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Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Michael DeathFlame on Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:55 pm

Well this RPG blew up xD Finally got around to my forms. Hope I'm not too late.

Mariana :
Name (please include first & last): Mariana Rosario

Age (13 – 18): 16


Personality: Mariana does her best to fit in with the people around her; she cares a lot about how people perceive her, and she does her best to seem as polite, feminine, and approachable as possible. In reality, though, Mariana isn't quite the feminine type. She loves physical activity of all kinds, and tends to prefer the company of rough riders than stereotypical high school girls.  She laughs to laugh loud, swear, and get work done. Although she loves that, she's been seen as a stupid farmer for her entire life, and is thus hesitant to go back into her old moves.

Biography: Mariana was the second oldest in a rather large family of farmers growing up in New Mexico. Her life before receiving the letter was uneventful for a first generation immigrant; she spent most of her free time helping her father with picking, and did very little outside of that. She had few friends outside her family, and she didn't exactly have any life dreams outside of working until she received her letter. The idea of going off to Europe to become a spy surprisingly excited her; it was the first time in her life when she thought of something outside, something that she could become rather than something she already was. She told her mother about the prospect of going to Europe, which went rather poorly. In a fit of rebellion, Mariana left anyway, using whatever spare money she had to make the trip. She instantly regretted it after leaving, and still feels an extreme amount of guilt about leaving her home and family behind.

Family: No one of importance

Strengths: Although Mariana lacks legitimate training, she's naturally quick on her feet, strong for her age, and a fast learner. Growing up in a family of boys, Mariana fought with her siblings and other people in her town regularly, and is a skilled street fighter. She's also stubborn as a bull; once she believes in what she's doing, she'll do it, no matter what the cost.

Weaknesses: Mariana sorely lacks formal training. Although she has a broad experience with fighting, pick pocketing, and sneaking around, these experiences are nothing like the actual encounters one would have as a spy. She's fought many people before, but she's never fought anyone who had the desire to maim or kill her. She's fought with a knife, but she's never used it with the intention of stabbing someone. She's done her fair share of sneaking around, but the security in her home town is nothing like what a spy would be expected to deal with. And although she's stubborn when she's committed to a cause, Mariana has trouble trusting herself when making a decision to start that cause. Once she's down that path she'll follow it to the end, but getting there in the first place is difficult for her.

Codename: Dawnblade

Name (please include first & last): Charles Braun

Age (13 – 18): 17


Personality: Well, he has good intentions. That's important to remember. Charles is just a tad intense, to say the very least. He has a competitive spirit about him, and has very set goals for himself. He has friends and is friendly to others, although at heart Charles cares most about achieving his goals. That drive is what really makes Charles who he is.

Biography: Charles was born to be a spy. At least, that's what he says, anyway. He was raised by two past ESO spies; he grew up in that kind of environment, and he absolutely loved it. There was a certain legacy around his family; both of his parents were spies, many of his uncles and grandfathers served in the military, and other ancestors of his committed acts of extreme valor throughout the ages. Charles wants to add to that legacy, and has been working his whole life to reach that goal. He was not surprised when he received his letter, and is looking forward to enhancing his skill.

Family: Derek and Elizabeth Braun (parents).

Strengths: As stated above, Charles has loads of experience in the spying department. He's focused primarily on dexterity and weapon training, and is thus a quick, accurate threat to deal with.

Weaknesses: Although Charles has experience, he lacks any actual experience. He's never been out on the field, and has never been in a position where he feels completely in control of himself. Time will tell how he reacts to situations where he lacks that control. He also hasn't trained with anyone aside from his parents, and might be lacking in the teammate department.

Codename: Legacy


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Fix-It on Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:10 pm

Her true name is Matsuura Ayane, but she solely goes by the name “Dollie Banks.”

Dollie is 16 years old and was born on December 13th.


✳ Dollie is 5’1”and weighs 99 pounds.
✳ A-cup.

Dollie is strange, to say the least. She is a full-blown chuunibyou with delusions of grandeur and all. She believes that she is a fallen angel who has angered God and is cursed forever with terrible luck. She does not really understand what she did to anger him, but accepts this terrible fate and does nothing to try and redeem herself. She is fairly smart and thoughtful, making sure not to spread the curse to any of her colleagues and keeping her bad luck away from them. She isn’t the smartest and can be fairly indifferent to the beliefs of others, especially if they try to convince her she isn’t cursed. Dollie is prone to blaming everything on herself, but not in a selfless way. She doesn’t really get sad, but when she does no one would be able to tell the difference.

