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Stones of Power

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by Kagome on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:11 pm

Great chapter! I can't wait for more! Very Happy
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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by WritingBookworm on Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:34 pm

Sorry I didn't post sooner. Computer was out of commission for a few days.

Chapter 6: Baby Michael

Lance had never been a fan of fantasy novels. He had never liked make-believe things in general, so he wasn't gullible at all. And since he wasn't naive either, there would normally be no way he would believe someone if they told him that he could raise the dead.

But Celia was looking to be an exception. After all, he couldn't exactly deny that she hadn't given him a lot of reason to believe her.

“Can I sit there?”

Lance turned his head to see a little boy with wide eyes clasping the arm of the chair. He shook his head. “Aww! But-”

“Just let him sit there.”

He then followed the new voice to see a black-haired girl, perhaps a year or two younger than him and Celia, plop down onto another arm chair and shove her arms together. “If you don't get up, he's going to pester you for a long time and begin to cry. And our family doesn't need any more problems right now.”

"Why's that?" Celia said.

The girl tucked a loose strand of raven behind her ear, causing Lance to notice her thick, jade-encrusted headband for a moment. Then her eyes lowered to the chair.

“Stillborn,” she practically whispered.

Celia's shoulders and lower lip slacked in coronation. “Oh my... that's awful!”

The girl shrugged, obviously trying to look indifferent. It wasn't working. “Well, it's not like I’d have ever known him, so... so why should I care?” She looked like she was trying to convince herself.

“Well, it's your... your...” Celia laid her finger on her chin, “who died again?”

“Why do you care?” the girl snapped. Then she gave a sigh in resignation. “My would-be brother. We were planning to call him Michael.”

“Michael, then. Anyways, it's your brother, so of course you should care!”

Lance kept silent during their conversation, slowly fitting the pieces together in his head. Dead brother... and his new powers...

Time to see if Celia was telling the truth.

Lance finally spoke up. “You have a dead little brother, right?”

“Um, yeah, that's kind of what we've been talking about!” her voice was surprisingly hysterical for a moment. He couldn't blame her, though- in fact, he even felt a rare pull of sympathy. He knew what it was like to lose a brother...

She shouldn't have to go through the same thing he had.

"What room is he in?"

“A14- wait, why?”

Lance didn't even wait for her to finish. He pushed himself off the chair with his arms and began making his way to room A14, the little boy eagerly sitting down in the chair in his wake.

Celia knew exactly what he was thinking. She stood up as well, hesitant. “Um, Lance-”

He looked over his shoulder. “Well, you said that-”

“It's going to cost you a lot of energy! You can't just do this willy-nilly, and remember that I need you to-”

Lance wouldn't stand a minute more of that girl. He dismissed Celia, her words mutating into a blur he refused to listen to. He quickened his pace when he heard her footsteps after him, then broke out into a run.

Why did she want to stop him? Sure, she had mentioned that it would take a lot of energy, but so what? There wouldn't be any harm. This was someone's life they were taking into consideration. If he didn't do this, then the baby wouldn't go able to go to school, get married, grow old, feel happy and sad-

And the girl with the jade headband. She nor her little brother shouldn't have to go through what he had.

The door to A14 was left ajar (probably by someone who was in a rush), and there were five different doctors and nurses surrounding something Lance couldn't make out while he could hear a woman's sobs orchestrating the overall aura of the room.

He pushed open the door, shoving the doctors and nurses surrounding the table as well as any second thoughts. He himself felt his heart being jerked down sharply when he looked at baby Michael, all the life completely eradicated from him.

Now Lance had no doubts about what he should do.

Celia hadn't been specific about what he should do when raising the dead or anything, so he was left to his own devices on this one. And he had to figure it out quickly, before the doctors quit telling him to get out and actually removed him from the room.

What should he do? Maybe it was among the lines of when he created that orb- gather inmost energy inside, shape it, then let it out. That would probably be his best option. It was somewhat hard, but at the same time simple enough. He’d get used to it.

He firmly latched a hand onto the baby’s chest, ignoring a nurse’s protest. His pulse swelled up in sheer nervousness when he reminded himself that he had to do this as fast as he could.

Lance closed his eyes and inflated his stomach, allowing a somewhat familiar yet foreboding wave of energy to flock to the very depths of his stomach. He could almost see the very light and happiness being sucked out of the room- not that there was much in the first place, due to all the sorrow.

Within a few seconds he had all the energy he had needed to create the orb, but he highly doubted that it would be enough to give life. And what should he shape it into? Perhaps nothing and just let it flow into Michael’s body.

“Kid, you need to step out of the room.” One of the doctors finally decided to step up and dug his fingers into his shoulder.

He tightened his eyes, desperately pulling the waves of energy along and willing them to come faster, faster, faster and faster and faster…

Lance was able to get a final round of energy and willed it to flow into Michael just as the doctor tore him off the baby.

Lance was sent stumbling back once the doctor released his iron grip. The onyx had heated up enough that the surface had begun searing into his chest. His head was literally spinning around like the earth rotating around the sun, eyes half-lidded. His back stumbled against the wall, and he would have slid down to the floor if someone hadn’t grabbed his shoulders.

“Lance!” the voice rang a bell, but Lance couldn’t tell who it was nor did he care. His biggest concern was the sick vomit elevating in his throat. He twisted his mouth around, trying to hold it back and to keep himself from fainting at the same time. The last thing he needed right now was to be placed in the hospital himself.

“What were you thinking?” Oh- it was Celia. “I told you not to-“

A timid yet bare wail cut her off.

Lance raised his eyelids enough to see clearly, and saw the baby beginning to move and crying a little.

Michael was alive.

Right there and then, Lance didn’t care about how exhausted he was or the vomit that threatened to reveal itself. In that moment of serenity, nothing mattered save the life that was barely hanging on, but there. He let his tensed shoulders slack, letting everything else fade away through that action.

Even Celia held off on her nagging a bit. Her lips fumbled a bit, trying to find the right word but failing to. In the end, all that slipped out was an awed sigh.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” said one of the doctors once he got over his initial shock of Michael actually being alive. “He still looks like he needs help!”

The doctors and nurses scrambled to various places and machines upon his instructions, the peaceful moment over.

Lance let a puff of air escape his lips. It looked like he could relax soon- the onyx was cooling off a little and he had managed to down the vomit. He let his eyes rest just as someone spoke to him.

