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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by boyhoy on Sat May 21, 2016 5:37 pm

I'll be going back to do some touch ups of this after I finish homework, but I wanted to make sure it was up before the RPG began. I can't wait to start!!

Name: Bryce Coupé (Koo-peh)

Age: 17 {Birthday June 19th; Gemini}

Bryce is 5’10” and was born with naturally dirty blonde hair. However, he dyed his hair black, its current color. He also has blue eyes.

Personality: Ever since he was a child, Bryce had been groomed not to form close bonds with others. He was never allowed to associate with other children his age, which upset him, but he never let it show. Thus, Bryce grew up as somewhat of a loner and never got much experience in social settings. One of the most important lessons Bryce was taught by his father was the value of family and how it was his duty to be there for his sister no matter what. As such, Bryce developed a very strong bond with Carrie while growing up. The two got along extremely well together and Bryce has become extremely protective of his little sister over the years. Bryce would do anything for her, even if it meant giving up his own life to save hers. Although the two are close, Bryce is by no means over protective of his younger sister. He knows she has the ability to handle herself and, as such, doesn't find it necessary to smother her and constantly check on her. Bryce will only show obvious signs of emotional distress if there's a highly probable chance that Carrie could be fatally wounded or die.

Bryce takes direction very well and is very loyal to those he trusts. Bryce is not one to take the lead, but will if he believes he is best for the job. For most of his life, Bryce was solitary and not very outspoken. However, due to what has happened in the past couple of years, his personality has evolved and he is slightly more extroverted. Being on his own has forced him to interact with other people to survive and as such, he has gained more experience socializing with others, though he will still avoid large groups if possible.

Biography: Born in Marseille, France, Bryce lived a very unique life, something he thought was normal that was actual quite unusual. From a very young age, Bryce was constantly moved throughout France with his family, ever settling in a place for more than a month or two before heading off to another destination. Bryce lived in isolation, never leaving the home they were temporarily in and never interacting with anyone besides his family members. As such, he developed an extremely close relationship with his younger sister, Carrie.

Bryce did not attend formal schooling, but instead was homeschooled, most often by his father. In addition to learning necessary skills kids his age would learn, he received special lessons in martial arts. Bryce found this incredibly odd, but never spoke up to question it. In his mind, this is just what children his age did. He also occasionally got lessons from his mother, but he struggled immensely with the information she provided him so those lessons were very infrequent. As he grew older, Bryce began learning more and more about martial arts, even moving to weapon training by age seven. Bryce excelled in these lessons of fighting and his skills only grew with age.

When Bryce was 10, he was finally informed on why the family’s lifestyle was so peculiar. His parents revealed to both him and his sister that they were a family of assassins and the two siblings were to follow in the family trade. At first, he resisted the idea and was hesitant to accept, but his family assured that they only killed horrible people who deserved their punishment. This helped settle his nerves and apprehensions, so the two accepted and joined their parents as assassins. At first, Alric and Veronica brought the children on missions so they could observe and study how to perform properly, but once in a while their parents would let the children complete the mission themselves, performing their own killings. Over the years, the two got better and better at their job, perfected their skills, and became quite the deadly team.

A few years later, Bryce’s parents gave him and Carrie the job to kill a man and his family, despate the fact that they knew he was innocent. Bryce was shocked to find this out, considering it went against everything he thought the family stood for. Bryce wanted to speak out against the decision, but considering they were children and the job had been paid for already, their parents refused to listen to their concerns and demanded the siblings carry out the job. And that’s what they did. However, they instantly regretted this choice. This decision alone cause the duo to question everything they’ve done to that point and wonder if they were really doing the right thing by following in their parent’s footsteps. Of course, they made sure to never make their thoughts known to their parents and kept it a secret between themselves.

When Bryce was 15, their parents took on a job to kill a mafia boss. Everything seemed to go according to plan, just like any other mission. However, unbeknownst to them, his father was spotted fleeing the scene by one of the henchman of the boss. Soon enough, the mafia got their revenge, killing their parents while Bryce and Carrie were out on a job of their own. As soon as they realized their parents were dead, he and Carrie instantly fled to safety to try and contact relatives nearby for assistance. Only they had all been killed as well, leaving Bryce and Carrie on their own.

Upon hearing their entire family was murdered, the siblings drew the conclusion that they would be hunted down next and officially went on the run. They changed their appearance by dying their natural blonde hair dark and, equipped with fake IDs courtesy of Carrie, they fled to Romania by train where they went off the grid for a couple months. They remained in hiding, not daring to make themselves known in case they were caught. Even once they were positive nobody had followed them, they continued to stay on the move, constantly moving from city to city with new identities each trip to protect themselves. After a while, they decided to continue the family job of assassination out of desperation to stay alive. Only this time, they enacted their own rule. No innocent was to be killed. Ever. From that moment on, they lived their life with this new mantra and only accepted jobs that fell under this qualification.

