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End of Year News (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:57 am by Adrian

(It's been one year since I made a news thread, oops)

Merry Christmas/Festivus/whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

2017 was a pretty busy year IRL for most of us - according to forum statistics, our busiest month was in June with 1671 total posts, meaning our post rate has been a little …

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Forum Bug

Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:18 am by Adrian

Hi all,

We're aware of a peculiar forum glitch that's causing some subforums to be locked.

Due to the lateness at this time, it might be a while before the glitch can be remedied, because despite my best efforts and as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine admin-side. It may have …

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Discord News/Update Test

Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:35 am by Adrian

Just a news, update test. Trying to get this thing to work.

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I Need Some Help

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I Need Some Help Empty I Need Some Help

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:57 pm

Hello friends! I'm looking for some help with this opening chapter. It's been edited for grammar and spelling, but I'm just looking to see if there are any things that I should tweak about it. I've given it to a few people, and this is greatly different from what it was at first. I'm probably not going to post anymore of it but I wanted to see what you guys think about it, it's titled "Starfall" it's a 60,000 word book and this is the prologue. Enjoy!

The day we met, stars fell on us from the sky.

It was complete chaos, but we stood there, face to face. Completely unaware of the tragedies that were happening around us. Staring at your beautiful pearlescent eyes. The hair that seemed to move on its own.

It hurt for only a moment.

Then, I awoke.

There was light all around me.

I was flying at an extreme speed, as space and time blended around me.

As fast as I began, I came to a halt.

I was standing in a dark room with no boundaries, by a white door, where a woman was also dressed in white and smiling at me.

“You've completed world 13, please continue to your final exam,” the women said.

She grabbed the knob and pulled the door open. Darkness encompasses my vision, and I feel the wind wrap around my face.

Then I wake up.

“Daska ... Alaska .... Are you alive?" The man said I couldn't see him, I was blinded by a grey light.

It's cold, and the thing that I am lying on is hard and uncomfortable. I felt something under me.

“Daska get up,” He ordered.

I followed his order and sat up in a slow process. A violent pain shot through me, my back arched, and I felt the feeling of heavy rocks weighing on my back by my shoulder blades.

What came out next was an angelic sound. I heard applause.

“Good morning Daska. Welcome to the Gates. Do you remember.”

My vision still blurred, I felt around the room with the rest of my senses. I felt the breathing, I felt the flutter of wings and whispers of others. I could feel the earth beneath me and the fire on the pillars.

I could feel and hear, touch and smell. So extremely precisely that sight became almost obsolete.

“I don't know, what am I supposed to be remembering, ” I asked.

"I was just wondering. Would you like to know how you look, Daska?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Excuse me?" He questioned.

"Yes, I would like to know how I look."

A moment passed, I felt him taking a bottle of something and pouring it on his hands. The smell so powerful that I almost fell off the table.

He placed his hand on my eyes, and in an instant everything flickered black and white.

Then everything became visible.

I was in a big hall, black and gray. With an assembly surrounded about 200 feet around me. The man looking intently at me with awesomely long white hair and gigantic black wings. His eyes of fire and skin like gold.

“Oh my god."

"For here, for now. You will answer to me. You've passed the last 13 tests, this will be your final exam. Past this test ..." He waved his hand.

A miniature red and black Galaxy formed around us. Spinning counterclockwise in a beautiful spiral. It expanded widely. Until soon it slowed, becoming a dark orb, a moving planet.

No … a universe.

“This will all be yours, to do what you want with. I will give you it for a forever fold. All you have to do is pass this test."

"How do I pass it?"

"You can't, but you can try."

" You will follow a girl throughout her life on a tiny little world that's progressed little since the birth of their universe. You will be there when she is born ... And you will be there when she dies. You will face evil, and you may fail."

"What happens when I fail?" I ask.

"You'll restart the process again, from world one, and then in forever you'll come back here," He answers patiently and calmly.

"How many times have I tried this?"

He laughs, his chuckle like thunder. “too many to count."

He touches my heart, his hands light with fire. "I will give you one power."

"You will be able to make her feel, she will be able to conquer giants and raise up kings, through your tongue," He commands. “Legions of the Powerful will bow to you.”

He pushes, and I fall backward, but I never land.

In an instant, I'm in a room, dressed in a suit and tie. My wings are gone.

"Alright, Mrs. Walker... she's almost out. Just give me one more big push."

The blonde lady grunted heavily, covered in sweat. Screaming in pain.

The cry of the baby sent me into a cacophony of vision

Look at her. Bright eyed and strong willed. With eyes of Amber and blonde hair. She will grow well, she'll get her heart broken twice. Then, one day, after her 21st birthday, she'll be killed. It's what she does in those twenty years that will affect thousands of people, and maybe one day, the entire universe.

~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
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Adept Creator

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I Need Some Help Empty Re: I Need Some Help

Post by ~Dylan Battle~ on Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:49 pm

Thanks for the help I honestly really apreciate it Very Happy I mean just the great responses I got back were amazing thank you soo much Smile
~Dylan Battle~
~Dylan Battle~
Adept Creator
Adept Creator

Join date : 2013-12-08
Posts : 686
Age : 20
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