Dollie was born in the coastal city of Numazu, Japan. Both her parents worked for the ESO doing odd jobs that no one really wanted to do while she attended public school and became a school legend for her terrible luck. Although her life growing up was fairly normal, weird things began happening at home. She would hear her parents arguing late into the night on trivial things. They had never done this before, but she simply shrugged it off and expected nothing of it. Unfortunately, the behavior continued and eventually led to a divorce. She moved out with her father who had decided to go find new opportunities in America and said goodbye to her mother forever. They found an apartment in New York City, and Dollie decided to start fresh. She began going by the name she is now known by and managed to convince her entire class that she was a fallen angel. Neither her nor her father understand why she was accepted into Evergreen, but both were excited to get a change of scenery. Her father wouldn’t have to deal with her horrid luck and the daily risk of their apartment burning down, and she would have an opportunity to contribute to society. It was a win-win, so she accepted the invitation and set off for her journey.

✳ Matsuura Rokuro (father, alive)
✳ Matsuura Aina (mother, alive)

✳ She’s grown up escaping death, making her very skilled in the art of not dying in especially stupid situations. It is very easy for Dollie to identify all possible means of escape in nearly every situation possible, even if it seems there are none.
✳ Dollie is charismatic and knows how to capture the attention of others. She is a great person to throw out on the battlefield as a distraction for the enemy while everyone else sneaks past.
✳ Sure, she may have failed every test she’s ever taken. But that doesn’t mean she’s dumb! Dollie is surprisingly intelligent for her age and is a quick-learner. She has learnt a lot from her schooling so far, she just does a crappy job proving that.

✳ Her luck is probably the worst you’ll ever see. She always finds a way to ruin everything for everyone, or a way to almost get killed in nearly every situation.
✳ She can get annoying very quickly.
✳ She has never held a weapon in her life, nor been trained in any means of combat.
✳ It’s hard to take her seriously. Everything she does can be interpreted as a joke and often is.
She has no experience being a spy and is terrible in situations that may require stealth.

✳ Prosperity

Other Information
✳ Dollie speaks fluent English and Japanese.
✳ This form is pretty gross in comparison to my other one and is pretty late but whatever.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Hime on Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:04 pm



"And though we miss the little girl,
You've made us awful proud
Funny how our lives change,
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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Hime on Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:07 pm

Putting up Natalya's form because she'll soon be in use! Very Happy

> Natalya Grishin

> 18 [born June 25th]

> [INFJ] Natalya is a well-mannered and polite young girl, despite the hardships that her childhood handed to her in St. Petersburg, Russia. She’s quiet, though not shy, and only speaks when she has something intelligent to say. She’s dutiful as well as kind, but is cautious of other people. Her words are always eloquent and she never fails to amaze people with them. Natalya is also very intuitive when it comes to people’s feelings, and she’s extremely understanding and forgiving.

Growing up in her large family, Natalya learned quickly to be disciplined. Although she is considerate of the thoughts of other people, she tends to be altruistic and true to herself. She’s extremely respectful and gentle, never losing her temper. Everything Natalya does is in full seriousness, and she makes everything as meaningful as possible.

> Natalya’s family was well off, but that didn’t mean that her life was of good quality. Her parents were extremely strict, and as were her 6 older siblings. They all set primary examples that she struggled very hard to follow, and therefore, she was named the incompetent child. She faced years of abuse in her early childhood, and as soon as she hit age 9, the entirety of her family was executed by the SRSIA for political uproar and unbalance. Orphaned and homeless, Natalya sought help from the only friend she knew -- Levi Durov. When he moved away when he was 11, she adopted an alias and admitted herself into a correctionary boarding school in order to stay hidden from the SRSIA.

> All of Natalya’s family was executed during the political uproar.
> She had 4 brothers and 2 sisters, all older than her.


> Natalya stands at a height of 5’7.
> Her build is slender.
> B-cup.
> She has nearly-black hair.
> Her eyes are mint green.

> Polite
> Disciplined
> Genuine
> Excellent stealth
> Intelligent
> Well mannered

> Often blinded by emotions
> Cannot handle weaponry
> Cannot think on feet
> Easily overwhelmed
> Out of touch with modern world

> Mishka

> She is a very modest person -- this shows through her dress and behavior.
> She is very talented in playing the harp.
> She has a fascination with books and writing.
> She speaks very little English.


