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End of Year News (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Forum Bug

Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Adrian

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Adrian

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

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Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Hime on Sat May 21, 2016 1:05 pm

After countless decades of tension, war has finally broken out. The year is 2020, and the world is being shaped upon the rivalry between the ESO and the SRSIA. Prison camps have been internationally established, battles are tearing apart cities and families, and many lives have been lost over the 5 years.

Many older generations would never expect the return of their beloved academy, especially since it would prove to be a prominent target for the enemy. However, their expectations would be shortly overturned. . .

Evergreen: Academy for Spies

Below is basic information regarding the RPG and its elements. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me!



The European Spy Organization, known as the ESO, is the primary intelligences group in Europe. Its biggest contributors are Britain, where Evergreen Academy is located, France, Italy, and Germany.

The ESO attempts to spread peace and freedom worldwide. Their values lie with docile government and democracy.

NON-EUROPEAN ALLIES: America, Japan, and North Africa



The Soviet Russian Spy Intelligence Association, known as the SRSIA, is the primary intelligence group in the eastern part of the world, most famously in Russia. This is the only fragment of the Soviet Union that remains intact.

The SRSIA is very war-heavy and stands beside a controlling and brutal international government.

NON-EUROPEAN ALLIES: North Korea, China, and the Middle East  



Hello, student. This note may come as a shock to you – but rest assured, each word printed upon this sheet is genuine.

You have been selected as one of the handful of students that will be accepted into Evergreen Academy for the next four years. Stapled to this notice is a small sheet with clear and detailed instructions on what to do, should you accept this rare opportunity. During these times of war, we must be extra careful in our actions.

Please burn this letter once you have absorbed all of the information; however, be sure to keep the slip of paper provided.

I hope to see you August 2nd.

Headmaster Alexander Meridian

1. Promptly at 6:00, depart for the metro in your town. Arrival to the main metro should be no later than 7:00, depending on location.

2. Bring this set of instructions to Platform 6. There will be someone there who will know exactly where to take you.

3. Departure from the Evergreen metro will be at 8:00 am.  



The AEM Map:

Since the initiation of the war, America and Europe have collaborated on a variety of means of transportation, the biggest project being the establishment of the AEM, or the American—European Metro. Each town with a population above 200,000 has a metro station that leads to the main metro station, which is located in New York City. Many of the smaller metros from there are able to pass under the Atlantic and to certain countries in Europe.

Evergreen has a special metro established, used primarily for the importation of new students, supplies, and recruits. This allows them to stay free from enemy detection.



Evergreen Academy:

Evergreen Academy was relocated to a private and well-protected island off the shore of the UK. The campus takes up a majority of the land, but there are also ESO camps and living quarters nearby.

Due to advancement in technology, it has become extremely difficult to locate this island with radars and maps. Despite the intricate designs, the school is also difficult to spot.



Upon arrival, the students will be split into four teams, as equal as possible. Me, who will assess character attributes and create teams based on strengths/weaknesses, will determine squads. If you have a preference due to plot or for whatever reason, PM me!


(returning members, see if you can draw some parallels!!)

Ren Valkov (age 20)

Ren Valkov:

The youngest of the squad leaders, Valkov is a relatively new recruit who was saved from an SRSIA camp. He has moderate military experience, especially with flight. Personality-wise, Valkov is lighthearted and laid back, in stark contrast to his mentor, Degray.

Harrison Degray (age 46)

Harrison Degray:

Degray is an ESO general, and the oldest of the squad leaders. He’s tough and comes off as rather cold, but he’s very hardworking and never willing to give up. He has a lot of general knowledge about both the ESO and the SRSIA.

Emilia Mercier (age 24)

Emilia Mercier:

Emilia, born and raised in a French & SRSIA-loyal family, is a fiery and energetic leader. Since breaking away from her abusive and wretched parents, she studied at Evergreen, graduated, and worked to become one of the squad leaders. She’s skilled in acrobatics and weaponry.

Flynn Monroe (age 26)

Flynn Monroe:

Flynn is an extremely intelligent and sharp, as well as rather quiet and easily flustered. He’s the “nerdy” type, used for many convoluted concepts within the ESO.



Upon arrival, students will be sorted into dorm rooms. On campus, there are residential buildings separated by year [freshman, sophomore, junior, senior]. Each building has four separate halls, where teams will stay.

Dorms are fit for one resident. They have a main room with a double bed, television, couch and coffee table, as well as a dresser and closet. There is also a bathroom, with a combined shower and tub.



Uniforms Image:

The uniform above, though shown on a female body, is for all genders that attend the school. The suits are stretchy and can comply to any body type. Students are only required to wear the uniform during academy and training hours.



Name (please include first & last):

Age (13 – 18):








Other Information (optional):



Activity is extremely important in this RPG. It may move slowly at some points, but for the most part, it’ll be moving rather quickly. If you’re going somewhere or if you’re taking a break or whatever the situation may be, please let me know so I can plan accordingly! Your contributions and characters are extremely important and do affect the rest of the RPG.

If you’re online often and not posting on this and holding up the plot (it may be different if there’s not much going on), your character will be removed.

If you have any questions/concerns, let me know!



Levi Durov, "Ironsoul:
> Levi Blaine Durov {{lee-vai   doo-rov}}

> 18 (born August 3rd)

> [ESTP] Levi’s life had little to no positives within it. Strangely enough, he always seemed to be optimistic, but realistic at the same time. He was always determined, bent towards improving his life even when there was minimal hope. As a result of his environment, Levi grew up tough and slightly detached from other people, save his mother. To strangers, Levi comes off as a disgruntled jerk, hotheaded and mouthy at the worst of times. He’s also unapologetic and considerably selfish, but not purposefully. Deep down, he longs for the ability to connect to people on an emotional level once again.

This desire for connection is one of Levi’s only weaknesses. Though he wants very few close companions for reasons linked to his childhood, he is still able to hold others to a friendly and respectable standard if they return the favor. Those who are able to get close to Levi never fail to leave a profound impact on his heart, and he has an everlasting affection and fierce protectiveness of them.

Two of Levi’s most negative traits are his temper and his stubbornness. He refuses to act on anyone’s regard but his own, and he has a tendency to be set in his ways, even if they aren’t practical. Levi is extremely rebellious, and if someone tries to control him, he often shuts down and detaches himself from others. If you piss him off, well… Good luck.

> Levi was born to Valentina & Ruslan Durov in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was accompanied by his older sister by four years, Alina, and a few other children his age who lived nearby. Throughout most of his younger years, things were considerably fine, although the family was poor and lived in subpar conditions. His parents rarely fought, but their relationship had been rocky since before he was born.
Shortly after he turned 11, Levi’s parents filed for a divorce upon the grounds of domestic abuse. Alina, who was 15, had gone missing for a few days following the decision of her parents. When Levi eventually found her, she was dead, with a cracked skull and a gun still clenched in her fist.

Levi and his mother fled to America and settled in New York City. They were often shamed and sneered at there for being immigrants from the SRSIA country, and they were also near poverty. Valentina eventually regained her footing and got an occupation as a nurse with the ESO, so Levi no longer had to work. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to go back to public school, so he remained home.

> Ruslan Durov [[father, alive]] - Ruslan was a gruff and unaffectionate father when Levi lived with him. Due to his abusive attitude, Levi developed a deep resentment for him that still dwells within.

> Valentina Durov [[mother, alive]] - Valentina is a paradox; she has a gentle spirit and a strong heart. She is very nurturing and kind, always willing to give love. Levi is very protective of his mother.

> Alina Durov [[older sister, dead]] - Alina was playful, bright-spirited, and intelligent. Although she always tried to dress him up in girl’s clothing, Levi loved and adored her nonetheless. Upon her suicide, his life changed forever, devastation hanging above his head like a cloud.


> Levi stands at a height of 6 feet.
> His weight is 160 lbs.
> His hair is a dull blond.
> His eyes are golden brown.

> Good with weaponry.
> Alert.
> Good stamina.
> Strong-willed.
> Independent.
> Tough.
> Socially adept.
> Charismatic.
> Bold.
> Natural leader.