Once Bryce and Carrie were contacted by the school, they were wary to accept, but ended up deciding to take the school up on its offer. They deemed the academy to be a safer situation than their current one so decided accepting was their best choice.

Alric Coupé - Father (deceased)
Veronica Coupé - Mother (deceased)
Carrie Coupé - Younger Sister (deceased inside)
Extended Family (deceased)

Strengths: Due to Bryce’s training, he is very effective in a wide array of weaponry. This spans from knives and swords to throwing weapons and guns. His knowledge and skill with these weapons is top-notch and he has yet to encounter a weapon he can’t use effectively. His specialty however, is poison. Many of Bryce’s weapons are often traced with some form of poison, be it deadly or not. He is skilled with poisons of various natures (injections, natural, pill-based, etc) and has even been able to make his own if necessary. It is guaranteed that Bryce has a vial of poison on his body at all times for use as he sees fit. Additionally, he is skilled in various forms of martial arts and knows a multitude of ways to disarm an enemy, permanently if necessary. Bryce is light on his feet and has very fast reflexes which make it easier for him to be adaptable in the field. Bryce has the ability to recognize an array of poisonous plants and animals and can remember how quickly their venom or toxins will take effect. Bryce’s technology sessions were limited and focused mainly on handling laboratory equipment in order to properly assess the poison compounds he was using. His other technology training was extremely basic since he grew anxious and panicked around advanced technology.

Bryce is able to fluently speak French and English and is fluent in French Sign Language (FSL) with the ability to pick up other dialects of the language easily. He has also nearly mastered Romanian. He knows basic Spanish (Spain dialect), German, and Italian. Bryce and Carrie have also developed a system of communication between themselves using primarily whistles.

Weaknesses: Bryce is fairly useless with any form of technology. He tends to avoid using it as much as possible and cannot understand how to skillfully operate it in the slightest. He has learned how to operate the most basic of technology (like using the Internet) but is unable to perform any complex functions and gets lost when the tech talk is being spoken. While Bryce is by no means stupid, he’s nowhere near the most intelligent person around. He highly doubts himself in his ability to construct plans that will succeed so he tends to leave this task to others. Bryce has been part of a team since birth so as a result, he generally relies on others, which can prove dangerous if he needs to work solo. He has leaned on his parents and then Carrie for support his whole life, so operating on his own is a scenario that makes him anxious and uncomfortable. He also has a very short-term mindset which makes it harder for him to strategize into the future.

Codename: Viper

Other Information:
~Bryce is always carrying multiple weapons on his person, all of which are hidden from view.
~When on missions with his parents, Bryce would fall into a support role. However, when he was only with his sister, Bryce was often the one to kill the target.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Hero of Time on Sat May 21, 2016 7:30 pm

Name: Nathan Adair
Age: 17
**Born November 2nd
**Thin but toned
**Sky-Blue Eyes
**The backs of his hands have several deep, jagged scars
Personality: INTJ
On the outside, Nathan is extremely reserved. In fact, he hasn't said a word since his sister was murdered, and people often see him as judgmental and cruel because of this. Truthfully, he has grown a bit intense since the near-eradication of his family, but, on the inside, he is actually fairly compassionate.

He has an issue with getting close with people after everyone close to him was ripped away, but he yearns for the opportunity to have relationships now that he can defend those with whom he associates.

He is caring, but he doesn't show it. At least, he doesn't in the way that people typically expect it. He'll watch over people and help them out, but he wouldn't go out of his way to have a conversation or give a gift.

Finally, he can be so determined at times that some may see his actions as cruelty. When he sets his mind to something, he goes at it with a one-minded conviction that seems to envelop his entire being. If he thinks something is right, he will stand by it, no matter what others say.

Biography: The Adairs were a young, attractive couple that held honest jobs and made honest livings. As per their religious values, they waited several years before having their first child, and they yearned for a boy. When it came time for the first ultrasound, it was discovered that they had lost the child. They were torn apart by this, and two years passed until they felt confident enough to try again. Once more, they lost their child.

Marcus and Evangeline wept and mourned the babe that had not been given the chance to live, yet they did not give up. They prayed for a child. They prayed for a child to continue their family line. They prayed that they would have a child that would change the world.

Then, one foggy November morning, the cries of a new Adair filled a hospital room in London. They named him Nathan, for he was the answer to their prayers. And he was. They loved him and taught him to be happy and kind; the world was good. Eventually, Mrs. Adair became pregnant once more, and Nathan was there when his little sister, Emilia, was welcomed into the world. The Adairs became the bright spot of their neighborhood. However, in a world such as this, with plentiful friends also comes a fair share of enemies.

In Nathan's 7th year, his parents' office building was bombed, and it was reported that the explosive was most likely hidden in the corner where his father's desk had been. So, Nathan and Emilia were taken into the care of a nearby orphanage, but they did not stay there for long. Escape was the only option for the two children, who were so grief-stricken and distraught that they felt compelled to find answers.