"Hey, you, with the red hai- are you okay?"

He placed a hand on a wall and used it as a support to heave himself up. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he managed to get out.

Lance lifted his head to see just who was speaking to him. It was the mother.

“You were the one who saved him, right?” He could barely focus on her due to the girl with the jade headband and her brother rushing in.

“Um…” Lance wasn’t exactly used to having attention, making this ten times more awkward than it needed to be. “Yeah?”

Michael’s mother raised her eyebrows and gave a delighted smile. “Thank you. But… just out of curiosity… I couldn’t see what you did. How did you bring him back?”

Simple. I harnessed my own inner dark energy and put some into your son through this magic necklace. “Heimlich.”

“Well then, that was some heim-“ she stopped abruptly, her body completely still. Then the contours of her milky face shifted into a bizarre, mad look.

That’s when everything spiraled downwards.

“You!” she suddenly snarled. “What did you do to him? Tell me the truth!” The girl practically flew over to her mother with impeccable timing, holding one of her arms down just as she began thrashing violently.

Celia took a few steps back and brought her hand to her chest. “It’s okay, ca-calm down-“

“Tell me! What did you do?!”

Lance was too shocked to move. Did she know about the onyx or his powers? No. That was impossible. She and Lance had just barely met. There was no way she could have known, and it wasn’t as if there was a blinding explosion of magical power when he revived Michael. But… even so, she couldn’t be accusing him for no reason…

His head whirled around, as if the solution was right in front of him and he was trying to see it. His eyes then landed on something that wasn’t there before.

Or rather, someone.

She was leaning against the doorframe almost carelessly, a hint of arrogance glimmering in her blue eyes. She tilted her head ever-so-slightly when she caught Lance looking at her, disrupting the wave of golden blonde hair that flowed down her shoulder. A hand, not quite in a fist (it was almost as if she was too sophisticated to put it into a fist) supported her smooth chin.

Lance’s dark eyes were locked onto her, entranced despite the commotion. It was almost as if time itself had frozen and there was only him and the blonde girl. He almost didn’t want to move, as if all of his nerves had been tucked in bed and put to sleep.

But then he noticed the sapphire adorning the ribbon in which her hair was tied up with. Lance slowly realized that the sapphire was faintly glowing.

His nerves burst out of bed, realizing that if his onyx and Celia’s ruby had powers, than that sapphire could as well.

Suddenly his heart dropped into an invisible abyss, his eyes moistening. His nostrils widened, and the need to cry a river tugged at him. Why was the mother accusing him? What had he done to deserve this- and Levi! Where was he? Why hadn’t he come back? He felt as if he was going to burst with raw sadness-

Somehow logic managed to persevere within the hurricane of sadness. Wait- why feel so sad all of a sudden?

Lance blinked briskly a couple of times, picking up speed as he oriented himself with the world once more. Gradually, thankfully, the sadness was melting away…

Another pang hit him- his bones felt as if they weighed a thousand pounds, and his eyelids sagged as if they were duct-taped together. Objects and people around him folded into indistinct blurs of color, and Lance was pretty sure that the added weight his shoulder felt was his head lolling to the side.

Lance tumbled to his knees, one of his hands gripping his hair as if he were trying to pour all of his strength into it. What… the… what’s… going on…

But his brain was too muddled to work.

Lance could make out the blonde girl’s lips curing in cruel satisfaction (or was it just his imagination?) before his eyes closed and fell facefirst to the floor.

Stones of Power - Page 3 Original

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by WritingBookworm on Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:39 pm

And now for the climax of Day 1!

Chapter 7: The Fire

Celia never had many friends. She had always been ostracized in one way or another. As a result, there had only been one person out of all of the children who lived out of the country that she could call a friend.

And that person was in that very room.

The woman was finally calming down, much to Celia’s relief. In exchange, she heard something hard hit the floor. She looked over to the right-


Celia gazed at his unconscious form and let out a breath that contained a mixture of weariness, anger, annoyance and relief. She had told him not to go reviving people wherever he pleased, but no. Thanks to his bringing Michael back to life, she now wasn’t so sure if he could bring back her Counterpart! Thanks to that action of his, she might actually die soon!

Roselle. No, no no no. She couldn’t die. Not yet. For Roselle’s sake.

But at least Michael had a chance at life now.

The realization sunk into her. At least he’d been able to make others happy. Michael’s family, extended family and others linked to him…

A future. Opportunity. A chance to feel happiness and sadness, life altogether. That had been stripped from Michael when he had died. But Lance had given it all back to him.

Celia was overwhelmed by just how incredible a gift that was.

She stared at his form, right there on the ground. Her brown irises held their own little dawn inside them, seeing Lance in a new light. He had been able to work wonders with this family-

“You know, he looks a lot like Nocturne.”

Celia nearly jumped out of her own skin when she heard a newcomer speak. And that newcomer…

She whirled around to face her.

Astra Capricorn. Associate of Nocturne. Celia’s former best friend.

The Sapphire Mediator.

Suddenly Celia felt so stupid. The whole emotions going out of control in this room. That sapphire on that ribbon could alter emotions as Astra pleased.

“They look so much alike that they could be Counterparts!” Astra laid a finger on her chin and did one of her famous ever-so-slight head tilts. “In fact…” she slowly turned her around to face Celia, “…I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.”

Blood began pumping at a rapid pace inside her head. “A-Astra,” she said, making sure that the person in front of her was real. “What are you doing in Geomelis?”

“May I ask the same?” Astra countered.

“Like I’m telling,” Celia shot back.

She crossed over to Lance and began heaving his body up and placing him up against her back . Her nerves were screaming at her to get the heck out of there before Astra could mess around with her emotions as well. Thank goodness that despite how hyper she could get sometimes, Celia was emotionally stable… for the most part.

“In that case, I won’t either.” Then she paused for a moment, something rather unrecognizable coming across her face. “Actually, you know what?” Astra lifted her pupils up, pretending to be lost in thought. “I think I will tell you why I’m here. May as well why I’m at it.”

Her hand reached down into her thick sash and emerged with an almost petite yet very lethal dagger.

“I’m here to kill you while your little friends aren’t here to back you up. It’s time for me to have my revenge!”

Celia’s face drained of color. She knew exactly what Astra was talking about with the revenge thing… Orion. Her breathing pace translated into sharp, short inhalations and blood pulsed behind her ears and ribcage. Her hands began to tremble.