> Emotionally detached.
> Unintentionally selfish.
> Stubborn to the point of death.
> Hotheaded.
> Impatient.
> Inflexible.
> EXTREMELY impulsive.
> Irrational.

> Ironsoul

> Levi is a major dog person. He finds their loyalty and optimism refreshing.
> As much as he denies it, Levi is quite a big softy.
> He loves anything spicy.
> He is an extreme health nut.

Sadie Alden, "Angelwing:
> Sadie Esmee Alden

> 17 [born May 5th]

>   [INFP] Sadie is a good-natured person, having been surrounded by positivity her whole life. Although she does struggle a bit with inner personal demons, she remains optimistic, with a bright spirit and hopefulness around her that is hard to find elsewhere. She is shy, but loving, and open to make friends with anyone who is also willing. She’s open and forgiving, which can be simultaneously her greatest weakness and her greatest strength.

Since she grew up sheltered, Sadie is a bit naive. She’s socially oblivious and tends to not pick up on obvious hints. She also sees herself as weak and as a burden, which puts a damper on her confidence and energy.

Being an emotional and sensitive person, Sadie’s gentleness and kindness somehow always shine through, even in the darkest of times. She’s clumsy, loyal, a bit ditzy, and a good companion to have.

> Sadie was born just outside of Cambridge in England while her parents were stationed there briefly by the ESO. Promptly after her birth, her mother took a leave and returned to America, specifically Ithaca in New York. Following Sadie’s birth came her father’s sudden disappearance, which startled the family and devastated Rosie.

When Sadie turned six, Rosie was called for duty overseas. Charlotte Alden, Sadie’s grandmother, volunteered to care for Sadie and her older brother of 6 years, Leonhardt, while her mother was sent elsewhere for the war. The three of them lived together in peace up until Leonhardt turned 18 years old on Christmas. He was abruptly drafted, leaving 12-year-old Sadie and her grandmother alone for the next 6 years.

>  Shaun Smirnov [[father, unknown]] - Sadie never knew her father, but she hopes that one day she can find him. She heard great things from her grandmother, mother, and older brother.

> Rosie Alden [[mother, alive]] - Sadie was very young when her mother was called off to help, but she remembers her well.

> Charlotte Alden [[grandmother, alive]] - Sadie is extremely close with her grandmother, since they’ve been consistently together for her whole life.

> Leonhardt Alden [[older brother, alive]] - Sadie and Leo were close until he was sent off to war. He was very caring and nurturing towards her, and naturally, is extremely protective.


20mb image hosting

> Sadie stands at a height of 5’4.
> She is a DD cup.
> Curvy build.
> Her hair is white blonde.
> Her eyes are a teal color.

> Loving.
> Open.
> Caring.
> Inherently good & pure.
> Genuine.
> Loyal.
> Acrobatic.
> Passionate.

> Low self-confidence.
> TOO selfless.
> Naive.
> Forgetful.
> Bad with weaponry.
> Easily discouraged.

> Angelwing

> Sadie loves small furry creatures, such as bunnies and kittens.
> Her favorite color, unsurprisingly, is pastel pink. She’ll use it in decorating every chance she gets.
> She’s a very touchy and love-y person.

Avenir Kiel, "Kamikaze:
> Avenir James Kiel {{ay-vin-ear  kee-el}}

> 18 [born on November 22nd]

> [ESTJ] Avenir is known for his goofy and humorous disposition. He’s always trying to make the situation lighthearted, no matter what it is. He also gets rather flustered easily, even though he’s not considerably self-conscious. He’s always out to impress people. Avenir is also known for his pretty prominent perverted side, which is something he’s extremely bad at hiding. Women are his favorite things in the world, after all.

Despite his comedic flaws, Avenir never fails to have good intentions. He’s trustworthy in most situations, although he can fall short due to his laziness and tendency to whine. However, he is loyal and caring towards those who are his friends and is always good-natured.

> Avenir was born to a pair of rich German entrepreneurs. His life has had little to no tough spots, although he feels quite detached and disconnected from his parents. He’s an only child, which made his isolation and loneliness worse. He had all of the material goods he could possibly want, but no emotional connections to anyone.  Avenir always felt as though his parents were hiding something, although he barely ever gets to spend time with them.

> Milo Kiel [[father, alive]] - Milo is a very materialistic and two-faced man, Avenir has decided. He treats him kindly, but it’s not in a genuine way.

> Liezel Kiel [[mother, alive]] - Liezel is very submissive to Milo and is more standoffish and cold towards her son.


> Avenir stands at a height of 5’10.
> He weighs 150 pounds.
> His hair is reddish brown.
> His eyes are dark brown.

> Lighthearted.
> Humorous.
> Intelligent, although it’s not apparent.
> Quick wit.
> Encouraging.
> Personable.
> Easy to get along with.

> Perverted!
> A bit loud-mouthed.
> Easily confused.
> Uncoordinated.
> Can sometimes lack necessary seriousness.
> A bit socially awkward due to isolation.
> Overeager.
> Too blatant.

> Kamikaze

> Avenir often has romantic fantasies.
> Avenir loves games that challenge the mind, such as chess and cards.
> Avenir is allergic to chocolate and envies those who can eat it.
> Avenir has a terrible eating habit.

Natalya Grishin, coming later on

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Shaybaysasuke on Sat May 21, 2016 1:12 pm

Name (please include first & last): Kdin(Kay-din) Eaton  

Age (13 – 18): 17 (July 9th)


Personality: Kdin is usually the risk taker in the room. Always the one to act first and ask questions later, Kdin is more of a doer than a thinker. He is usually looking for a way to prove himself to others, always feeling vastly insecure of his own abilities, but despite this usually stays to the edges of a room. He hates forcing the spotlight on himself but is never afraid to step into it when a situation presents itself. He’s a bit of a loner, never starting conversations on his own, but is very loyal and kind to those he considers his friends.  When Kdin manages to let go of his worries and anxieties, however, he’s the life of the party. He’s always smiling and cracking jokes when he has nothing to worry about so it’s very obvious when something’s bothering him. He can also be very flirty at times, with both men and women, just to have something to do and fill a need for companionship that no one has ever seemed to fill.

Biography: Kdin would have had a normal, completely happy life had his father not gone completely crazy. The Eatons had a very normal life. Kdin, his mother, his father, and his little sister lived very comfortably, never having too little and never wanting too much. Kdin and his little sister Eva were always very close with their parents, but even closer with each other. Often they would be left at home with a sitter or other family member since their parents went off on so many missions. After attending Evergreen themselves, Kdin’s parents were very highly skilled in the field and were called away often. Kdin and Eva never complained, aspiring to be just like their mom and dad.
This happiness did not last. On one mission a piece of information had been misjudged and the entire operation was compromised. In the struggle between the target and the spies a gun went off and hit Kdin’s mother, killing her on the spot. The gun had been his father’s. Wracked with grief Kdin’s father slowly descended into madness, blaming himself for the fluke accident that left him a widower. His father started to hate Eva and Kdin, seeing his wife in his children’s every feature and move. One day he completely slipped and killed his daughter, turning his gun on Kdin but he was too quick. Kdin ran from room to room, trying desperately to get away but in the end he had no other choice. He grabbed a gun form his mother’s bedside table and turned towards his father. With a bang Kdin’s father fell to the floor and Kdin was completely alone.
Over the years Kdin still trained to be able to go to Evergreen, more following his mother’s steps instead of his father’s and to also live on his sister’s dream.

Family: Father: Jonathan Eaton (deceased), Mother: Kenzie Eaton (deceased), Sister: Evaline Eaton (deceased)

Strengths: He’s loyal and trustworthy; rarely tells a lie; steers clear of making enemies and can easily make friends; he is a great shot; he’s agile and quick; has a good hold over his emotions

Weaknesses: He isn’t the strongest; doubts himself constantly; fear of abandonment; his impulsiveness could prove deadly;

Codename: Forsaken

Other Information (optional): Fights with twin guns, depending on them in fights

Name (please include first & last): Marie Toulouse

Age (13 – 18): 16 (December 7th)


Personality: Marie is a very mischievous girl, always making jokes and pulling little pranks. She’s always very quiet about it, though, so no one really expects her to be the devilish type. She can be very shy around others for a bit, but it doesn't take long for her to feel more comfortable and open. She isn’t the most trusting person and hates letting her iron walls down around anyone, even those she would consider a friend. She is always very solemn when she’s alone, but when she’s out with others she at least puts on a warm smile. Her nice girl act is also a façade to protect herself, considering she’s felt scared and weak during most of her life.