Clues, yes, they found those, but no answers. When Nathan was 10, he and his sister (who was 7 at the time) heard on the news (they slept on a street corner right outside a television store) that new evidence had been found relating to the bombing. And they heard a location.

So, as any stupid kid does when they are given a shot in the dark for vengeance, Nathan and Emilia went to the building that they had heard about. They hopped the tall fence and hid in some bushes while they planned their strike.

"Don't say a word until I give the signal." Whispered the girl to her brother, her eyes bright even in the darkness.

She departed, and Nathan was left to wait. His anxiety steadily increased over the next five minutes until he heard dogs barking. His heart falling, he leapt out of the bushes and saw his sister running towards him, tears streaming from her eyes and a pack of German Shepherds quickly gaining distance. Nathan closed the gap and embraced her, shielding her from the bites of the dogs as they overtook the siblings.

That night ran red with the Adairs' blood. All that Nathan can remember now is the feeling of having his body ripped apart and seeing his baby sister's bloodied corpse being devoured by the dogs.

He left the compound alone and has been alone ever since, secretly living in abandoned apartments and training his abilities so that the next time he was faced with conflict, he would be victorious.

"You are our pride and joy," his mother had once said to him. "I know you'll make a name for yourself. I love you, Nathan."
**Marcus Adair (Father) [Deceased]
**Evangeline Adair (Mother) [Deceased]
**Emilia Adair (Sister) [Deceased]
**Physicality: Nathan has devoted most of the past 7 years to being in the best possible shape that he can be in. While he doesn't have all the showy muscles that other men boast, he has an extremely toned musculature that befits someone who can sprint just as well as hold his own in a fist fight.
**Intelligence: Another one of his goals over the past 7 years has been to hone his mind so that he can make lightning-fast decisions and assess situations quicker than his opponents.
**Determination: Rather than messing with his options, Nathan chooses a side and will attempt to overcome whatever is before him, whatever the cost.
**Mute: Because of his past experiences, Nathan has turned inward and cast off speaking. He is afraid that he will lose whoever he gets close with, so he chose long ago to not get close with anyone unless he feels that he can protect them.
**Conviction: One of his greatest strengths is also one of his most debilitating weaknesses. Once he sets his mind to something, almost nobody can stop him or sway his ruling. In the past, he has killed people who others may have deemed worth saving.
Codename: Chatter
Other Information (optional):
**He keeps a knife strapped to his right boot
**He is fluent in English (native), Spanish, Russian and Japanese, but nobody really knows this because he never even speaks his own language.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Cana on Sat May 21, 2016 7:47 pm

Name: Juliette Montesquieu

Age (13 – 18): 18

She stands at about 5'7 with a lithe frame; her hair is jet black, reaches the middle of her back, and her eyes are a stormy color that shifts between grey and purple.

Personality: Juliette can come off as somewhat of an ice princess when one first gets to know her, but she mainly uses this as a front to prevent herself from dealing with weak-minded people. She has an especial dislike for people who complain about issues that they’re not willing to fix. She is not quiet, but keeps to herself and doesn’t go out of her way to make friends. She rarely euphemizes her thoughts, either - unless it is in a situation that would benefit her, you can be pretty sure that she’s honest. Due to her family’s background in business, she generally knows how to make her way around a conversation and get what she wants.

Biography: Juliette was born as an illegitimate child to a prestigious company. Her father, married at the time, met her mother when she was a flight attendant; she was young and beautiful and he was rich and charming. What was meant to be merely a fling became a long-running affair, and Mia Blanche found herself pregnant with Juliette. Unable to abort the baby, she gave birth to Juliette and the public believed that she was really the daughter of Brian’s wife, Victoria. Aside from her constant masquerade as the real Montesquieu daughter, she cares deeply for her mother. To keep the facade of a perfect marriage from failing, Mia rarely leaves the house; her emotional and mental state are quite unstable, causing Juliette to take care of her on the daily. Resultingly, Juliette knows how to care for herself without any assistance from others.  #canaissexy
Juliette continuously pretended to be the daughter of her father and his actual wife; in reality, they were separated but stayed “together” as to not tarnish his company’s image. Her older half-brother was to be given the majority of her father’s shares when he was of age. Her share in the company was smaller in comparison, but this did not take away her opportunity to attend prestigious schools and thus receive an outstanding education. In these schools, she ascended the social hierarchy with a mixture of manipulation, prestige, and sheer intimidation. In spite father’s disdain towards her illegitimate existence, she felt the need to prove herself and worked incredibly hard in everything she did. She mainly kept her true thoughts to herself these years, deciding to train herself in mixed martial arts and other forms of combat as a distraction from her tense home life. She excelled in this; it allowed her to compete nationally and do fairly well(under a pseudonym). Her talents, she soon realized, lied in agility, close combat, and stealth - talents that would be very helpful to a spy.