Fortunately, Celia wasn’t the only one who had heard what she had said. The girl she had met in the lobby spun on her heels and faced Astra. “What?!”

Now it was Astra’s turn to pale. Celia felt a mental pang of satisfaction, as if she had smacked a table with the end of her stomach. Quickly enough the blood returned to its normal pace, making her realize that the fear that she had felt seconds before hadn’t been her own.

Celia swore under her breath. Astra and her emotion tweaking…

Astra recovered from the girl’s accusation soon enough. She wasted no time and hurled the dagger at her face.

As if her body had a mind of its own, she ran out of the way right when the dagger left Astra’s hand and sprinted out of the door as fast as she could with over one hundred fifty pounds repeatedly thudding on her back.

Celia’s dash flustered Astra. “Oh no you don’t!” Astra called after her. Then she cupped a hand over her mouth. “Gavin! Terrence!”

Right on cue, Celia ran straight into two pairs of arms, locked in a line that held her back. Her mind worked furiously for a solution as she caught Astra retrieving her dagger from the corner of her eye. That solution turned out to be spitting fire.

Celia gathered as much and air as energy, converted it, and aimed a fireball straight into the center of Gavin’s zit-covered face. Gavin yelled in agony from the fire, and Celia only relented once he let go of Terrence’s hand. Terrence lowered his arm out of confusion. Now with nothing to block her, Celia ran away as fast as she could.

She dared a look back as she readjusted Lance’s body- Gavin was screaming out in sheer pain. Celia’s heart sunk somewhat in disappointment, she had been hoping for a more satisfying effect. She had one time made him actually cry for his mommy.

It’s probably thanks to my stupid Counterpart dying on me. Celia ground her teeth and pushed herself even harder at the thought.

Soon she registered a second pair of footsteps behind her. Gavin was likely still recoiling from the burn, so it was safe to assume that Terrence was the one behind her.

And Terrence was the Amber Mediator, and the amber held the power to bend and generate electricity and lighting freely, so-

Celia knew what was going to happen before it did. She unhooked Lance from her body, threw him on the ground, then flung herself down as well. Tendrils of lightning zapped the place where her head had been moments before.

Air forced its way out of her mouth as she brought herself up. Celia didn’t even care that she had go drag Lance’s weight once more- she was just glad to be alive. If she hadn’t seen that coming, then she’d more than likely be dead regardless of Lance reviving her Counterpart.

People were in sight now. Some shrieked, some cried in outrage or did whatever as Celia barreled straight into them. She called out a few “Sorry!”s and “Excuse me, coming through!”s, but that didn’t seem to compensate. Her cheeks flushed a bright red as she heard them call out at her.

Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead as she began dodging multiple carts and people, missing them usually by an inch or so. Her footsteps were as loud as an elephants out be (at least, they were to her), taking that she was stampeding through a hospital. The only thing that would have made this worse would be Terrence not afraid to shoot lightning at the bystanders as well.

As if her thoughts were taboo, whips of lighting cracked over peoples’ heads.  If Celia had thought that she had caused a disruption, than this was absolute chaos, whatnot with the amplified yells and the people beginning to fumble around themselves.

Terrence wasn’t nearly as subtle as her- and she wasn’t subtle. He shoved other people aside like they were nothing more than yesterday’s garbage. Even from this distance, Celia could see his amber beginning to glow faintly. He was about to project even more lightning at her and Lance.

Sudden even to herself, Celia spun around to face Terrence. She sucked in a large mouthful of air, which came out of her mouth as a tendril of fire.

The flame lashed straight out at Terrence. He ducked at the last second, which made Celia’s stomach twist, but at least his attack had been cut off.

Thankfully, mostly everyone followed Terrence’s lead and got out of the way. Some fried out in pain, but she wasn’t seeing anyone mortally injured or anything. Her blast of fire just hit the wall and no people.

The fire leveled down to the floor and its arms expanded from side to side, as if it was trying to reach something. The fire’s movements were gradual at first, extending itself bit by bit by bit by bit until the entire lobby was on fire.

For Celia, this was one of those moments where she desperately wanted to do something- in this case, she needed to do something- but she just couldn’t. All she did was remain rooted there, horror slowly knocking down everything remotely positive on her face.

What could she do, though? Fire was rapidly leaping down the hospital hall, slithering gracefully, like a snake stalking its next victim. It was enormous, a monster in itself.

That fire, her fire, was racing towards Michael’s family…

Water heightened at the back of her head, widening her nostrils. Did Lance just revive Michael for nothing?

She couldn’t stand there any longer. Smoke was beginning to drift into her nose and pierce her eyes. And not only hers, but Lance’s as well. At least Terrence wasn’t persisting on attacking them- he had raced back to see if Astra and Gavin were all right.

At least Nocturne’s friends sometimes know the right thing to do, Celia thought as she pulled the torso of her dress over her mouth. Unfortunately she couldn’t do anything for Lance without wasting a bunch of precious time. The best she could do for him was to try to get out of the hospital as fast as she could.

Celia raced down the hall as fast as she could, now really struggling to carry Lance, not to mention the fire and smoke lapping at her heels. She squinted, not because she couldn’t see but as an effort to keep the smoke out of her eyes.

The one good thing out of all of this was that she was pretty close to the exit. And she could also tell just where it was despite all the fire due to all the people rushing for it at the same time. She faintly heard something being hit, and Celia threw her head over her shoulder to see water shooting down from the ceiling.

Celia raised her eyebrows despite the situation. Never would she cease to be impressed by all of Geomelis’s wonders.

A scream cut into her thoughts- a pained one. Someone was trying to get out of the fire, but from what Celia made of it, was terribly injured, burnt, something among the like. Her heart tugged down as she heard the scream.

Seeing as how she was already carrying Lance, Celia couldn’t do anything to help the guy herself. So she screamed at a few people that someone needed help getting out of there, repeating it over and over until she was sure someone would help whoever was crying out for help- no response. No response at all.

Celia tucked her lips together in sympathy, mouthed a sorry to no one in particular, then turned around and sprinted away.

The exit wasn’t very far after that. She burst outside after many others. The wave of fresh air splattered Celia’s face soothingly and she tilted her head back as if she wanted to catch more of it. Finally…

But she wasn’t done yet. She had to get as far away from the fire as she possibly could. She swallowed a small bit of air- in other words, nothing. It was just something to do to take her mind off of the burning in her legs and just how tired she was altogether. She pumped her legs harder in spite of the pain, her lips forming a soundless grunt.