Biography: Marie never had a proper family. Her childhood was spent in an underfunded orphanage where the children received little care. The adults watching over the many children in the orphanage didn’t really care about the children’s needs, only doing what was necessary to keep them alive and relatively healthy to keep the government from taking their source of money. Marie would usually get sick because of this, and the constant wave of illnesses left her weak and frail. The other kids would usually pick on her because of this. Marie was miserable in the hellhole they called an orphanage but there was one thing that had her getting out of bed every morning. The only clue to her parent’s was a single paper that was laid on her blanket on the night Marie was left on the doorstep. A paper bearing the emblem of Evergreen. She trained hard every day, trying her best to ignore the sickness and bullies that plagued her. As she grew up she continued to get stronger and now she’s finally able to leave the nightmare she grew up in and go to Evergreen.

Family: Unknown

Strengths: She’s a fast learner, she is pretty smart, she excels in hand-to-hand combat, she’s friendly when needed

Weaknesses: Her lack of trust, she hasn’t had a lot of experience with weapons, she still gets sick really easily, she has a hard time being with others.

Codename: Plague  

Other Information (optional): She speaks French and English and has a pronounced French accent.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Salphirix on Sat May 21, 2016 1:16 pm

⊱ Desirée Chardon (dɛ.zi.reɪ (c)har-don)

⊱ 18 {{ September 2nd }}

⊱ Female

⊱ Stands at 5’6” with a curvy build.

⊱ Natural, long dirty blonde hair, falling to her waist.

⊱ D-cup.

Desirée has had a life full of various luxuries, there’s no denying it. And with that, came an entitled and prideful personality that she’s aware of. She’s extremely proud of the skills she possesses, usually getting pissy when she’s left at the bottom of the heap, and even more so she sometimes doesn’t want to accept the simple fact that there will always be someone better than her (not including her parents, who she knows are much more skilled than she is). Desirée also can be stubborn, despite the fact she’s a very flexible girl and could probably do whatever she’s told when she’s asked or ordered to. It mainly comes into play when people are bossing her around, seeing as she likes to be her own boss and is used to being her own boss of sorts.

Desirée also tends to hide and lie about what she really feels. Especially when it comes to her loneliness. She’s grown practically on her own, molding herself into what she believes is right. Even with butlers and maids alongside her she crafted herself by herself, which is where the loneliness comes in. Desirée doesn’t want to be alone at the very end, even though she contradicts herself by acting in ways that would be a turnoff for most. On top of all that, she stopped celebrating her birthdays and various holidays that her parents missed to make it seem like they missed nothing. Though, she’d have to say Christmas was the worst time for her because she got presents no matter what whether they were here or not. Birthdays are the same way for her.

Desirée also had a semi-hard time killing people, mainly when she was starting out. This also comes into play when she knows little to nothing about them, has to learn about them through conversation they have, or if they don’t seem like terrible people. So, she makes things up in her head, creating and molding the men into monsters until she feels they deserve to die. It doesn’t work everytime, of course, and sometimes it’s not needed especially when the seduction and charisma bring out the horrible sides to them that give her motive to end their life.

Another thing about her she won’t ever confess is that she’s deathly afraid of when she’s left alone with men, mainly due to a bad experience of almost being raped on her fifth mission. The fear helps her with her job of when they get that far, and it's motivation to end their life, but socially it can be pretty awkward and unsettling for her and the unlucky male who 9/10 times doesn’t have any plans to harm her. Along with that, she's been constantly living in a silent fear that she'd be raped during her missions, but hasn't told anyone. She also would prefer not to disappoint her parents, which is why she continues to partake in her jobs despite not being 100% okay.

As odd as it seems (especially if you take into account what she does as a job) she doesn’t like the unwanted attention even though she acts like she adores it. Part of this is because unsure of how to go about correctly handling it and she has gotten used to showing herself off, mainly because she knows it's a part of her job and she has to do it anyways.

Desirée of course isn’t completely foul minded. She has a good heart, hoping to rid the world of evil men and help keep those around her safe. That’s another reason why she continues to force herself to do her job. Because, well, bad things will happen no matter what, and someone has to be there to help prevent it. It may seem like an odd mindset, especially for what she’s gone through, but sometimes sacrifice has to be made and she’s willing to take it even if it hurts her in the end.

Desirée Chardon was born to Josué Chardon and Solène Chardon, two wealthy assassins living on a Chateau in Loire Valley, France. They had gone on hiatus with the birth of their first and only child. Desirée being an only child because Solène found difficulty staying pregnant and continued to find the same difficulty after Desirée’s birth. Even for her parents being assassins, they loved their child, lavishing her in gifts and a the most wonderful life two wealthy assassins possibly could give a child. Of course, their hiatus was taken down at a fairly young age for Desirée--who was only four at the time--and they vanished for weeks and months at a time while little Desirée grew up.

The Chardon family had a legacy of of being top-notch assassins working for various high priced clients and even the government when they were in need of assistance. Their methods of assassination dealt with two variations: the females typically went for the “Honey Trap”, usually a seduction method to gain information or cut down the victim; while the males prefered a more forward approach to the typical infiltration before murdering. Although, they all had a sense of charisma and some form of skill in the musical arts: may it be piano, guitar, singing, and much more. Despite what Desirée might have wanted for her future, it was already set in stone that she’d be an assassin whether she wanted to be or not. Luckily, she quickly grew up to want to be like her parents and accepted her training at the age of five.

Training wasn’t entirely all about killing, especially not at first. When she first started it was solely in the art of charisma, vocals, piano, acting, and language. That continued throughout her main first course of her childhood while having a private tutor for the simple subjects of school that she excelled in also. Even for being homeschooled, Desirée still kept some sort of social life by going out to various parties and participating in community activities. Through those means she kept a small number of friends, but none ever got close either because she couldn’t keep up with them by not being in their lives everyday or because her parents thought it would be too dangerous.

Aside from all that, Desirée didn’t see her parents as often as she wished. They would come home for periods at a time but leave immediately after. And if they were home for long periods of time they were trying to enjoy their days off. Sometimes, they would miss birthdays, special events, and holidays. After a while, Desirée became used to it and didn’t bother her parents about it, knowing they had even more important matters. Despite how much it hurt her, she kept her mouth shut and ended up not celebrating her own birthday and holidays in general.

Unlike some assassins that started at an early age, Desirée was forced to wait until her 16th birthday to begin her actual work. Her clients were directed through her parents to her, after having finally been accepted officially into the family business. The first mission she ever took on almost ended in a failure after she stammered before the kill, but, as time progressed and she became more familiar she became (not exactly okay with it) but accepting of her job and the reasoning for it. In her head, she gave each man some sort of horrible backstory and sick personality that she felt would make it easier for her to strike them down, using it as a method to keep herself moving forward in her dirty work. Her fifth mission changed everything, though. This one leaving her practically traumatized and frightened of the work she does after almost being raped. When she returned home, she told no one of what occurred and forced herself to continue her work, not wanting to upset her parents and let them down.

⊱ Josué Chardon (father, alive)
⊱ Solène Chardon (mother, alive)

⊱ Charisma is one of her huge bonus points and is where she is most valuable. She’s great at conversation and keeping a conversation, knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. She’s also good at squeezing out information and getting people comfortable around her.

⊱ Desirée also has a strong acting skill she knows how to put to use. Being an actress comes extremely useful when acting like someone she’s not, or having to lure in her target or even fool someone. She can play all sorts of parts, from the naive, innocent young-lady to the flirtatious and taunting women. On top of that, she knows how to keep it going for a while, but prefers not to throw the acting away once it’s done.

⊱ Distraction is something she’s learned how to use to her advantage. This mostly involves her vocals and piano playing, using them in ways to get a crowd or a specific person engaged on her for various reasons. This can also include the Charisma.