Family: Brian Montesquieu(father), Mia Blanche(mother), Edward Montesquieu(half brother)

Strengths: Juliette is extremely hardworking and will do whatever it takes for her to achieve her goals; as a result of never quite feeling good enough, she finds it necessary to compensate. She is also skilled in close-combat and stealth from her training in mixed martial arts and agility. Her nature is slightly manipulative, making it pretty easy for her to do whatever is needed in the situation, enough so that she wouldn’t have that hard of a time killing someone.

Weaknesses: If she isn’t interested in doing something or lacks motivation, she will put in minimal effort. She is also not much of a team player, but will cooperate if necessary.  Though her lack of sympathy can be an asset, it can be a hindrance as she will often put herself in stupid amounts of danger for even a tiny chance of victory.

Codename: Rhea

Other Information: As a result of her schooling, she can speak a variety of languages, including French, Mandarin, Korean, and English.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Fix-It on Sat May 21, 2016 8:22 pm

❝I'm frozen to the bones, I am... ❞

❝ A soldier on my own, I don't know the way. ❞

Name ♜
⚜ Naděžda [NAD-jesh-da] (Naďa.) Stanislav [stah-nee-SLAHF]
⚜ Naďa goes under the name Alena Celanská instead of her own, especially when working.

Codename ♜
⚜ Trihlav

Age ♜
⚜  17; her birthday is April 21st.

Appearance ♜
⚜ She is 5’8”and weighs 155 pounds.
⚜  Most of her weight comes from muscle.
⚜  Naďa is a C-cup.

Gender ♜
⚜  Female

Personality ♜
Due to her upbringing Naďa has grown into a hardy woman who can survive difficult situations with near-ease.. She is robust, and capable of bringing down nearly anyone (given she has enough time to prepare). Although strong enough on her own. Naďa tends to work much better when put in groups. She has always seen herself as a guardian whose life deserves to be dedicated to others. However, that does not mean that she enjoys the company of others. Naďa is not skilled in communication, so she prefers to just keep her mouth shut. She has learnt not argue with others; she is a follower, not an adversary. Naďa is much weaker mentally than physically, and suffers from severe anxiety and PTSD.

Fearing that others would not let such a fragile girl help them, she holds all of her feelings where no-one can see them. She has little respect for people who look down upon others for things they have no control over (for example: mental illnesses) and is very good at forgiving others. If you were to ever catch Naďa angry, chances are you’ve done something really bad. To add, Naďa does not fare well with death. She doesn’t mind killing and acts of ruthlessness towards her enemies, but only if they are threatening anyone she feels obliged to protect. When someone dies, Naďa begins to break down, especially if there was anything at all she could have done to save them. Sacrificing her life is not an uncommon idea for Naďa, neither is suicide.

Even if Naďa is extremely selfless, there are some people she will refuse to serve. Naďa will not help or even speak to anyone from the United States; she will pretend that she does not speak the English language just to avoid them. It’s not that Naďa is a horrible person, considering her entire family was slaughtered like livestock by an American tourist (or rather: terrorist). She is very uncomfortable around Americans and is constantly afraid of their terror. The only reason she continues working around them is so that others do not think horribly of her.

It may not seem like it, but Naďa does care about what other’s think of her.

Naďa is not easily broken. Words ricochet off of her and it can seem impossible to get underneath her skin. Not to mention: if she realizes you are trying to hurt her, it will become even harder. Her expression rarely shifts from stoic.  She does not respond to attempts at seduction and will ignore someone trying to get her in bed until they leave only because Naďa does not experience attraction

Biography ♜
Naďa was raised in small attractive tourist town in the Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, and born in a small cardboard box inside the Stanislav manor surrounded by a large and loving family. Her parents ran a fairly large and expensive bar down the road, while Naďa and company would stay at home and keep the home in decent condition. Nothing much ever happened in Český Krumlov. Tourists ran the town and the residents did not pay them much mind. The news would report small little crimes like robberies and break-ins every other week, but other than that there was no crime to be seen; Czechs are known for their desires of peace and serenity.

Naďa remembers lots of beautiful flowers and greenery in Český Krumlov that were watered generously, the small homes dotted across Vltava, and the festivities each Christmas that invited people from across the globe to celebrate. She remembers waking up early on Sobota (Saturday) to catch the earliest shuttle (5:00 a.m.) to Prague and sitting for 3 hours to see the tourists and their nice clothing and spending as much time as she could find playing with tourists around her age. So long as she could pay for the ride both ways and make it home before the sky went black, her parents would allow it. All of her money came from odd work around Český, and it was not unusual to see the young Naďa running down the long streets with a shovel or basket in hand.