"And though we miss the little girl,
You've made us awful proud
Funny how our lives change,
'Cause you're our hero now."

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Omni on Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:52 pm

Name: He goes by Lord* General Runnagate Romanov. The surname may or may not be his real one.

*He’s not actually lord of anything, but he will hurt you if you leave it off.

Age: 36, no known date of birth.


Personality: Debate is ongoing about whether or not Runnagate is actually insane or is just a very dedicated man with an extremely odd sense of humor. Regardless, he remains one of the SRSIA’s best strategists, possibly because nobody else would even consider many of his plans, and thus retains his rank.

Biography: While Runnagate rarely talks about his past, some things can be pieced together from the few details that are known about him. Being both transgender and a native of socially conservative Russia, Runnagate was likely turned out onto the streets at a young age, probably in his young teen years. If he had not been recruited by the SRSIA as a trainee, Runnagate likely would not have survived this period of homelessness, or else would have been captured and enslaved by human traffickers. This likely provided a basis for Runnagate’s deep loyalty to the SRSIA and to Josiah Allheart in particular, which prompted him to excel in his training. A number of early successes, including one early mission which resulted in the acquisition of several highly valuable assets, captured the attention of his superiors, and his skill as a planner ensured a meteoric rise through the ranks, culminating in his promotion to General last year at the young age of 35 after his immediate predecessor was executed for gross incompetence. Some believe that Runnagate may have arranged this execution himself, but the truth remains unknown.

Family: According to one popular rumor among his subordinates, Runnagate ate their livers to see what they would taste like. This is probably untrue, but nevertheless, it is quite possible that they are dead, possibly by Runnagate's own hand.

Strengths: Runnagate is a brilliant strategist and is also quite talented at overseeing many of the SRSIA’s more bizarre operations and research projects. While not the most formidable fighter, he can still hold his own reasonably well in combat. He is also considered the friendliest and most approachable of the SRSIA generals, though whether approaching him is actually a good idea is much more up in the air.

Weaknesses: In addition to being notably eccentric and difficult to work with, Runnagate is prone to bursts of uncontrollable maniacal laughter and is severely allergic to garlic.

Codename: Officially, he doesn’t have one, but some of his men call him the Dragon. He likes it when they call him the Dragon.

Other Information: Runnagate is transgender.

His ringtone has been Boney M.’s “Rasputin” as long as anybody can remember.

He is not a vampire. Almost certainly.

He does hate mirrors, though. He actually has somebody else shave him every morning just so he doesn’t have to look at one.

Still not a vampire, though.



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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Hime on Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:57 pm



"And though we miss the little girl,
You've made us awful proud
Funny how our lives change,
'Cause you're our hero now."

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by WritingBookworm on Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:19 am

Name: Julian Everhart

Age: 19


- Height is 6'0.
- The tips of Julian's bangs are dyed pink. Hot pink.

Personality: At first sight, Julian is a basic extroverted, music-loving, "go-with-the-flow" sort of guy. This initial demeanor, along with some sarcastic quips he gives whenever he's assigned to a mission, gives off an air of nonchalance and laziness. But anyone on his squad will know that despite his sarcasm and complaints, Julian's actually an ESO prodigy, and has helped lead his squad to victory several times before.

Biography: Julian has had a relatively normal life for the son of two ESO agents. He had two loving parents that tried to be there as often as they could, despite them being away on missions all of the time, and he had a sister, Mallory, whom he loves very much. He was called to Evergreen Academy at age fifteen, and has since then soared through the ranks and gained his own renown.

Family: Elena Everhart (mother, 47), Jared Everhart (father, 46), Mallory Atkinson/Everhart (adopted sister, 19)

Strengths: While he doesn't initally show it, Julian's actually an excellent leader, as well as a capable combatant. He's creative, and is more than willing to look outside the box in any tight situation, no matter what the risks. Plus, he's a mean guitar player.

Weaknesses: His nonchalance and initial lazy demeanor gives off the wrong impression. He often likes to work solo, and it wouldn't necesssarily be out of character for him to endanger a mission so that he could pursue an interest of his own, if he deemed that interest important enough. He's blindly loyal to people he's close to.

Codename: Forté


- He's gonna stay as a TA so yaaaayy
- Julian is unaware of Mallory's allegiance to SRSIA, or even that she's not truly his blood sister.

Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Hime on Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:41 am

Name: Camari Biris {cuh-mar-ee bee-rhis}

Age: 18

DoB: November 12th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


> Stands at a height of 5’5
> DD cup

Personality: [ENTJ] “The Commander” — Camari is a passionate spirit, but only for matters that concern her. Otherwise, she’s quite indifferent. She’s a natural-born leader thanks to her dominant personality and her willingness to accept challenges. She’s extremely prideful & protective of her self image, making her a hothead at times. Camari has a ‘larger than life’ attitude and is extremely stubborn & often finds herself trapped in her own ideals. Her sensitive side, though present, is very rarely shown. She’s extremely fun-loving and liberal, often finding herself annoyed by those who are more conservative and judgmental. A grudge is something Camari definitely knows how to hold for a lifetime. . .So, better make a good impression.

Biography: Camari was born in Sibiu, Romania to her unmarried parents, Crina Albu & Anca Biris. Her mother was abused intensely for about five years before finally taking her leave, unfortunately losing all custody of Camari after being cheated out of the case. Well into Camari’s teenaged years, she faced her father’s abuse as well, primarily sexual abuse. When she was 14, the SRSIA discovered Anca’s secret occupation as a neutral hitman (an infamous one at that), and ordered to have him executed. In that process, Camari was abducted and forced to comply to their rules, or else she would be sold into the black market prostitution business.

Unfortunately, the SRSIA became displeased with her weaknesses and forced her into sexual trafficking regardless. Until she was 17, she was forced to sell her body among numerous agents and lieutenants under SRSIA supervision, and was finally allowed back into the combat lines after they gradually became unsatisfied with her work. During her time with them, she met a girl her age named Sabina Mihai and ended up having relations with her, ultimately revealing her true sexuality. Sabina, however, was soon sent off to battle and killed. Now, at 18, she plans to make her escape for Evergreen Academy.

Family: Crina Albu (mother, alive) ; Anca Biris (father, deceased)


> Natural leader
> String-willed
> Charming
> Weapon-savvy
> Open-minded
> She’s a decently good strategist, although it’s not her major strength
> Self-confident


> Overly prideful
> Selectively ignorant
> Self-protective
> Represses feelings
> Quick-tempered
> She’s rather slow speed-wise
> Poor stealth

Codename: Valentine


> Camari identifies as bisexual, but leans more towards girls
> She has a liking for alcohol
> If she has any chance to wear a bikini top, she will
> She speaks English, Romanian, Russian, French, and Italian


"And though we miss the little girl,
You've made us awful proud
Funny how our lives change,
'Cause you're our hero now."

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by boyhoy on Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:50 pm

Name: Dante Bianchi {Be-on-chi}

Age: 18 {Birthday is November 17th}

> Dante is 6' 1" and 175 lbs.
> His eyes are sky blue.

Biography: Dante was born into your typical large Italian family in Venice, Italy. He was the youngest of seven, earning the role of baby of the family and secretly his mother's favorite. He was a fairly innocent child and slightly carefree. From a very young age, Dante constantly sought after his father's approval, trying to be the best at everything in order to gain recognition in such a large family. He would always see the other boys in the family go off with his father and he desperately wanted that inclusion as well. He would beg his mother to make them take him along, but he was always met with a sad look and a smack on the head. As such, Dante was often frustrated with his family and his life, taking to learning various martial arts to try and lessen his anger.

It wasn't until Dante was 13 that he finally got invited out with his father and older brother's. Dante was ecstatic and eagerly joined the men. They drove for a long time and ended up in a warehouse on the outskirts of town. Dante was extremely confused, and slightly terrified, but followed nonetheless. It was there that Dante learned the truth of his family. That his father was one of the heads of the Italian Mafia and that it was time for Dante to join up as well. Dante eagerly accepted, simply to be closer to his father, and began training. Dante continued his martial arts training, becoming well versed in hand to hand combat. He also spent considerable time training with weaponry, though his family used guns most often and this is what he excelled in. 

It was soon very obvious that Dante was a special case, quickly surpassing the abilities of his older siblings and gaining more attention and approval from his father. As such, Dante began receiving more solo operations and rose through the ranks of the Mafia fairly quickly. When Dante was 14, he was operating on his own and having people below him who actually feared and respected the teen. Dante was a master at what he did, often completing missions far beyond what would be expected for his age. So much in fact that his father would send him with a team out to other countries in order to collect a debt or take care of a target, traveling to countries such as Spain and Greece amongst others. At age 16, Dante become an integral part of the heroin and drug trade within and out of Italy. He would be in charge with making sure shipments came in undetected, sellers sold properly and most importantly, that debts were always paid off one way or another.