⊱ Fluent in many languages, allowing for a broader range of work and great for negotiation and versatility.

⊱ She is made to work solo, having worked alone for almost three years. She finds difficulty in actually working alongside people, especially when there is someone bossing her around and telling her what to do. Also, her main methods and fact she’s made to either gather information or assassinate someone may not always be beneficial for a team atmosphere.

⊱ Being alone with another male. This is, despite how weird it may sound, a weakness, especially if it involves a teammate. Whether it’s someone she’s working with or her target, she gets extremely anxious whenever she’s alone with another male in places such as rooms or somewhere secluded where it’s just the two of them. Sometimes the anxiety gets so bad she’ll drop her act or completely flip.

⊱ Fighting, like brute force fighting. She’s not strong at all and cannot depend on brute force. If someone were to get a hold of her she wouldn’t be able to break away. And if she can’t reach her hidden knife she’s even more screwed. So, the point is, she can’t fight upfront or she’s done for, all her assassinations and work revolve around getting close but not close enough so that she can’t defend herself or be left completely open and useless. And, if you think about the line of work she does and what she would have to do in the future it’s a huge downfall.

⊱ Prideful, and a little too much for her own (and everyone else's) good. This becomes extremely obnoxious for those around her, leading her to gain more dislike than like, and possibly even get into arguments.

⊱ Venus

⊱ French and English are her main languages, but she can fluently speak Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, and Swedish.

⊱ She can sing in any language (as long as she knows the song and has had time to learn it), but it doesn’t mean she actually knows the language itself.

⊱ Speaking of singing, Desirée has a strong main of Second Soprano while being able to range around the start of First Soprano and a bit of Alto.

⊱ Her main theme song, and what was one of the two inspirations for this character, is Je T’Aime by Kelly Sweet. Her other inspiration is based off “Professor Bitch” from Assassination Classroom.

List of Tropes:
Adult Fear: The possibility of Desirée being raped during her missions.

Anti-Hero: She wants to help rid the world of horrible people, and will kill them if she really has to.

Attempted Rape: On the fifth mission of her entire career, Desirée was almost raped after the man she was supposed to assassinate gained the upper hand, using his brute strength to hold her down until she was lucky enough to grab her hidden switchblade while he was trying to remove his own clothes. It ended when Desirée stabbed the man repeatedly and fled, knowing she had to keep moving after that. It left her with some pretty intense fears.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Mainly occurs during her missions when she acts naive and harmless, when in reality she’s only acting that way to get information out of them or to end their life when she gets the opportunity.

Bad Dreams: After the Attempted Rape she often had bad dreams about the mission, and fearing it would happen again/he’d come back to finish the deed. She's never told anyone about this and at first became extremely sick over them. Now they're just reminders of what happened, bringing her a sickly feeling for the rest of the day.

Birthday Hater: Believes there’s no reason to celebrate her birthday, also because she hates celebrating it alone.

Broken Ace: She’s extremely good at her job, beautiful, and gifted in the art of vocals and piano. But overtime she’s come to fear being alone, being left alone in a room with another man for the fear he may rape her, and hates her own beauty.

Celibate Hero: She's aware of what romance is; she speaks the language of love for crying out loud. Although, very quickly she found herself pushing away any sort of form of love brought on her. Her main reason for it she's afraid of being overpowered in a relationship, and afraid she'll be unable to protect herself while her guard is down around them. The second reason is because her line of work will later involve sex, even though she's opposed to it, and flirting with just about any kind of man, making it extremely uncomfortable for her if she's tied down.

Code Name: Venus.

Consummate Liar: Overtime she’s been able to lie unbelievably well, which she had to pick up quickly on for her missions. Best part about it is that she can keep a straight or believable face while lying, making it even harder for someone to pick up on them and convince those around her.

Crippling Overspecialization: Desirée is skilled greatly in the arts: vocals, piano, language, acting, and charisma. Although, because of that her downfall is upfront confrontation where she’s down to brute strength alone. She cannot fight worth crap and prefers not to.

Cultured Badass: Her language and communication skills place her in this spectrum, along with her ability to play the piano.

Dangerous Sixteenth Birthday: On her sixteenth birthday, Desirée was thrown straight into the family business and was sent on her first mission (that being an assassination).

D-Cup Distress: Has large breasts, and actually doesn’t like them due to the So Beautiful, It’s a Curse deal.

Deadpan Snarker

Dumb Blonde: Averted.

Family Business: The Chardon family is a family full of assassins on all sides of the family. They've been in the business for a long time, too.

Forceful Kiss: Done to her during the Attempted Rape. She's had to do it a few times during her missions.

Girly Girl: Loves dresses, frilly things, makeup, dolls, and other things of that sort. And thanks to her family’s rich status she’s been able to have as much of it as she wants.

Hates Being Alone: She really doesn’t want to end up alone in the end, though she doesn’t show it.

Hidden Weapons: Has a knife hidden in her clothes both for job reasons and in case she’s being overpowered by her target.

Honey Trap: G-Rated version, not partaking in the intercourse that typically comes with it. She’s typically sent in to gain the trust of someone, get close to them, but usually if not gaining information she’s striking them down.

Hypocrite: Dislikes or hates a specific thing, yet acts a specific way to make it seem as if she doesn't. This deals with things such as her D-Cup Distress where she dislikes the fact her breasts are so large, yet “flaunts” them and doesn’t seem to hide them. Also comes into play with So Beautiful, It’s a Curse where she once again flaunts her beauty and fuels the unwanted attention. Even more so, she Hates Being Alone and yet doesn’t do anything to fix it, acting in such ways she would turn people away from her.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Outwardly, when she’s acting as herself she usually falls into the category of a prideful jerk. But really, she has good intentions and can be a nice person.

Lonely Rich Kid

Omniglot: She fluently speaks seven languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, and Swedish.

Private Tutor: Had many of these growing up.

So Beautiful, It’s a Curse: Thanks to her looks (and her big breasts), she tends to gain unwanted attention even from outside of when she’s on a mission and trying to get the attention of her target. She tends to find this annoying and unnerving, despite acting like it’s something that doesn’t bother her.
Tears of Fear: Mainly during the Attempted Rape. Has done it on occasion though when her anxiety and fear takes her over in similar situations after that.

The Family That Slays Together: All three work as assassins.
»» Badass Family: And they’re really good at it.

The Grinch: Has an extreme dislike for Christmas. This is because she hasn’t been able to celebrate a Christmas with her family since they started working again. They still send presents though, which only fuels her dislike by being a reminder she has to “celebrate” it alone.

The Mole: She’s this during her missions, though, she’s typically not one for very long and usually finishes with someone dying.

The Power of Acting: Able to fool rooms of people that she’s something she’s not. This involves personality, who they are, their status, etc. She can play just about anything and convince just about anyone.

Weak, but Skilled: On a physical level, she’s no match for most people and especially not an adult. Though, because she’s skilled in areas such as charisma, lying, and minor seduction, she can gain the upper hand and end it before she has to face them head on.

Weapon of Choice: A gun, mainly because it allows for distance between her and her target.

Name ♣
▪ Eliott Fetsch (EH-lee-uht feh-tch)

Age ♣
▪ 17 {{October 2nd}}

Gender ♣

Looks ♣
▪ Eliott is only 5’10” with a slender-like build.

▪ His hair is short, dark brown, and is medium length.

▪ His eyes are Reddish Brown.

Personality ♣
Eliott resembles closely to his father, being more relaxed and laid back than most people in basically any situation. It’s not like he doesn’t get worked up or gets angry, but he doesn’t tend to show it because it either is something he sees as unneeded or just doesn’t hold onto long. He also believes that as long as he looks and stays as calm as he can he’ll be able to think clearer, which is usually true for his own self.

Also, while he’s a quiet guy he’s not shy or timid. He’s actually pretty forward and honest when given the chance. Which, on top of that he’s an ambivert, neither falling into the category of extrovert or introvert. Along with that he’s also good at keeping steady conversation but usually needs someone to initiate it first. He’s also probably a True Neutral if anything, though of course as shown by his choice to join Evergreen he plans to do things he may need to do. Whatever things he would have to do.