Although Naďa never attended school of any kind, she was taught basic skills by her parents after eating their last meal of the day. She was taught to speak French and German, the most basic of  math (which she enjoyed the most), and how to read and write. Her siblings were taught the same, but they were all much more skilled in these fields. When not in Prague or working, Naďa would assist at the bar. She never found the appeal of a bar, with it’s dull atmosphere and stench. She found beer and it’s relatives disgusting and would always plug her nose and close her eyes as both her parents downed mugs upon mugs of the substance.

Naďa had never expected anything bad to happen to her; everyone in Český was considerably kind and generous. She had never seen a gun in person, so when an angry and intoxicated tourist unsheathed one from their bag, she did not know what it was. Her parents reactions told Naďa it was bad, but she did not know to what extent. But as soon as she heard the loud gunshots and a scream, Naďa understood that it was very bad. When she saw the color draining from Matěj’s face, and blood staining the flooring of the bar, she knew it was very bad. When she felt the pain in her arm, she understood it was very bad. And when the man holding the weapon pointed the muzzle towards his forehead and fell to the floor seconds later, she knew it was very bad.


Naďa remembers calling to the man and sitting near his legs and shaking his body.


The man did not listen to her pleas. She gave up and tried the same with her mother. Then her father. Neither of them would reply, or even move. Her brothers and sisters were the same. All 7 bodies sat in silence as the floorboards shifted to red. Naďa cried for one the first times in her life, but also for the last time. There would be no more trips to Prague, no watering the flowers and sewing with her mother. Her father would not be home to cook fresh meals with quality meat from the butcher and no more running through the tallest stalks of grass because it tickled.

Naďa was alone. The police arrived and Naďa fled from the bar with nothing but the clothes she was wearing and a knowledge of the town. She found refuge in a few obscure parts of town and stayed low until she could afford to show her face again. Inside, she struggled with depression. Naďa should have been able to protect them, or at least that was what she believed. Perhaps if she had realized the severity of the situation before it happened, no one would have died. Her family would still be alive to support her and push her through life.

Rage became Naďa’s primary emotion. She decided that she would not let anyone die at the hands of American filth again. She would do whatever it took to save others despite what beliefs they have and where they stand in society. Naďa began to push herself and train until she could no longer stand. Her hands and feet were constantly blistered and sore, but that did not bother her. Her health became the least of her concerns at this point.

Naďa began working again once she had turned 16, working in a small convenience store in Leipzig, Germany under the name Alena Celanská. She had managed to save just enough for a very small apartment of her own, but not from the convenience store. Most of her income came directly from jobs of crime given to her by a few shady men that lived in the alleyway next to the complex of her apartment. She would not take jobs where murder or assassination is involved, instead she would rob homes and stores and return the wares to the men. They paid her well and she was surviving, which was all that mattered.

When she was given an invitation to Evergreen, she did not understand why. She had never done anything noteworthy of a “spy” and was inclined not to accept the invitation. She gathered a box of matches and prepared to ignite the paper in flames. Just as she lit a match and was prepared to burn the note, she remembered her promise. She was to live on for her family and save as many people as she could before she, too, fell. An academy full of spies is sure to meet trouble, and she would be the one to assist them in their time of need. She blew out the match and re-read the letter of acceptance.

She was going to attend Evergreen.

Family ♜
⚜ Zbyšek Stanislav (father, deceased)

⚜ Jiřina Stanislav (mother, deceased).

⚜ Melichar Stanislav (eldest brother, deceased).

⚜ Ivona Stanislav (eldest sister, deceased).

⚜ Matěj Stanislav (younger brother, deceased).

⚜ Tobiáš Stanislav (youngest brother, deceased).

Skills ♜
⚜ Brute force is her specialty. Naďa is extremely strong in combat situations. She has been trained to be as lethal as possible, all while making sure that she is still standing once her opponent is down. She is skilled enough when armed, but finds it much easier and overall prefers using her feet and fists.

⚜ Naďa can be a very intimidating person. Even if she knows that there is no way she can win, there have been times where she can get her opponent to surrender out of fear. Tell me -- if you saw a large, robust woman staring you down from across the corridor with her arms folded, would you back out and run? If you’re similar to most of her opponents, then chances are that would be your reaction.

⚜ Teamwork is definitely her strongest point. She is a natural guardian of others and inclined to help anyone that needs it. Whether it be taking the hits for them or even just serving as a distraction, Naďa has you covered. Unless they originate from America, Naďa will even do the most mundane and stupid tasks if she is asked.

⚜ Naďa has grown to develop a strong sense of determination and persistence. She has survived some of the hardest times of her life by pursuing forward and never letting her guard down. The entire planet could be against her and that still wouldn’t stop her from at least trying to take them down. Even if she must go against her values and morals, Naďa will.

Weaknesses ♜
⚜ Naďa is very weak in stealthy situations. She is unintentionally loud, and too large to fit into smaller hiding places, making her a terrible spy in general.