At last, Celia couldn’t bear to carry Lance. She came to a halt before she could urge herself to keep running, unhooked Lance’s arms from around her neck and put him on the cement as gently as she could.

She yanked down the dress torso from her mouth, finally away from the smoke. Her hands practically flew all over his body, checking for scrapes, injuries, burns, anything of the sort. A few small patches of burnt skin, a small cut on his hand and face blackened by soot- aside from those, he looked just fine.

Celia lifted a hand and brushed her face- like Lance’s, it was caked in the soot and ash from the smoke. She made a face of disgust as she pictured her face then set to wiping it off. Celia undid her bandanna and zigzagged it crudely across her face. She opened her eyes, noticing now that her surroundings were somewhat clearer. She looked at the bandanna- bright orange was now blackened.

The bandanna was a bit of a dreary sight to see, so Celia guided her eyes elsewhere, wandering around briefly before settling on Lance. His face and normally neat, fiery hair were sprinkled in soot.

Celia knelt down beside Lance, turned the bandanna over to its clean side and began dabbing at his face. She wiped the soot off with slower, finer strokes, as if she were afraid of smudging something on a valuable painting.

Her eyes slid across Lance, memorizing his square-shaped face, chiseled chin and almond shaped eyes. His skin was pale, somewhat pink in this light. He actually looked rather peaceful when he was unconscious. It amused her just as much as Lance getting mad did.

Celia brushed a stray strand of red away, drinking him in. A smile tugged on one of her lip’s corners. Then her finger ran down the lines of his face to his jaw. The finger evolved into a hand, caressing his face.

She didn’t know how long she sat there beside him. The only thing remotely floating in her mind was Lance-


Celia nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound, many Geomelis citizens screaming out of fright in coronation. Her throat constricted when she saw that an entire section of the hospital roof had tumbled down and broken apart.

Once again tears built up in her eyelids. Michael, the girl and their family, the person that she had heard cry out for help…

Almost unwillingly Celia stood up and helped Lance up once again. The roof breaking apart had pulled her back into reality, and in reality, Astra, Terrence and/or Gavin could be coming for her. And they were not afraid to kill her.

She had to get somewhere safe…

But where? She didn’t know Geomelis at all, and Celia doubted that Lance would wake up right now- Astra had made him quite tired. Even if he was able to wake up, he would just be holding them back furthermore. She didn’t have to be an Onyx Mediator to know that bringing back the dead took a lot of energy out of someone.

Should she go to Arcania?

No. Going to Arcania would mean having to go back to Geomelis again eventually, and each time a Mediator traveled between the two dimensions, power would seep out of the stone until there was none left.

But it wasn’t as if Celia had a choice. Astra and the boys could find her and Lance any minute now.

Celia sighed in defeat as she dragged Lance and herself to the side of a nearby building. She threw her head to the left to see if anyone was watching- good. No one was. For a small moment she was grateful for the fire. It would provide for a nice distraction while she traveled to Arcania.

Worry engulfed Celia for a moment. How was she supposed to get to Arcania without anything from Arcania in sight?

She wanted to hit herself for being so stupid when she remembered her bandanna.

Celia laid out the bandanna on the ground, placed her ruby pendant on top of it, then pressed her hand against them both. Her eyes fluttered shut, surrendering herself to concentration.

Traveling to the opposite dimension was a lot easier this time. Now Celia knew exactly what to do, and it wasn’t hard to find a link between another gemstone since she lived with four of the Arcanian Mediators. The pathway to Arcania smoothed out perfectly, already ready for Celia to pass through.

Celia let herself glide into that realm with Lance across her back. She followed the white, shining path at a quick yet controlled pace. Celia controlled this by starting out a bit slow, then going faster and faster as she went along.

Bit by bit her back felt as it was being pushed down by some sort of giant weight. Lance. Celia grimaced involuntarily. She needed to get to Arcania, quickly

Luck must have been favoring her at that moment, because she saw a faint white light glowing in the distance. All at once Celia’s insides inflated dramatically, many sparks of optimism lighting up in her mind. She pushed herself harder than she had all day, hunched over, her head towards the light that engulfed her…

…The next thing she knew was a hard, rotten wood floor smacking her in the face.

“Woah… Ce-Celia?”

Celia propped herself up with her arms, hearing a heavy thud follow (most likely Lance’s body). Then she brought herself up to her knees, then finally got up to her feet.

While she was disappointed that she barely stayed in Geomelis for twenty-four hours, Celia was relieved to be back here in the musty but hearty old log cabin. There was the stone fireplace, the square-shaped, briskly paneled windows with white paint chipping off of them, and the few couches and armchairs sprinkled around the room.

“Celia? How are you?”

Celia then registered Melody standing in front of the doorframe that led up to the hallway. “Did you find her already? Were you actually… able to revive her?”

She shook her head grimly. “No. Not yet. But relax- I have six more days. I’ll find her.” She didn’t mention that it was unlikely that thanks to Lance reviving Michael, there wasn’t a likely chance her Counterpart would come back.

“I hope so,” Melody said softly. Her wide hazel eyes looked around the room, then settled on Lance. She squinted, hunching over slightly as to see him properly, then drew in a sharp gasp and instinctively took a step back.

“I-Is th-th-that… Nocturne?!”

Celia should have been prepared for this after Astra’s reaction.

She shook her head. “No, he’s not Nocturne,” she said, exasperation giving her voice a dangerous edge. “His name is Lance, and he just so happens to be the Geomelis Onyx Mediator.”

Melody lifted her eyebrows. “You really did it? You found the Onyx Mediator? He really looks a lot like Nocturne.”

“But he isn’t,” Celia reminded again as she set Lance down on the couch, relieved to have him off her hands physically once and for all.

She sat down on the couch herself, looking at Lance and mulling over Melody’s words. They all thought that he looked so much like Nocturne- and he did. It had shocked Celia a bit as well.

They didn’t realize, did they?

Lance didn’t realize.

Celia’s eyes glazed over Lance’s face, then looked away, face contorting into a picture of guilt. She dreaded the day when he would come to know the truth.

~End of Day 1~

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by WritingBookworm on Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:29 pm


Stones of Power - Page 3 Original

"You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun."