Eliott is also kind of stupid when it comes to other people, despite being very intellectual elsewhere. He can rarely tell what people are feeling, and knows little on how to take care of others aside from himself. He can even come up as cold and apathetic to other’s emotions. Eliott does care for other people though, even though it's not easy to see on the outside.

Biography ♣
Eliott was born in Switzerland as the eldest of three boys. His father and mother were average citizens, having nothing important tied to their name. His mother was extremely strict and known to be snobbish, which was a contrast to his father who was more relaxed and had no defining traits. It was a surprise the two got married and had two kids before they finally separated when Eliott was eight. Because he was young, and wasn’t entirely close with his mother, Eliott didn’t have a hard time with the divorce. When his father remarried four years later, they had a child not even a year after that, leaving a large age gap between the two brother and half-brother.

He and his siblings rarely got along, more so his actual brother who was a completely different person and more like their birth mother. There were times where they could get along, obviously, but most of the time Eliott got annoyed with the fact his brother was so immature and looked down on education, while Eliott spent a lot of time studying and preparing for his future.

Speaking of education, Eliott attended a private school and achieved many academic praises. He took an interest in human biology/physiology, excelled in science & math, and lacked in Language Arts. History was a decent subject for him, but he only found it exciting when it was about wars and the development of tools and weapons throughout the centuries. On top of school, he played various sports such as Ice Hockey, and enjoyed competitive Skiing. Most of his after school activities revolved around training for the two sports.

At least one good thing came out of the divorce. His step-father was an extremely funny man who liked to tell stories of made-up spy missions. Eliott enjoyed these stories, and bonded with Michel over them. He liked to claim he was apart of a top-secret organization that took down the bad guys, but Eliott knew a crippled man like himself had no possibility of making it in the stories he came up with. That changed in his last year of Secondary school.

Through his step-father, who had been apart of a spy organization, he was accepted into Evergreen. At first he was extremely unsure if he wanted to attend. But after motivation from his parents and step-parents, he decided to go in the end.

Family ♣
▪ Wolf Fetsch (father, alive)
▪ Cispia Fetsch (step-mother, alive)
▪ Ellen Müller (mother, alive)
▪ Michel Müller (step-father, alive)
▪ Dorian Fetsch (younger brother, alive)
▪ Oliver Fetsch (younger half-brother, alive)

Skills ♣
▪ Physically fit. This is thanks to the Ice Hockey and Competitive Skiing he's done throughout his years. His legs are probably the strongest part of his body, though his upper strength can be equally comparable in terms of fitness.

▪ Able to keep calm in almost any situation. At least outwardly, and usually he can get himself to act rationally mentally also. This isn’t 100% every time but he can keep this up a good amount of the time. This helps in high-stress situations where impulsive actions could lead to harmful outcomes. And most of all it helps him look composed for other people.

▪ Elliot is intelligent in sciences, math, and history of the development of technology and weapons. Or, at least that’s what he excels in the most--science being his top and best subject. It might not seem like something that may always be important, but it’s good for various work he might do in the future. You never know.

▪ He has a lot of potential to become a spy. While he has no prior training for spying and such, he has endured many hours of training for Ice Hockey and Skiing. This gives him the needed determination and stamina to actually fufil

Weaknesses ♣
▪ Communication skills for him lack greatly. Because he only knows SwissGerman language and just enough SwissFrench and English to barely get by it will be hard for him to understand if the communication method is English.

▪ Trouble with understanding/recognizing other’s emotions. This could come into play as a weakness because others will find him cold or apathetic, when really he’s just sort of dumb in this aspect and doesn’t work well with emotions in the first place. Even his own is questionable, but because he really doesn’t feel a need to work on his own it tends to not be a focus anyways. It’s quite strange, actually, because he does care for other people but usually just doesn’t know how to take care of them. So, he leaves it.

▪ He has no prior spy training. All of his training has been for sports, which he could incorporate possibly into his new training, but he’s a complete newbie to this sort of thing.

▪ Honestly, he’s probably not going to be good at having to end someone’s life, and will struggle greatly with the idea if it ever comes into play. He thinks highly of human life of all kinds, even horrible people.

Codename ♣
▪ Omega

Trivia ♣
▪  He speaks SwissGerman as his main language, but can speak a little bit of SwissFrench. Because his birth mother was from America he picked up enough English to hold really basic conversation, and even then sometimes struggles with it.

▪ His FC is Kaizuka Inaho.

▪ Like Des, I didn't give him a personality type because I don't think I know the character enough to give them one. Once the RP starts and I get the chance to RP with them I'll give them one. For now, I'm giving him none.

Tropes ♣

List of Tropes:
His tropes are a lot smaller, mainly because he'll be getting most of them throughout the RPG!

Academic Athlete: Eliott is an honors student and has gotten into competitive Skiing, winning first and second place in many of the tournaments he takes part in nationally.

Beneath The Mask: Underneath the emotionless mask he seems to keep up often, he's a good guy with good intentions.

Brutally Honest: Eliott has a blunt honesty that people usually don't want to hear.

Code Name: Omega.

Emotionless Boy: The rare male version of the Emotionless Girl. He's aloof, distant even, and has a hard time understanding/socializing with others.

Like Father, Like Son: He resembles his father a lot in the way he acts; passive, ambivert, and sort of average.

No Social Skills: He’s unfamiliar with most social situations and conversations, especially when it comes to another person's emotions. This also ties in with being Brutally Honest. It's not that he grew up in isolation but he just simply dumb in social settings.

Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: His education is a great strength for him, but his social skill is extremely pathetic.

Tranquil Fury: You can feel his anger, but you’ll probably never see it.

Thou Shalt Not Kill: Has trouble with the idea of killing anyone, or having to put anyone near death.

Weapon of Choice: Handgun or knife. Though, he prefers not to use these to kill anyone and just for self-defense.


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Shadyluv on Sat May 21, 2016 1:31 pm

Kinley Kace:

Name: Kinley Kace

Age: 18
~ Born April 2nd
~ Aries

~ Dyes her hair pastel pink
~ 5’5”
~ Hazel eyes
~ Pale, slightly freckled complexion
~ Typically looks done up in makeup, jewelry, stylized outfits and hairstyles

~ ENTJ Personality Type

On the surface, Kinley has a very strong, determined, and fiercely independent character. Her will to never stop until she receives her way is one of her most defining characteristics. She possesses a love for achievement through any sorts such as a team sport, a test grade, or someone’s approval. Kinley’s even likely to push others along with her. However, she’s never one to push authorities too far. Under heated situations she tends to become short-tempered, irrational, and impulsive. She’s rather quick to rise to action and she loves to do so in a quick witted manner. Now, Kinley does gain a huge respect for those who can equally match up to her own intellect and capability, and she’s likely to create a good relationship between them. A lot people view Kinley’s willpower as an annoyance, but many more traits go into her personality to make her much more lovable.

Kinley’s extremely social and has a very sarcastic and sassy sense of humor, being that she has an extroverted personality. However, her humor can come off as a sense of judgement, and it more takes the right person to understand this. Though, as one gets to know her more carefully, she opens up as a very charming girl who’s bright and caring and holds all personal relationships close to her by becoming a loyal and compassionate friend. Kinley is very protective over her friends and family as she loves them dearly, and if any of her friends were to experience a broken heart, she’d be the one ready to come after that heartbreaker. For her, she only ever keeps friends or enemies with no in between.

Between her tough exterior and soft interior, Kinley may exhibit a struggle to open up to those around her. She doesn’t like to share her personal life to a large group of people as she would rather express her personality in order to eliminate those she finds untrustworthy and instead form a closer relationship to a few people where she’ll then express her personal feelings. Her weariness to open up to others may contradict her extroverted sense, but Kinley tends to be extroverted much more in the sense that she’s willing to speak her mind to anyone and never have trouble laughing and being spontaneous with her friends.

Also, Kinley’s acquired a very girly style, as she loves to take care of herself, wear lots of makeup, and coordinate her outfits perfectly. She dyes her hair all the time, and currently she’s kept it as a pastel pink, her favorite color. She makes sure to accessorize with jewelry such as necklaces, ear piercings, and rings. Typically she’ll love wearing indie styled clothes, but sometimes she’ll switch it up and wear something more punk or even preppy. Nevertheless, Kinley spends a lot of time focusing on her appearance.