⚜ Naďa’s senses are quite weak in comparison to others. She will not pick up on small details with her eyes and ears, often leading her down paths she wouldn’t have anticipated. She relies on others in this area so she doesn’t end up cornered or worse.

⚜ She lacks the ability to communicate effectively with others. Although built to work with others, Naďa cannot express her feelings or opinions to others without unintentionally starting an argument or offending someone nearby. Her tone, word choice and overall lack of sentence fluency make it difficult to discuss anything with others. Because Naďa would prefer not to embarrass herself, she tends not to talk at all.

⚜ Lying does not come easily to Naďa. She stutters and shifts when trying to lie, making her alias Alena useless. Because of her occupation, Naďa has learned a few tricks but still suffers greatly in this category.

⚜ Naďa was never professionally trained in combat. She has learnt everything she knows from experience. Having said that, there are many ways to trap her. She has not experienced every possible scenario and fought every possible opponent, so if she is inexperienced with your style of combat then chances are you can defeat her. She is not fast enough to dodge bullets, stealthy enough to stab you in the back and so on.

Love Interest ♜

Other ♜
⚜ Tropes will be up as soon as I can finish them.

⚜ Her first language is Czech, but she can also speak French, German, and a bit of English. She knows enough Russian to read the language, but cannot speak it.

⚜ Her main theme is “Iron” by Woodkid.

⚜ She is very good at sewing and makes her own clothing most of the time, so she doesn’t have to waste money buying it.


inside is not a heart, but a kaleidoscope.
thank you so much athena!:

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Sat May 21, 2016 10:12 pm

Name: Kidoka Barnes
Age: 15 (August 8th)
Appearance: (minus the Lines of Sanzu, of course) Wears glasses
Personality: Kidoka always is trying to perfect the world; not by dominating it but by balancing it. He has always believe the world will be perfect if it was brought to balance between good and evil. He also finds himself paradoxically balanced in many ways. For example, though he wants his loved ones to be their own people, take their own risks, and gain their own strengths, he desires to protect them equally, and will both support someone in their endeavors and die for them. He quickly takes on the hardest challenge so that others will not have to, but never believes he has the strength. He can often get swept up in the details of things, and it can hamper his ability to function. His self esteem is dangerously low, to the point it could make him violently depressed if anything were to trigger it. He often stress-eats and will shut himself away when emotionally strained.Biography: Born in Japan, Kidoka was raised by his adopted parents in the Columbia area of South Carolina. From an early age, he embraced both his birth culture and the culture he learned from his parents, and found a love for archery. With both parents being former military, they decided to teach him how to best use his bow and a few fire arms. He discovered his farsightedness by his teens, and began wearing reading glasses when necessary.
--Adopted parents: James Barnes (alive), Sam Barnes (alive)
--Love interest: open
--crazy-incredible sniper
--can use multiple weapons
--his smaller frame misleads opponents and makes him a little stealthier
--he's farsighted, so his sight from afar is better than up close
--his self-esteem is at a grand total of 0
--physically lacking as well
--he trained with archery first, so guns are still a little shaky for him
Codename: Fargo
Other Information:
--Image of Death the Kid from Soul Eater which is owned by Studio Bonez and Atsushi Okubo. Fan art needs a source. I claim no ownership to the character, franchise, or art
--His birthday is 8/8. Think about it
--His codename comes from a theory that a fictional crime syndicate was a symbol for God and heaven, and thus brought balance to the world.
--Also, I had a really awesome codename for Kidoka that was symbolic and everything and then someone had to go and take it. So now he's known as God. Enjoy.

Name: Arthur Kirkland
Age: 17 (April 23)
Personality: Born to be a gentleman, Arthur is polite to all strangers, no matter the situation. He is charming and articulate. However, he senses his own attachment to others, and is quick to treat those who find themselves getting too close with biting sarcasm and denial of affections, even if he shows said affections at the same time. He's generally hardworking, persistent and maybe a little stubborn, but he's a good companion and a fun person to complain with.Biography: Arthur was born in the Kent area of England, with his older brothers and an older sister. After the sister moved out, he closed himself off from his brothers, who he had once been the doormat of, and refused to make any amends with them. Since his father died, he had only really connected with his mother.
--Parents: Alice Kirkland (alive), Scott Kirkland (deceased)
--Siblings: open!
--Love interest: open
--actually kinda smart
--better at hand-to-hand combat
--good at charming and collecting information
--just a tad hotheadish
--stubborn little brat
--lacks some emotional communication
Codename: The Gentleman
Other Information:
--Image of APH England from Hetalia which belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya and Studio DEEN. Fan art needs a source. I claim no ownership of the character or the art.
--codename is self explanatory
--tsundere levels are off the charts

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by boyhoy on Sat May 21, 2016 10:20 pm

Awwwww I'm going to miss Miku this time around, Lady Sen!