With all the recognition, Dante started getting overly confident, cocky even, in his talents. He began taking work outside of the family, just because he could. He didn't care what his father thought anymore and was simply concerned with doing whatever the hell he wanted. This is why, at age 17, Dante became a pimp. He would wrangle up prostitutes and operated a business with selling them out to those who came in. Dante was living the life, having the fear and respect of the Italian underworld and more money than a teen knew what to do with.

Everything changed when Dante blew an order. A shipment of drugs coming in through the harbor was caught by the authorities, leading to millions of dollars lost, the arrest of one of his older brothers, and the near overthrow of the entire Mafia. His father was furious, pissed off like Dante had never seen before. Dante tried to make things better and his mother even tried to help as well, but nothing could quench his father's rage. He disowned Dante, expelling him from the family and forcing him to live on his own. Dante attempted to shake it off, but inside he was devastated. Everything he had vanished in an instant. He was forced to live on his own, nobody taking him in now that he was no longer with the family. He kept in touch with his mother, secretly, because she was very concerned about his well-being. She would secretly let him come back home when his father wasn't around to get fed and check up on him. This system worked fairly well until his father randomly came home drunk one afternoon. Seeing Dante, he burst into a fit of rage, grabbing a bottle and slicing Dante across the back. His mother screamed for his father to stop and for Dante to leave, but Dante wasn't backing down. He moved to attack his father, but then his father pulled out a gun and, before Dante could react, his mother jumped in front of the incoming bullet. In that moment, Dante reverted back to a child and just ran. He fled his home, traveling to Southern Italy in order to escape his father. It was there that he got his letter to Evergreen and decided to accept the invitation.

Personality: Dante's innocent and carefree attitude of childhood has long since vanished. Dante is hardened and closed off, adopting a sort of "bad boy" persona. He's sarcastic and snide, having witty comebacks and snarky comments to make in just about any situation. Dante is extremely confident, coming off as cocky. He's suave and cool under pressure, never seeming to lose his temper and always appearing in control of the situation. He's extremely flirtatious and has an overwhelming sex drive, though he is very respectful when it comes to this. He walks with an air of natural confidence and power. However, all of this serves as walls of defense around him. Dante still desperately seeks approval, though he would never make it known. Deep down, he feels like he isn't good enough so he will always try his hardest to make others proud, especially figures of authority. Though again, he would never admit to this and would likely play off any attempt.

> Alfonso Bianchi (Father; 59)
> Darla Bianchi (Mother; 54/Deceased)
> Alfonso Bianchi Jr. (Eldest brother; 28)
> Vinny Bianchi (Older brother; 27)
> Aliana Bianchi (Older sister; 25)
> Maria and Eloise Bianchi (Twin sisters; 24)
> Geraldo Bianchi (Older brother; 22)
> Stefano Bianchi (Older brother; 20)

Strengths: Dante is very physically strong and knows how to take a beating and still keep going. He doesn't know the meaning of quit and would only stop if he basically is unable to move anymore. He is skilled in a variety of martial art forms and has mastered many of them. He is very skilled with guns and prefers to use them whenever he can. He has a very steady hand, making him a great shot. Dante is fast and has high endurance. His intelligence is average, though he has high amounts of "street smarts" due to his experiences.

Weaknesses: Dante does not usually take orders very well, often showing defiance or making a snide comment to figures of authority. He prefers operating solo and doesn't work well as a member of a larger team. Dante appears very untrustworthy to others and this combined with his closed off personality makes it difficult for others to get close to him and be comfortable working with him. His personality is very much "live in the moment" so he rarely tries to make plans ahead and acts very instinctively most of the time.

Codename: Inferno

Other Information:
> Dante is bisexual, having no specific preference in gender.
> Dante can speak fluent Italian, Spanish, and English. He can also speak moderate Portuguese and Greek.
> Dante has a small piercing in each of his ears, but usually doesn't actually wear them, especially once he decided to come to Evergreen. He has also has a tattoo of his mom's initials and date of birth on the back of his shoulder.
> Dante's faceclaim is Gareki from Karneval (Thank you Hime for helping with this!)

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Kane on Fri Jun 24, 2016 4:16 pm


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

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