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by boyhoy on Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:26 pm

I really need to catch up on this!!!

Stones of Power - Page 3 Weiss_schnee___rwby_by_kaisernazrin-d6ms59g
I may fall
But not like this: it won’t be by your hand.
Realizing a year late I haven't given credit to Lady Sen for the amazing avi! <3

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by boyhoy on Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:30 pm

I finally got caught up!!! This is amazing!!! I feel like I know a big secret of the story but idk if I do or not xD

Stones of Power - Page 3 Weiss_schnee___rwby_by_kaisernazrin-d6ms59g
I may fall
But not like this: it won’t be by your hand.
Realizing a year late I haven't given credit to Lady Sen for the amazing avi! <3

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:43 pm

@boyhoy wrote:I finally got caught up!!! This is amazing!!! I feel like I know a big secret of the story but idk if I do or not xD

Big secret? How so? Razz

Stones of Power - Page 3 Original

"You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun."

Infinity's Row: Interlude l Anaphora: Pariah l Infinity's Row: Uncontrollable l Anaphora: Vengeance]

Currently Reading: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
Currently Watching: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by boyhoy on Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:41 pm

@WritingBookworm wrote:
@boyhoy wrote:I finally got caught up!!! This is amazing!!! I feel like I know a big secret of the story but idk if I do or not xD

Big secret? How so? Razz

I don't know lol. I just feel like there's something going on here that I think I know about...... I'm probably just being a conspiracy theorist and am completely wrong abut everything xD. But I shall wait and find out!

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

Post by WritingBookworm on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:51 pm

@boyhoy wrote:
@WritingBookworm wrote:
@boyhoy wrote:I finally got caught up!!! This is amazing!!! I feel like I know a big secret of the story but idk if I do or not xD

Big secret? How so? Razz

I don't know lol. I just feel like there's something going on here that I think I know about...... I'm probably just being a conspiracy theorist and am completely wrong abut everything xD. But I shall wait and find out!

xD Sounds like a theory. Well, we shall see. Wink

~ ~ ~ Day 2 ~ ~ ~

Chapter 8: The Other Mediators

There it was again.

Lance was in that same place he had been in at his Chemistry class. No, the same dream, he corrected himself. Not a place. Places were real. Dreams weren’t.

But it seemed vivid enough to be a place.

Everything was the same- a dark sky draped over a dark field, with wind sprinting southward-

Towards that same person.

Now he noticed a difference from this dream and the one in his Chemistry classroom- the person was much closer. So close that Lance could discern that the person was a male, and a faint glint of red. . .

His eyes burst open before he had a chance to make him out.

Lance adjusted himself, getting to a sitting position and took a look around. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He didn’t recognize this place. . . where was he?

“Hey. You awake?”

His head followed the voice for a moment before landing on Celia. No longer was she wearing the bright yellow dress, but an orange shirt, a long red skirt and a black cloak. Her orange bandanna was off, leaving her short light brown hair vulnerable.

A grunt escaped from him. “Obviously.”

He thought he saw her face possessing a gentle yet caring look before it vanished into a hard one. Lance faintly wondered if it had been there in the first place.

Celia turned her attention from him to the fireplace.

Her next words were sad and harsh. “You should not have done that.”

“Done what?”

“You know what.”

“Wait . . . reviving Michael?”

Celia cringed as if he had just hit her. “Yes.”

“Well then, why shouldn’t I have revived him?” Lance was surprised to find that his tone was much harder than intended, even for him.

But still. He had done a lot of good by b ringing him back. In fact, that had to be by far his greatest accomplishment. If Celia had a problem with that, then too bad for her.

Celia stared at him as if she wanted to kill him in one look. “Because! Thanks to that. . . th-thanks to that. . .” she was unable to retain her hard tone. Instead it cracked with incredibly vulnerable emotion.

“Thanks to that what?” Lance prodded.

“Thanks to that you can’t bring back the person I want you to revive! The resurrection thing isn’t exactly something you can do left and right.”

He bowed his head down, trying desperately to remain calm. “Look, I’ll just bring back this person later-“

“That isn’t going to work!”

“And why not?

She sucked in a bunch of air. “The dimensions. Arcania and Geomelis. You remember them, right? And how they’re linked and everything?”


“Well, there’s another part to all of this; Counterparts.”

Interest was aroused in him. “Counterparts? What are those?”

Celia looked at the fireplace again. “Just like Arcania and Geomelis are two sides of a whole,” she began, “you are, too. Somewhere here, in Arcania, there’s a second you.”

He stared at her as if he had just told him that his shoe had come to life. “A. . . second me?” Even with everything else she’d told him, he suddenly wasn’t so sure whether or not this girl was sane.

“Yes. I know it’s hard to believe, but yes.” Celia nodded briskly. “the whole Counterpart thing is rather mysterious- no one knows how or why it works like the way it does. But it’s there. There is a second you. And that second you is your other half. You two are connected- when he feels extreme pain, you can feel a bit of sudden pain as well. If you’re happy, he will feel a spark of happiness even in the deepest despair. And if your Counterpart dies. . .”

She trailed off. Her gaze wandered to the floor.

“If your Counterpart dies, then within seven days, you die too.”

Lance furrowed his eyebrows, not sure what that had to do with anything or why she seemed so saddened from this.

The realization snuck up on him from behind and snatched his throat.

All of his muscles slacked. For what seemed like an eternity he could only stare at her, the epiphany warding off any other thoughts once they got remotely close to him.

Her Counterpart is dead. The words stretched themselves thoroughly around his mind like elastic. Her Counterpart is dead. Her Counterpart is dead.

And she wanted me to bring her back.

And because he didn’t. . . because he had revived Michael. . .

"You’re going to die soon."

Celia did not respond. She didn’t need to. The dividing silence was proof enough. The only sound in the room was the crackling of the fireplace.

At last she answered, “Yeah. You got it.”

Something bit at the bottom of his stomach. Great. Bringing back Michael was great, but now someone else would die because of it. Never had doing something so right felt so wrong.

The door behind him wailed. He looked over his shoulder to see who had come in-

His heart stopped. Was that. . .


Lance took a closer look. No. It couldn’t be him. They had the same blonde hair, circular face and green eyes, but there were a few features that made him able to differentiate between the two. His mouth was deep set, as if he had spent most of his time snarling. His neck was stiff and coiled muscles bulged. He was a human boulder.