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Realizing a year late I haven't given credit to Lady Sen for the amazing avi! <3

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Lady Senbonzakura on Sat May 21, 2016 10:25 pm

I'm sorry! I will too! But at lease I've got two handsome bacholers to make up for it! ;]

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat May 21, 2016 10:49 pm

Travis Underwood:
Name: Travis Ace Underwood

Age (13 – 18): 17


- He's 5'8

Personality: [ESFP] Much like his mother, Travis is an impulsive individual. Of course, this is natural if you have severe ADHD like he does. He isn't afraid to speak his mind or get his opinion out there, which can land into some tricky situations. He is extremely passionate about everything he does and has a short temper. But along with his great negative emotions stems a great compassion and love that can only come from Travis.

Biography: Travis is the son of two famous ESO agents, hence his life has never been normal. Due to not wanting anyone from SRSIA (primarily a member of its leadership, his traitorous great-aunt Vivian Calder), he has never stayed in one place longer than six months. At last they finally decided to skip all that crap and live in a trailer, so he's had a mobile home ever since. He and Harriet were homeschooled by either his father or his mother -- often one would be off on a mission while the other stayed with the children  -- which has led to a restlessness, as well as a disjointment from the rest of society. Now, with a burning desire to just live a normal life already, getting a letter from Evergreen may very well be the best thing that might have happened to him.

Or, perhaps, the worst.

Family: Ashleigh 'Ash' Harrison Underwood (41, mother), Ace Underwood (42, father) Evelyn Harriet Underwood (twin sister, 17)

>>Extended Family:  Eva Resnik Harrison (grandmother, deceased), Jim Harrison (grandfather, 67), Vivian Leigh Calder (great-aunt, 62), Aaron Calder (great-uncle, deceased), Cora Calder and Ben Atkinson (first cousins once removed, both deceased)

Strengths: Travis is exceptional in the physical side of spying (particularly in close combat) and, while not especially a genius, is pretty good with tech as well. He's optimistic so he can always see the bright side of a dark situation. He is very brave and not afraid to take risks. Travis is also protective of his sister as well.

Weaknesses: He's too not afraid to take risks. He can completely screw up missions because of his ADHD and he's stubborn, so if he's dead set on doing something, he'll do it no matter what. He doesn't exactly have a knack for thinking ahead. He's very defensive.

Codename: Fireheart

Other Information (optional):

- His birthday is February 29th.

- Travis is younger than Harriet by two minutes and twelve seconds, and resents this fact with every fiber of his being.

Evelyn Harriet Underwood:
Name: Evelyn Harriet Underwood

Age (13 – 18): 17


- She's 5'4.
- Her eyes are green, not purple.

Personality: [INFP] Harriet is literally the complete opposite of Travis. While Travis is at home center-stage, Harriet is content to paint the backdrops and hand out props. She is kind, modest and humble. She knows how to keep her emotions in control to the point where even if she's on the brink of despair, she'll still find a way to make someone's day. However, Harriet is defensive about her capabilities, being desperate to prove herself, and is mortally afraid of being useless since she has asthma -- as a result, she cannot quite reach her full physical capacity in the way Travis can.

Biography: Harriet was born from two famous ESO spies, hence she and her family have constantly been on the move- something really hard for Harriet when she found out she was diagnosed with asthma, and made even worse by her anxiety. Her younger brother became protective due to this, which was nice, at first. But then she wasn't so sure she wanted that anymore. When she recognized this, her mother worked with Harriet especially to train her, and has done her best to give Harriet full confidence . . . which has made Harriet, while giving her a desire to prove herself, all the more afraid of failure.

Family: Ashleigh 'Ash' Harrison Underwood (39, mother), Ace Underwood (40, father) Travis Underwood (twin brother, 17)

>>Extended Family: Eva Resnik Harrison (grandmother, deceased), Jim Harrison (grandfather, 67), Vivian Leigh Calder (great-aunt, 85), Aaron Calder (great-uncle, deceased), Cora Calder and Ben Atkinson (first cousins once removed, both deceased)

Strengths: Harriet is well-rounded. She is intelligent, cooperative, and being a medic makes her a great supportive role on a squad. She has a good aim and isn't half bad at fighting if it's long-range. She's levelheaded, so she knows how to think ahead and can sense when something's wrong.

Weaknesses: Whether or not she's a straight Action Girl is debatable. Sure, she has good aim, but she has never been as good at close-range combat like Travis, and she has a weak stamina. Her asthma can break out at any moment, and sometimes it can cause her to collapse entirely. She's clumsy, and due to not having much experience with other people her age, she's far too timid, and has trouble stepping up as a leader when the situation calls for one. She wants to be independent, and break free of the shell that's hardened so much over the years, but she just doesn't know how. Essentially her weaknesses drag her down, but the insecurities that have sprouted from her weaknesses drag her down even further.

Codename: Aquaheart

Other Information (optional):

- Her birthday is February 29th.