~ Efficient
~ Self-confident
~ Strong-willed
~ Inspiring
~ Energetic
~ Strategic Thinker
~ Physically strong
~ Tough exterior
~ Independent
~ Occasionally emerges as a leader
~ Social

~ Stubborn
~ Arrogant
~ Impatient
~ Intolerant
~ Poor at handling emotions rationally
~ Sometimes ruthless
~ Impulsive actions
~ A bit judgemental


Kinley grew up with her parents divorced before she was even born. Because of this, she never received any emotional trauma over the situation. She lived with her mom her whole life all while also keeping a close connection with her father through the occasional visit. Her parents never shared custody, however, because of the fact that her father always traveled for work, and simply because her mother never seemed to get along with him. Kinley however, loves her father and will take any opportunity to meet up with him. Her and her father share a lot of traits in common, making it easy for the to to get along and remain in touch. Though this doesn’t separate Kinley from her mother. Her mother’s gentle and loving support has given Kinley a very happy early life even as Kinley was a high-energy girl. Her mother easily kept her busy through many sports and activities.

When Kinley was 13, her mother married Harvey Lenhart who she has been with for three years beforehand. Kinley never had any particular trouble getting along with Harvey other than the fact that Harvey always made sure to give some kind of fatherly attention to her, which she never felt she needed. It didn’t always bother her, but from time to time she’d lose her patience with him in order to establish that she’s independent without him. Besides that, however, Harvey presents himself as a goofy but also respectful man.

Other than that, Kinley’s lived a simple life living in upstate New York. She grew up being very well rounded with many interests in sports and extracurricular activities such as her favorites theatre, art, and track. She’s even got the talent of playing the ukulele. Though, all these interests are just hobbies to her with nothing really significant; she’s actually felt very lost to what she’s wanted to do with her life. Since she’s just graduated high school and considering her current feelings, she decided to take a year off from college in order to travel and figure out her path in life.

~ Garrett Kace - Biological father, 42 - Close connection to Kinley, still acts as a fatherly figure as much as possible even with his constant need to travel, no longer gets along with Mara
~ Mara Lenhart - Mother, 43 - Very gentle and loving mother to Kinley and her newborn Faye, exhibits excellent communication between her family except for the fact she refuses to correctly acknowledge Garrett
~ Harvey Lenhart - Stepfather, 40 - Attempts to be Kinley’s fatherly figure since he knows Garrett isn’t always there for her; though Kinley dislikes this knowing she’s independent without the help, still holds a decent relationship with Kinley, has only briefly met Garrett a couple times
~ Faye Lenhart - Half-sister, 8 months - Baby of Mara and Harvey, Kinley loves her to death

~ Aphelion

Other Information (optional):

Zhaleh Ahmadi:

Name: Zhaleh Ahmadi

Age: 16
~ Born September 16th
~ Virgo

~ Brown, caramel-y complexion (unlike that pic bc google search sucks with diversity)
~ 5’4”
~ Flat-chested
~ Relatively thin
~ Plain, simple face

~ Personality Type ISFJ

Zhaleh is known for her kind and humble ways. She’s naturally social like this and constantly wishes to see the best in the world. However, she remains down to earth no matter what. She has a natural sensitivity to people while also recognizing who the monsters are in her life. Zhaleh will stop at nothing to make sure her loved ones are safe and protected. Also, ever since she was a young girl she’s want to help the world, but always remained a little too shy.

She’s always been a hard worker and a perfectionist throughout her life. She likes to see things done right, which usually means her way, otherwise being driven a bit crazy about it. Though, she usually prefers not to speak up about it and instead will silently disagree with others unless in extreme circumstances.  

Throughout her more recent years, Zhaleh has developed a unique sense of confidence and determination. She’s been well educated throughout her whole life and as she has furthered into her teenage years she’s come to take a stand against anything she disbelieves in. With this, she’s acquired an amazing ability to publicly speak, persuade, and even manipulate.

~ Supportive and reliable
~ Observant
~ Loyal
~ Hardworking
~ Practical and down to earth
~ Public speaker
~ Persuasion and manipulation
~ Skilled with hand guns and knives
~ Great with teamwork

~ Humble
~ Represses her feelings
~ Overworks
~ Sometimes too altruistic
~ Perfectionist
~ Can’t always stick up for herself
~ She’s not a quick thinker
~ Overly analytical


Zhaleh was born and raised in Afghanistan where she currently lives. Like her parent’s she’s never been religious since it has always been her parent’s belief that no good can come from the world they live in since all hope has been stripped from them by the Soviet Russians. Due to her parents being raised during the Soviet-Afghan War in the 70s and 80s, her parents have formed an enormous distrust for the Russians. Especially since now they’ve taken over the entire Middle East. Zhaleh has grown up with this enormous distrust while also being significantly educated on the works of the Russians.

As Zhaleh got into her teenage years, she grew out of being the modest little girl she was known to be. When she was fourteen her parents received a knock on their door from a gentleman who’d asked her parents if it would be okay with them to ask Zhaleh to be apart of their resistance against the SRSIA. As it was okay with her parents, it was okay with Zhaleh, and quite the excitement for her. For the resistance she was the perfect face of disguise, a young, simple faced, teenage girl who no one would normally suspect.

To Zhaleh’s naivety, her immediate thought was that she would be joining some secret army. Though, they did teach her to become skilled with a gun and with knives and to march, the resistance’s plan for her were much different than she expected. Zhaleh spent the next two years seducing SRSIA soldiers only for them to be greeted with a bullet before they even realized what hit them. She did this by leading them away from their posts in secrecy making them think they’d get make-out session, but usually they’d run into another resistance member who’d yell at the two for not being allowed in that area and as Zhaleh and the soldier would leave, the resistance member would shoot the soldier the back. The soldier would then be stripped and buried so no one could properly identify the man if uncovered.

Zhaleh grew to enjoy working with the resistance as she was helping her country and they respected her boundaries as she was still young, and the youngest of the group. While she was on a mission, she had eyes on her at all times to make sure nothing got out of hand, and while she was trained and carried a gun, she was never allowed to kill a man unless the situation was dire, which it was in only one case.

Zhaleh remains humble about her work in the resistance, making sure her co-members are credited just as much as she is. However, in order to keep the secrecy, she’s not allowed to speak of the resistance in her community.

~ Ayaan Ahmadi - Mother, 40 - Supportive to Zhaleh, holds a huge grudge against the Russians since her parents were killed at war between them
~ Uzair Ahmadi - Father, 41 - Wishes nothing but the best for his daughter and loves her determination and work in the resistance

~ Yang

Other Information (optional):

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Kane on Sat May 21, 2016 1:53 pm

Name (please include first & last): Andy Foster

Age (13 – 18): 17 (August 1st, Leo)


Personality: Andy is, in short, a natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. With a natural confidence that begets influence, Andy takes a great deal of pride and joy in leading others and influencing major decisions. Andy radiates authenticity, concern and altruism, unafraid to stand up and speak when he feels something needs to be said. He finds it natural and easy to communicate with others, especially in person. He can also easily see people's motivations and seemingly disconnected events, and is able to bring these ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with an eloquence that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Biography: Andy was born to the Foster family of Washington,  D.C. His mother, Madeline, was the ambassador to United Nations while his father served as the majority whip under the Stewart administration. Later, his father would go on to be Vice President for the Murphy Administration while his mother maintained her seat on the UN under two different presidents. Together, the family spoke around 13 different languages ranging from French to Russian to English. The Fosters were incredibly well respected not only around D.C. but around the globe. Andy’s mother had been a debutante from New York while his father had been the son of the Governor of California. The wedding was heralded as a covenant between eastern and western royalty. Andy’s older brother was the first child for the newly married couple.  He was lackluster compared to the shinning, little overachieving star his younger brother would turn out to be. 