The Brian look-alike scanned the room just as Lance noticed a light brown stone hanging on a cord. He furrowed his eyebrows in an almost careless manner, and once again Lance was startled- that was exactly how Brian would look when he was wondering something.

He remembered what Celia had said about Counterparts. This guy looked very much like Brian; almost too much. Was he Brian’s Counterpart?

“Hey Celia,” Brian’s probable Counterpart started. Even the voice sounded familiar, just a little huskier. “Have you seen-“

What Celia had seen, he would never know. The boy’s eyes landed on him and immediately his entire body as stiff as his neck. His eyes flared and he took a few heavy steps forward. “Nocturne! What are you-“

Celia was quick to react. “Barrett!” She stood up, raced to the boys and hurled herself in between them, arms outstretched as if about to give a big bug.

“Barrett, this isn’t Nocturne.” Her voice was less frantic then it had been before. “Take a closer look. You’ll see that he’s younger than him.”

The Brian look-alike, or Barrett, craned his neck, thoroughly sizing him up. Lance guessed that he was trying to look threatening; he didn’t. Yet again, he wasn’t easily fazed.

At last Barrett looked away from him and to Celia. “If he’s not Nocturne, then just who is this guy? What’s he-“

That’s when he saw the onyx pendant. He was still, eyes upturned in thought, then the realization broke free.

“You’re the other Onyx Mediator, aren’t you? The one Celia here was so desperate to find.”

Lance nodded.

Stupor coated Barrett for a few long seconds, then he threw his head over his shoulder and called, “Guys, come here! Celia’s done it!”

Silence. Then, the trumpeting of footsteps announced the coming of multiple others. From the corner of his eye, he saw Celia’s ears getting red. For a moment, he wondered why, then he realized that she’d be getting a fair amount of attention soon and was embarrassed about it already.

The door opened with a stretched creeeeeaaak, and shortly a girl stepped into the room.

She had black hair pulled into two pigtails and tame blue eyes, like blue paint after having dried on an easel. She had a round, babyish face and small features. A string of pearls hung at her long throat. She looked like an eight year old, and he probably would have mistaken her for one if not for her height.

She tilted her head. “I saw you before,” she remarked in a soft voice, like an amazing piano tune being played, “when Celia brought you here.”

Lance was barely paying attention to what she was saying as opposed to how she said it. The world around him slipped out of focus as he concentrated on the majestic voice. The voice was caressing and gave warmth. Warmth was good. Warmth was reassuring. Warmth was trustworthy. Maybe he should. . .

“Melody, take your necklace off! He isn’t used to your voice like we are- look, he’s already drooling!”

Suddenly his surroundings became clear, like going up to the surface after being underwater for a long time. He blinked furiously and slowly became aware of something dangling from his lip. Almost cringing, he wiped the drool off with his shoulder.

Once recovered, he gave everyone a look as piercing as knives. “What just happened?” His voice was deliberate and poisonous, like a volcano before eruption.

Melody, who had now removed her pearl choker (Lance scolded himself for not realizing pearls could count), took a step back. To her left, Celia said, “Melody’s a Pearl Mediator and can pretty much hypnotize people with her voice- like you haven’t noticed. Most of us have become fairly resistant to it, but we forgot that you weren’t.”

Melody flashed Celia a look of gratitude, then turned to him and dipped her head. “I’m sorry.”

Out of all emotional reactions possible, the only one he felt was anger. Back at the hospital, his emotions had gone up and down like a roller coaster thanks to that sapphire-wielding blonde girl; and those emotions had been powerful enough to knock him out all on their own. Then, just after he woke up, he’d been played around with again. He was, all in all, not in the most forgiving mood.

Despite this, he found himself lowering his eyes to the wooden floor and grumbling, “It’s okay.”

Before anything else about the matter could be said, a new male voice joined in. “So Celia found her Onyx Mediator, huh?”

A boy entered the room, followed shortly by a girl. The boy looked at Lance. The reeled his head back for an instant, then screwed up his face, which finally relaxed into a friendly smile. The girl’s expression, on the other hand, didn’t change. She just kept frowning.

The boy held out his hand. “My name’s Zephyr. Zephyr Cross. And this is Demitria de Montfort.”

The Onyx Mediator observed Zephyr. He was lean and just a bit shorter than him, which would put Zephyr at 5”4 or 5”5. His heart-shaped face was composed of sparkling blue eyes, a thin nose and a pointed chin, all topped by flaky white hair. He searched him for any gemstone, and sure enough, a ring showcasing a white gemstone was on his left ring finger. He wondered which stone it was- crystal? Maybe diamond or quartz?

He then turned to the girl Zephyr labeled as Demitria. She looked the exact opposite of Zephyr: she was very tall, with chocolate-colored skin, a firm jaw and squared shoulders. Long, wavy dark brown hair fell past her shoulders, framing her long face and tree-bark brown eyes. Multiple golden bangles hung on her thick arms, each one of them looking worth at least a hundred thousand dollars.

She would have been pretty if not for a long, inch-wide scar that defiled the entire left side of her face, running from the corner of her left eye all the way to her lip. Lance almost recoiled at the sight. What on earth could have happened to her to get a scar that bad?

“Um? Hello? What’s your name?”

He then realized that everyone was looking at him.

Celia quickly saved him. “Guys, this is Lance Bingham. As Barrett was so kind as to announce-“ Barrett gave a grin at t his- “he is the Geomelis Onyx Mediator.”

Lance’s stomach contracted as once again everyone’s eyes settled on him. He wasn’t used to this kind of attention. . . what was he supposed to say? Heck, did these people even expect him to say anything in the first place?

Wait a minute, he thought. I do have something to say.

“I’d like some answers.” He raised his chin and straightened his spine. “And I’ve got a lot of questions to ask.”

“Then ask away,” Zephyr invited.

Lance relaxed his chin slightly, receiving the unspoken message from Zephyr- he didn’t have to be tense. They were willing to be friends- at least, Zephyr was. He seemed to make up what Barrett lacked in Brian’s personality.

He licked his lips. “Okay then. First question- are all of you Mediators?”

Barrett nodded. “Yup. Every single one of us.” His answer directed Lance’s attention to him, and seeing the stocky teenager once again put an image of Brian in his head- would he ever be able to look at Barrett without seeing Brian? He doubted he would.