- Harriet was named after the late Evelyn Harrison, so she goes by her middle name to distinct the two of them.

- Harriet is older than Travis by two minutes and twelve seconds, and she will never let him forget this.

Mallory will come later.

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Credit to Hime for the drawing!

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by boyhoy on Sat May 21, 2016 10:51 pm

Jill I <3 u

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Realizing a year late I haven't given credit to Lady Sen for the amazing avi! <3

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid on Sun May 22, 2016 10:04 am

Name: Zhanna Petrov

Age: 17, born December 2nd.


Stands at about 5'2

Personality: Zhanna is a cold individual. She's a natural isolationist who doesn't bother to interact with other humans unless they approach her first. She's developed a practice of masking her emotions so that her enemies never know what she's feeling, and appears to be an emotionless and apathetic person. She can reveal her true feelings when she is with someone she feels very close to, but this is rare as she is wary of trusting others and making friends, due to her paranoia of who could be an enemy in disguise.

She is also self-loathing, feeling as if she's less than worthless and merely a burden on humanity due to her past history and morally ambiguous background. She wants to consider herself good, but has accepted that it's too late for her to redeem herself, and lives a miserable existence by herself. She will talk to others if they approach her first, but generally does not provoke other people. She is also of a very professional nature, taking orders without question and doing her job expertly, exactly as she was taught. She has resigned herself to simply be taken where the flow of life takes her.  

Biography: Zhanna was born to a Russian father and American mother in Russia. Her parents were members of a "New World Order" movement known as the Global Liberation Army that operated mainly in Central Africa and the Middle East but had operatives all over the known world. Zhanna's mother had brought a sizable fortune when she immigrated to Russia and her parents used their wealth to further the cause of the GLA. As a young child she did not know of this but she did remember her parents meeting with strange people that she did not know, which worried her. When she turned eight her parents started training her in rigorous physical combat, teaching her a how to fight in hand-to-hand combat and building her physical strength. When she was nine, her parents started giving her weapons, teaching her how to aim and shoot a sniper rifle and kill targets. During all this time they revealed their true nature to her, and taught her how to be a functioning assassin. All this worried her.

When she was eleven she was sent to kill a political enemy of the GLA in a neighboring city, with instructions on what to do from her parents. She infiltrated the old man's residence and found him unguarded and unaware, and stabbed him with a combat knife. The hit was enough to immobilize him, and as he bled out he begged her not to go after any of his family members, to leave his children and grandchildren alone. Zhanna could not promise him that but hoped her parents would not send her to kill any of those people. She watched in horror as he died and left the building before anybody investigated, getting back to her parents. She now knew what her parents wanted her to do was morally wrong.

She received another mission to kill somebody and refused. Her father beat her half-unconscious until she finally complied, telling her all the while that the GLA's cause was just and and right and that the people they kill deserve to die. Too frightened to go against her parent's wishes, she assassinated five more people over the coming years until she was fifteen, when an internal power struggle in the GLA resulted in the deaths of her mother and father while they were travelling. Zhanna knew she might be a target and ran across Eastern Europe, never staying one place too long and going by numerous fake pseudonyms, living in bad conditions so she would stay out of the eye of her enemies. She continued to gradually head west, until she reached Austria, where she's found a decent place in the mountains where she think she might be able to stay for a wile.

-Mikhail Petrov (Father; Deceased)
-Julia Petrov (Mother; Deceased)

Resilient- Zhanna has lived through a lot and is tough as nails.
Physically Strong- Intense physical training and experience make her an expert in hand to hand combat.
Professional Killer- Her background has made her an excellent sniper. Might be more experienced than some of the veteran students, at least in assassinations.
Wary- Zhanna does not trust others and would not fall for an enemy agent attempting to gain her trust.
Stealthy- She knows how to sneak around.
Resourceful- Years of living for herself have benefited her.
Multilingual- Speaks both Russian and English fluently.

Isolationist- She works better by herself and might not play well with others.
Paranoid- She thinks anybody may be an enemy and tries not to bond with them, but sometimes fails.
Self-loathing- Doesn't think highly of herself and considers herself expendable.
Alone- She subconsciously desires to know someone personally, but has trained herself not to and has know one to reach out to.
Uneducated- Zhanna is about as smart as your average person but never received a proper education, and therefore doesn't know a whole lot about mathematics, science or history. She's not dumb by any stretch but she doesn't possess some information that most people would normally learn in school.

Codename: Pariah

Other Information (optional):
-Her zodiac is Sagittarius.
-Possesses a strange mixed accent, predominantly Russian but with noticeable hints of an American accent in there.
-Suffers from Thalassophobia and Spheksophobia.
-Let me know if she's too OP or anything, I'm worried he ratio of strengths to weaknesses might be too high.
-Look Lady Sen, it's Annie 2.0! Don't worry, Sophia and Wilhelm 2.0 are still on the table and in the works.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

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