..."

"...then maybe you should reevaluate your definition of stupidity."
Thank you Fix-it for the amazing signature!
Also, thank you so much ~Hermione~ for last year's awesome Marcel signature!
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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [RP Thread]

Post by Sponsored content

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