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Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

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RWBY: Eminence Trailer

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RWBY: Eminence Trailer

Post by Athena Lionheart on Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:45 pm

Hey guys! So, inspired by Writing's Azure Trailer from the previous roleplay, I decided to write one for Eminence to get a feel for her weapon. Enjoy! ^~^


Just as darkness must come before dawn, so bravery must come before fearlessness.


The sky is dark. The stars are still visible. But a rosy tone of morning has begun to reach out to reclaim it.

Eminence walks across the plain, tall grass and flat land stretching out as far as the eye can see. Her eyes are downcast, studying the grasses before her. The sound of her own movement seemed far louder than it should, contrasted against the predawn silence.

Looking up for a moment, she scans around until her eyes fall upon an old, beat-up building. But another subject stole her attention; grass was being pressed down, stirring, rushing at her--

With a mechanical ringing, the disk she pulls off of her back expands into a bladed circle.  An instant later, it is locked against a pair of white tusks.

Eminence releases the hold by quickly stepping and turning to the left, leaving the Grimm to stumble forward; its back is exposed just a little too long.

She lashes out with a vertical blow, cleaving its hide open.

With a jerk to dislodge the blade, the boar’s body topples to the ground. Purple eyes narrow in satisfaction. She spins the ring around her arm in a couple lazy loops before going to put it away--

She hears the rustling.

The next boar comes tearing through the grass in a spinning razor. If her tumble had come any later, it would have ripped through her.

Eminence gets back up out of the evasion, brandishing the blade before her. The new Grimm stumbles to a halt, wheeling around. The girl slowly circles the beast, waiting for its move. Her opponent obliges. When he races at her this time, she is prepared. She steps to the side and dips into a side slash. The boar lets out an outraged squeal, falling to its side and exposes its unarmored underneath. Eminence repeats the slash.

She completes the motion, spinning a little further as she straightens up and ends up leaning back slightly on the ringblade with some careful halfswording. Her eyes dart around the field, looking for any other challengers. They don’t disappoint.

A trio of Beowulfs rush forward, slowly followed by something much larger.

“Typical,” she mutters to herself, switching to a sideways stance and triggering the weapon’s transformation.

A strap latches across her chest from the back half of the ring, which splits from the front, fractures, and rearranges, revealing separated clusters of arrows. The front part, which she holds out in her right hand, quickly makes a safer grip and a nocking point.

Eminence’s hand passes over the fire Dust arrows and instead goes for the lightning ones. Within a moment, she has the arrow knocked and takes aim.

The first Beowulf gets grazed across the shoulder, a massive electricity discharge finishing the job. The next one is dead before the electricity comes into play, the arrow boring straight through its skull. For the last one as it closes the final few feet, she nocks a regular arrow and ducks under its swing, pivoting down to one knee and firing at point blank. Chest split open, the Grimm fell.

Standing and turning back, the girl looks to meet the other--

Immediately, she launches herself back as the head of a giant snake drives into the ground where she just was. She quickly reloads as she catches the ground with her foot and spins around, planting the other behind her, aims and fires--

A streak of white rams into her, knocking her bow out of her grip and sending her toppling across the field. As fast as she can manage, she regains her footing and tries to gauge the situation.

The pair of Grimm is a connected couple of massive serpents, one half white and one black. They coil around each other, looking down at her and biding their time. Their hissing seems to taunt Eminence, who has lost a great portion of the playfulness in her attitude. She catches the glint of her weapon out of the corner of her eye. Her hands raise in a defensive position, a rosy glow forming around and within her fingers.

The black snake lashes out again and she bounds to the outside, continuing to run as the white snake rears up and inspects her. It strikes suddenly, crossing over the other and shooting at her.

A blood-curdling shriek forcefully rips out across the landscape, startling the Grimm enough to disrupt the attack. She takes her opening to jump over the serpents where their bodies crossed.

The black one curls around, hissing warily. Her weapon is there, right by its head. She charges, snapping her fingers, magnifying the sound, and focusing it all into a sonic burst right to the snake’s face. The beast recoils, shaking its head. By the time it begins to focus back on the girl, she has the bowstring drawn back--

An arrow seemingly teleports through the air, lodging into the Grimm’s eye. It lets out a terrible cry as half of its face is engulfed in ice. Eminence stands still and watches it writhe on the ground, breathing hard. Then she suddenly looks over to the other, fingers losing their glow and weapon shifting back to a ring.

The pale snake then wraps around as if it means to strangle her, but she immediately jumps onto its back and starts running towards the head. The monster begins to rear up to get her off, but she viciously slashes at its spine and manages to dig the blade in,cracking through some of the scales. The impact and injury sends the snake back horizontal, allowing Eminence to reach its head.

It doesn’t like that. It begins to thrash around, trying to knock her away.

She doesn’t like that. She jams the weapon into its open mouth and slams it down, breaking the jaw.

The Grimm’s head crashes to the ground and Eminence propels herself over Regalia, swinging her legs up and switching her hands around until she plants her feet on the ground, facing the dying monster. With a yank, she dislodged the blade. The snake begins to dissolve into smoke.

She watches for a moment or two. Then, she turns and continues on, weapon shrinking into a disk and returning to her back.

Eminence reverently walks up to the building, her hand coming up and resting on the shredded wood of the door. For a moment, she lingers. Then, just like that, she is content. She turns and takes a seat on a fading porch, watching as the sun bursts across the horizon at last.
Athena Lionheart
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Re: RWBY: Eminence Trailer

Post by King Ki11 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:07 pm

The trailers have always been one of my favorite parts of RWBY(I guess Ill need to look up Azure's Trailer) and Eminences didn't disappoint, I like the reference to dawn at the end Razz
King Ki11
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