He closed his eyes while Barrett spoke as a solution to this. An afterimage of the fireplace lingered in the blackness before fading away.

“I’ve got the Citrine- as a result, I’m strong enough to rip an oak tree from the ground. Seriously, I’ve done it before, ask anyone if you don’t believe me- anyways. Melody’s the Pearl Mediator, Celia is- you know she’s the Ruby Mediator, right?” He nodded. “Okay. Then Zephyr and Demitria, the inseparable couple, are the Quartz and Emerald Mediators, respectively.”

Zephyr’s smile grew wider than it already was. “Like how Celia can command fire, I am able to harness the wind and Demitira can manipulate earth.”

Lance’s eyes flickered to Demitria, who still didn’t say anything. She did, however, contribute a brisk nod.

He began taking their words to heart. Citrine, Barrett, strength. Pearl, Melody, hypnosis through voice. Quartz, Zephyr, air. Emerald, Demitria, earth. Ruby, Celia, fire, and. . .

He sucked in a deep breath. “Then there’s me, Lance. The Onyx Mediator.”

Celia gave a brisk nod. “Correct.”

Now that he knew who everyone was and what they could do, Lance moved on to his second question. This one he was anxious to know, as it was a creature that was desperate to claw its way out of his mind and find a place in the world.

“Second- the hospital yesterday,” he said. “Who was that h-“ he almost said hot, but caught himself just in time. Besides, people who screwed with his emotions weren’t supposed to be hot, “blonde girl? The one with the sapphire?”

Celia drew in a very sharp breath, and then let it out as if trying to balance something with it. “Do you mean Astra Capricorn?”

“Apparently I do. Why did she control my emotions like that?”

“It was more than likely to destabilize you,” Barrett put in. “Emotions rule thoughts, and thoughts govern actions. Sometimes it’s vice versa with the ‘emotions rule thoughts’ thing, but in most cases I’ve personally seen, it’s emotions that lead to thoughts. Either way, emotions play a key role in choosing actions, and if you can control emotions. . .” he trailed off and gave a whistle.

Melody played with the peal beads on her choker. “Astra. . . you can say that she and I have the same ability. We can almost control people, in a sense. The only differences are what gemstones we have and how we go about taking advantage of this.”

“Nah, I’d say the effects are fairly different as well,” Barrett remarked. “When one experiences your hypnotism for the first time they get pretty deep into it, but when you hear it for a while you learn to get used to it. As for Astra. . .” he bit his lip, caught up in thought, then continued, “that depends on how emotionally controlled you are. If you seriously keep your feelings in check, then she might have a harder time. If not, then- well, let’s just say she can have some fun with you.”

“Tch, she’s had enough fun already trying to kill us,” grumbled Celia. She opened her mouth to add something, then decided against it.

Of course, this didn’t occur without Lance noticing. “What were you about to say?”

She was silent for a long second, then she resigned her eyes to the floor. “Astra. . .” she licked her lips and her hands were shaking slightly. “She. . . Astra and I used to be best friends.”

His eyes grew considerably, as if she’d just grown another arm. “Wait. . . what? Did I hear you right?”

She turned around, hands clasped behind her back. They were as white and as stiff as ice. “If what you just heard is that Astra and I were friends, then yes. You did hear me right.”

Lance’s muscles slacked, stunned as if he’d just been hit with a taser. Celia and Astra. . . friends? He tried to picture the two of them holding hands, sharing girl gossip and giggling.

He couldn’t.

“Of course, we’re not friends now,” Celia quickly added. “I. . . I did something to hurt her. She was devastated, then disappeared for a year or two, only to reappear with the intent to kill me and every other Mediator opposing Nocturne.”

The last bit brought him to his next question. “Who’s this Nocturne guy you all keep mistaking for?”

The golden aura around the setting quickly switched to one of black. Barrett’s eyes flashed again like they had when he’d first seen him, Melody clasped her hands behind her back and stared at the ground, Zephyr sighed and Demitria’s nostrils flared. Celia turned around. She appeared relatively unmoved, though Lance did see her flinch.

From the sudden switch in mood, Nocturne was just about as good as a terrorist attack.

“Nocturne! I’m gonna show that good for nothing. . . !” Barrett didn’t finish his sentence.

“No one good,” said Demitria tartly, finally speaking up for the first time. “Right, Zephyr?”

Celia gave one of those this-is-gonna-take-a-while sighs. She hung her head down, bit her lip, then brought it back up and looked at Lance straight in his black eyes.

“Nocturne is the current ruler of Teraston,” she explained.

“Teraston?” he asked. “I thought it was Arcania.”

“Teraston is the name of the country we live in. Arcania is the name of the actual dimension. It’s like how you’re from Geomelis and the United States at the same time. Anyways, Nocturne is the ruler of Teraston and has been for four or five years, since he was seventeen or so.”

Lance’s eyebrows shot up to the top of his head. “He became the ruler of a country when he was seventeen?” He scrunched his eyelids, not quite sure if he’d heard her right.

As if reading his thoughts, Zephyr stepped forward and said, “Yup. You heard her right. Seventeen. Easily the youngest ruler in Teraston history. He’s about. . . what now? Twenty, twenty-one?”

“Twenty-one and blind,” Celia added. “Despite his youth and physical disability, no one can deny that Nocturne’s done a lot of good for the country in the years of his reign. Raised our economy, established good relations with other neighboring countries, lowered poverty rates- Teraston’s improved thanks to him.”

None of this made much sense to him. “If this Nocturne guy’s a good ruler like you’ve said. . . then why do you all hate him so much?”

Her face controtted in the manner of someone trying to figure out what to say. “Because. . . well. . . how do I say this. . .”

Demitira finished her sentence. “Because while he’s ‘good’ for Teraston, he sure isn’t good for the dimensions,” she said in her deep voice. “We found out that he’s trying to bring Arcania and Geomelis together, and he’s starting to get close to doing it.”

“Bring Arcania and Geomelis together?” Lance shifted his weight onto one leg- he was starting to get a little tired of standing. “Okay. . . how is that a bad thing?”

Demitria’s eyes bulged as if he’d just slapped her. “How’s that a bad thing?” she repeated incredulously. “How’s that a bad thing- I’ll tell you how that’s a bad thing!” She took a few steps toward him, not appearing to hear Zephyr call her name warningly. “Listen up, runt. Just in case you haven’t heard, as Mediators, it’s our job to keep the dimensions separate. That’s why these stones are here in the first place. Because if Arcania and Geomelis do converge, then disaster will happen. Physics will become a mess, there’ll be tons of natural disasters, the Counterpart system will begin to break down and before you know it, everything’s gone. It would literally be the end of not one, but two worlds!”