Andy grew up not only in D.C. but around the world early on in his childhood. He attended St. Albans School starting in the 4th grade where he made a name for himself in the school's many clubs and extracurricular activities. Andy was student council vice president his junior year, student council treasurer  his sophomore year, and student council secretary his freshman year. He also served as member of the French, English, and United Arab Emirates UN delegations in the school's model UN club. His life was blissfully busy just the way he liked it. At 17, Andy was already viewed as a future president without challenge or question. 

Family: Patrick Foster (47, Father) Madeline Foster (42, Mother) Oliver Foster (20, Older Brother), 


Multilingual-Andy speaks seven languages including: Russian, Italian, Farsi, Mandarin, English, French, and Arabic 

Agile-As soccer captain and gymnastics co-captain, Andy is incredibly fit and agile. 

Master Diplomat- Carefully taught by three years of Mock United Nations, Student Council maneuvering and real Washington politics, Andy is a master of negotiation and diplomatic practices.

Connections- As the son of the Vice President of the United States and the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Andy has friends and “allies” as high up as the President of the United States.

Charismatic– Charm and popularity are qualities Andy has in spades. He is able to pick up on moods and attitudes of the people around him and instantly shift to meet them and capture them in their current state.


Recognizable- Andy’s face is already somewhat recognisable due to his mother’s and father’s heavy prominence in political spheres across the globe.

Overly Confident- After almost two decades of praise, Andy is extremely confident no matter the situation. This confidence can often get him trouble.

Overly Ambitious- Andy is extremely goal oriented and always seems to have an ideal and perfect endpoint in line. This goal can often overshadow other aspects of his life. His ambition however is almost always in a positive direction. 

Codename: Alpine 

Other Information (optional): 

With his father as the primary Democratic leader in the presidential primary race, the Foster  family seems to be gaining more and more press as their chance at the White House grows with alarming speed. 

He loves Australian Shepherds and Goldendoodles 

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Comrade Squid on Sat May 21, 2016 2:00 pm

I didn't have any homework to do so I decided to save this for the last minute instead.


Name: Marcel Blanc

Age: 18, born on May 24th


Personality:  Marcel is a charismatic and charming person, with a suave attitude that either makes an instant friend or enemy of everyone. He's a very romantic person as well, and is prone to flirt with just about any attractive single member of the opposite sex, but being a chivalrous young man he makes sure to focus on only one at a time. He's very snarky, and usually has a witty remark at the ready for any situation, and this skill may have inflated his ego and caused him to develop a slight arrogance to his personality.

Biography: Hailing from the Paris suburbs, Marcel has lived a relatively peaceful life, at least until the war began. Paris wasn't directly attacked but there many threats of attacks as well as known subterfuge going on. Tension was high and for many years he and his family lived in fear. In 2019 the situation escalated when a terrorist strike destroyed a large portion of the Paris metro system and caused a mass panic. Marcel's father Jean was killed in the bombing and his younger brother Henri was later killed during a firefight between the police and the responsible party. After this Marcel decided to join the military, but before he enlisted he made sure his mother and older sister were settled enough to take care of themselves after the incident. He was almost ready, when on the morning of August 2 he received a letter...

-Jean Blanc (Father; Deceased)
-Adrienne Blanc (Mother; Alive)
-Zoé Blanc (Older Sister; Alive)
-Henri Blanc (Younger Brother; Deceased)

Charming- Marcel knows how to get people to like him
Charismatic- He comes across as suave, intelligent, and worldly.
Physically Capable- He's fairly physically strong.
Multilingual- Speaks both French and English fluently, though he has a defined French accent.
Confident- This can be both a strength and a weakness, but Marcel doesn't give up.

Arrogant- Not good at seeing things from other's point of view.
Flirtatious- This could be a strength, but his attraction to women is probably easily exploitable.
Bad Liar- At least he's good at telling the truth. This makes him more suitable for field work than espionage.
Sparks Conflict- Makes enemies as easily as he makes friends.

Codename: Firestarter

Other Information (optional): Sorry it's such a weak form, I was working on other things and forgot about this. I've got two to three more coming that all need additional refinement.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by NightOwl on Sat May 21, 2016 2:38 pm

Carrie Coupé (Koo-peh)

16 years old. (May 3rd)

She is a petite girl who stands at only 5’2. She is a natural blonde but dyes it black. Her hair goes all the way down to her waist.


First and foremost, Carrie is a realist. She has a firm grip on reality and sees things for what they truly are. She’s developed the tendency to be sarcastic and brutally honest because of this. She doesn’t enjoy sugarcoating the things she says and doesn’t care how her words affects those around her. She’s a hard worker since she knows anything less could mean their demise, but has become more and more of a perfectionist over the last two years due to traumatic experiences. She also has a strong sense of right and wrong, and believes in harsh justice. She'll have no sympathy for her targets once she deems them worthy of her wrath.

However, she often presents herself very differently around others. She's mastered the act of coming off as a sweet young girl to trick others into letting their guard down when they're around her. When she's in character, she is in total control of her emotions. She'll always be seen with a smile on her face, never allowing her true emotions to show through the facade she created.

Despite everything, Carrie is not heartless. Even though she teases her brother, she truly cares about him and is fiercely loyal to him. No matter how dire the situation is, she’ll always do anything in her power to help him when he needs it, even if the cost is her own life.

Carrie also holds onto a lot of deep seated anger, sadness, and guilt because of what she’s done and the death of her family. She usually is able to keep it under control, although in the past few years she’s become an overall more irritable person because of her experiences. She’s even developed a huge fear of losing hers older brother and ending up all alone. But this doesn’t mean that she’s overly protective of him. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s not until there’s a very high chance of him becoming fatally wounded or dying that she’ll begin to show emotional distress.

P O S I T I V E   T R A I T S //
 ✚ Calm
 ✚ Clever
 ✚ Driven
 ✚ Hard working
 ✚ Intelligent
 ✚ Loyal
 ✚ Responsible
 ✚ Self Confident
N E G A T I V E   T R A I T S // 
 ✖ Blunt
 ✖ Guarded
 ✖ Irritable
 ✖ Paranoid
 ✖ Pessimist
 ✖ Ruthless at times
 ✖ Sarcastic
Q U I R K S & H A B I T S 
 ✜ Sleeps on back.
 ✜ Plays with hair when bored.
 ✜ Rarely raises voice above 
her normal speaking level.
 ✜ Taps index finger on thigh
when annoyed.
 ✜ Keeps a gun under her
pillow while she sleeps.

To say Carrie’s childhood was unusual would be an understatement. She never even knew what a “normal” life could be like. From as far back as she can remember, her normal life was her always moving around France, never staying in one place for too long before her family packs up and moves on to yet another location. She was kept so secluded from other children her age that she wasn’t even allowed to go to public school. Because of this, she grew very close with her older brother, Bryce.

As she grew up, she would have many arts and crafts lessons. She would learn how to create things such as fake ID’s, passports, and various documents. After a while, when her hands grew steadier, she began having new lessons and was taught the ins and outs to various tech gadgets. Her parents were strict in their teachings, but she always tried her best to make them happy.

It wasn't until she was 9 that she finally found out why their life had to be the way it was. She was sat down by her parents and it was revealed that they were in fact a family of assassins and she was to follow in the family trade. At first, she didn't like the idea and it frightened her, but after they explained that they only killed awful people who deserved it, she felt a little less apprehensive about it. And so, Carrie and Bryce joined the family trade. In the beginning, they would only bring the kids on missions so that they could watch and learn how it was done, but every now and then their parents would let them do the killings. Over the years, as they got better at the job and perfected their skills, the siblings became quite the deadly duo.

A few years down the road, Carrie’s parents gave her and Bryce the job to kill a man and his family despite the fact that they knew he was innocent. She was shocked to hear them say that. It went against everything she thought they stood for. She desperately wanted to speak against her parents decision, but since they said the money had already been paid the siblings were to carry it out anyways. For that reason, they reluctantly held their tongues and got the job done.

They regretted it immediately.

The siblings began to question if their family’s business was really the right thing ever since that mission. But, of course, they made sure to keep it a secret between the two of them so their parents would never find out what they were really thinking.

When Carrie was 14, her parents took on a job to kill a mob boss. They thought that things went well and everything went off without a hitch, but unbeknownst to them, her father was spotted fleeing the scene by one of the mob bosses men. And soon enough, they got their revenge. Once they realized that their parents were dead, she and Bryce quickly ran away and tried to contact their distant relatives for help, only to find out that they too had been killed.