Before he could respond to that, the ground under his feet shivered before a crude block of earth hurled itself at him. It made contact with his stomach, sending him flying and crashing into the wall.

Miniature lightning bolts raced up and down his spine and his stomach throbbed so much that it felt as if it had a heartbeat of its own. He hollered, needles pricking behind his eyelids. He clutched his stomach like a lifeline and fell down on his side, giving in to the pain.

As if hearing it from a long ways away, he heard Barrett give a yell of indignation. This urged him to try to see clearly. Through the spots of black dotting his vision, he could see Celia staring at the sight openmouthed while Zephyr rushed toward Demitria. He placed a hand on each of her shoulders.

“Demitria, that was uncalled for.” A standard yell would have been less frightening then his tone of deadly calm. “Calm yourself.” Then his voice switched to a more pleasant, almost pleasing one. “Please, calm yourself. For me.”

Wait, why was Zephyr telling Demitria to calm down? It wasn’t as if she’d been the one to hurt him. . .

Or maybe she had. Somehow, even in his state, Lance was able to remember that Demitria was able to manipulate earth, and it had been a boulder that had thrown him across the room. Suddenly there was a mental explosion in his stomach.

Her lips parted, then they slowly shut again as her angry face melted into a sad but controlled one. She looked at Lance, mumbled something that vaguely fit the lines of “I’m sorry”, and rested her head on Zephyr’s shoulder.

In a few seconds, he was able to fight off the pain enough to sit up and see properly. However, this didn’t stop him from releasing a groan or guiding one of his hands from his stomach to his head and digging the nails of the other one into the wooden floor.

He shortly became aware of something cupped and light (so light that he almost couldn’t tell it was there) resting on his shoulder. He turned his head to see Melody’s face blocking one side of the wall with concerned eyes. “Are you all right?”

He seethed as he stood up. His muscles felt as stiff as boards. “Y-yeah. Fine. Just fine.”

Melody flowed out of his focus when he saw Demitria and Zephyr. His aching stomach roared at the sight of the brown-skinned girl. How dare she! Who did she think she was, hurling him across the room just because he asked a question? And Zephyr- he remembered someone saying he and Demitria were a couple. Zephyr was nice, but honestly, how stupid was he, dating that hag?

Lance drew in a deep breath. His heart was beating rapidly, as if he’d just finished a mile for track. His skin felt and looked as if it was on fire, a fire desperate to spread and lash out on those who started it. . .


That got everyone’s attention. Barrett coiled his muscles as if about to get into a fight. Melody’s throat stiffened. Zephyr’s facial expression melted into a combination of dread and anxiety. Demitria lifted her head a little before resting it on Zephyr’s shoulder again, her hand caressing his spine. Celia was the only one who didn’t look fazed whatsoever.

He let out a few huffs, as if he was the big bad wolf after a long day of blowing houses down. The fire on his skin began dying- but it was still there. He wasn’t done.

“First m-my emotions are manipulated by. . . by that Astra person,” he said. “Then I w-was hypnotized by Melody- yes, it was an accident, but it was still done.” He added the latter bit when Melody opened her mouth to object. “Now I-I’m slammed into a wall thanks to that brat,” he aimed a finger at Demitria. “I’m sick of being tossed around like a rag doll!”


Hearing his name sliced into his outburst, cutting it in two and throwing the pieces away. Lance briefly scanned the area to see Celia standing more firmly than usual. Her head was bent down slightly, casting her eyes in light shadow. That combined with her ruby glistening and the fire casting colors on her face made her look threatening. Celia, the friendly girl who’d been obsessed with taking pictures, threatening.

“I know you feel violated, and rightly so. But, as illogical as her actions were,” she looked at Demitria like she wanted to do nothing more than fasten her hands around her neck and strangle her, “Demitria’s right. If we do not stop Nocturne, then the dimensions will collide and life as we know it will collapse.”

The idea of the world ending was enough to put Demitria out of his mind. For the time being. And it didn’t remove the bitterness from his voice when he replied, “If the world will end when Arcania and Geomelis collide, why is Nocturne trying to do this? Or does he not know the danger?”

“Oh, he knows. He’s been taught that at some point, same as us. He’s just so prideful that he thinks he can find a way to converge them without the side effects. He’s been working for a very long time to do so, but I don’t think that he’ll ever find it.”

Celia then looked at Lance straight in the eye. “That’s why I need to bring back my Counterpart- so I can help put a stop to this. And something’s telling us that he’s getting close- very close. Because of that, we will need your help as well.”

“You need my help?” He almost laughed at the idea. “Ha, my- my help. That’s actually pretty funny. Yeah, like I’m going to help you after all of this.”

“L-Lance,” she attempted. “This is far more important than a grudge-“

An uneasy laugh tumbled out of his mouth. “I don’t believe you heard me right. At this rate, there is no reason why I should help you. If you want help, then find some other Onyx Mediator.”

With that, he yanked the onyx pendant off and threw it to the ground without a second thought.

He braced his muscles despite himself, prepared to hear the chime-like shattering of the onyx. Then he reminded himself that it was a gemstone- of course it wouldn’t shatter. He relaxed them when the onyx jumped on the floor like a skipping stone, then finally skittered to Celia’s feet. The onyx sent spindles of black light through the room before it was picked up by a horrified Celia.

Lance was still breathing heavily when a doubt tugged at his mind. By throwing that away, he’d thrown away the chance to see the dead, to create objects out of dark matter, even bring someone back to life. There were so many things he could do with that. . . maybe become someone great. Extraordinary. Someone people looked up to. . .

But having that would mean being forced to help those Mediators. And helping those idiots? That was the very last thing he wanted to do.

As for attention. . . when did he ever need it? When had he ever wished for it? The only thing he was wishing for at the moment was a little peace and quiet.

Helping them would in no way grant him peace and quiet.

Lance spun on his heels and began stomping to the door, ignoring Celia’s cries. He yanked the door open and slammed it shut behind him, not looking back.

Stones of Power - Page 3 Original

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Original

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Stones of Power - Page 3 Empty Re: Stones of Power

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