Once they found out that their entire family was murdered, the siblings were officially on the run. They dyed their blonde hair black and fled to Romania by train, where they went dark for a couple of months. They didn't dare to poke their heads back out until they knew that no one followed them. Even still, they kept moving around, each time using new fake ID’s to keep themselves safe. After a while, they decided to continue the family job. Only this time, there was a rule change. No innocent were to be harmed. Ever.

When they were contacted by the school, they were wary at first but accepted it in the end. Even though the letter said that it didn’t offer protection, it had to be safer than the living situation they were currently in.

» Alric Coupé - Father (deceased)
» Veronica Coupé - Mother (deceased)
» Bryce Coupé - Older Brother
» Extended Family (deceased)

Carrie’s strengths are those of the mind rather than brawn. Since she had been groomed since she was a kid to use her mind effectively, she has become a very intelligent young lady. She knows the art of forgery and knows her way around tech. She is able to make fake id's, passports, documents, and is able to easily spot a fake. Likewise, creating listening devices, tiny cameras, phone jammers, etc., is child's play to her.

She also is a very skilled liar. She's mastered the act of coming off as a sweet young girl to trick others into letting their guard down when they're around her. She can, and will, use her femininity and innocent demeanor to her advantage whenever she gets the chance.

She's fluent in French, French Sign Language, and English. She is almost fluent in Romanian. She and Bryce have also have their own way of communicating through whistles.

While Carrie knows how to fire pistols, her physical fighting abilities are pretty much non-existent. Since most of her training was put into other skills, she doesn't have much physical strength or stamina. At best she average in both of those departments. She'd lose if she was ever in an one-on-one fight without her weapons. Badly.

Due to how she was raised, she’s become extremely distrusting of almost everyone around her and is prone to paranoia. She tends to see the worst in people and wonder what ulterior motive they might be planning or secrets they could be hiding.

Since she’s been part of a team for her entire life she usually has trouble when working on solo jobs.

When her mask is down, her actual personality can put her at odds with those around her. There might be an exception or two, but for the most part she doesn’t care about the feelings of the other students at the school. She’ll speak her mind with little care as to how it affects the people around her. She believes that since they accepted the offer to attend, they should just buck up and deal with whatever is going to be thrown their way, no matter how difficult or emotionally draining it may be.


» She carries a Glock 19 gen 4.
» While she has killed people before, she mostly acted as support on missions with her family.
» She's Bisexual.
» Coupé means “to cut” in french.
» Her hair clips was a gift from her parents.

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Thank you so much Athena! You're amazing!!
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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Athena Lionheart on Sat May 21, 2016 3:04 pm

Bian Viera

15 {December 10th}


  • 5'6"
  • Warm brown eyes.
  • Generally dressed sloppily, but in things that keep her mobility.

A certain unpredictability underlies Bian’s actions. At the same time, she never seems to change. She never seems to focus on anything. It often seems like her actions aren’t her choice and she acts on someone else’s orders. Bian herself is incredibly shy and poorly expressed around others; however, throw her into a physically-demanding situation and she transforms in an instant. Her heart is of a warrior. Her every movement is precise, her form is full of energy. All her insecurities seem to fall apart. The moment the task is completed, however, she reverts.

Then she’s just Bian, floating through life again.

Bian has always drifted.

Abandoned at birth, she drifted from doorstep to orphanage to foster home and on and on. Nothing in her life has ever been solid. Her family, her home, her school all changed frequently. Eventually, Bian became detached and simply kept going through the motions.

However, she has always collected herself upon one place; physical betterment. Bian has played every sport, won every medal, and led every team. She has an array of black belts, is a certified lifeguard, has sports scholarships to anywhere you could name… could probably beat you at Dance Dance Revolution. Anything you can think of.

Nothing ever lasts that long. Every time she thought that maybe this time she’d still see her team after the season ended, it never happened. Even within her escape, there was no emotional contentment for her. She began doing solo activities. She didn’t need to rely on anyone, after all. She was strong enough on her own. And she did still excel. But she was far from happy.

Maybe someday she’ll realize that she can’t build anything on dust.

Biological family unknown.
Adoptive Mother: Anna Cesti, 56
Adoptive Father: Frank Cesti, 60

Despite her gender, age, and appearance, Bian is an incredible athlete. She’s surprisingly comfortable in her skin and understands her body and limits precisely. Her mind is wired very nonverbal and she thinks very quickly. She has impressive reaction times. Simply put, Bian is powerful.

Bian is at the mercy of the wind, so to speak. She’s very passive and rarely speaks. Often painfully awkward in conversation, Bian has come to avoid socializing entirely. She believes both that she’s terrible at it, therefore discouraging people from befriending her, and that there’s no point, since she’ll just drift once again. Her willpower is very weak and her commitments don’t mean much to her, since all she’s ever known is that they’re going to disintegrate eventually. She’s a poor student and lacks in pretty much every department that doesn’t involve physical activity. Bian is also prone to burnout of interest. She’s obviously not still in every sport. She drops and picks up things often. While she does manage to get to a near-master level in everything she tries, she neglects upkeep.


Other Information

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Hime on Sat May 21, 2016 3:15 pm

Everyone's forms are looking great so far! Some changes have been made to the dorm section of the OP, but a lot of the information will be elaborated upon when the RPG begins. Thanks for the amazing submissions! cat


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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

Post by Omni on Sat May 21, 2016 3:52 pm

Name: Mona Cassidy

Age: 16 [Birthday: December 12th]


Personality: Mona is a kind girl, introverted without being unfriendly. She is, however, rather insecure socially, and usually only displays real confidence in purely physical situations.

Biography: [CLASSIFIED]

Mona’s life has been fairly uneventful. Raised by her adoptive father, ESO Colonel Michael Cassidy, in County Kildare, Ireland, Mona always knew that she would attend Evergreen when she was older, so her acceptance was hardly a surprise. Though she did attend normal school in her childhood, her condition, as well as the relentless teasing that came with it, led to her being homeschooled starting at age nine. As a result, Mona began training and preparing with ESO agents brought in by her father four years before she even began attending Evergreen at age 13. This is Mona’s fourth year at the Academy.

Family: Col. Michael Cassidy | Father | A high-ranking member of the ESO, Mona’s adoptive father loves her dearly, just as she loves him. However, Mona is certain that there are things he isn’t telling her.

Strengths: Incredible Physical Prowess | Works Well With Others | High Levels of Operational Training | Feels No Physical Pain | [CLASSIFIED]

Weaknesses: Socially Insecure | Somewhat Ignorant of Outside World | Feels No Physical Pain | [CLASSIFIED]

Codename: “HAL”—Mona chose her own codename in response to bullying in her younger years that she was “a robot” because of her condition.

Other Information: Mona suffers from congenital analgesia; as a result, she feels no physical pain and has a reduced sensitivity to temperature. While this can be beneficial in training and battle, allowing her to ignore sore muscles or debilitating wounds, it is also extremely dangerous, as Mona may not be able to tell how baldy she’s hurt, or even that she’s been injured at all. As a result, Mona has a daily medical checkup to ensure than she has no injuries or other conditions in need of treatment.
Name: X2 “Masha” Ukladnysoldat [Trans.: Steel-Soldier]

Age: 18


Personality: [секретный]

Biography: [секретный]

Nothing is known about Masha prior to the beginning of her terroristic attacks against both ESO and SRSIA targets last year. However, due to the severity of her attacks, which have resulted in an unknown number of deaths on both sides, both organizations consider her a major threat. While their leaders may know or suspect where she comes from, they aren’t sharing the information.

Family: [секретный]

Strengths: Incredible Physical Prowess | Tactical Skill | High Levels of Operational Training | [секретный]

Weaknesses: [секретный]

Codename: “Samosek”—The name of a legendary blade in Russian folklore, literally trans. “The Self-Swinging Sword.”

Other Information: While it’s definitely been custom-modified, Masha’s tactical armor is very obviously a SRSIA design.

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Re: Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent [Applications Thread]

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