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[teaser] Our Fallen World

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[teaser] Our Fallen World

Post by Comrade Squid on Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:39 pm

The following document was recovered by the CSIS during an investigation of a destroyed secret base belonging to an unknown organization in the Candian Northwest Territories, and briefs the former bases's personnel of a contained pathogen. Base believed to be hidden by use of highly-advanced cloaking technologies. Structure contained at least 16 burned corpses that had undergone mutations similar to those described in the document. A nearby perimeter wall surrounding a large area of contamination was found with a sizable breach in it, the destruction indicative of explosive charges being the cause. Wall section has been quickly rebuilt and searches are underway for potential escaped infected lifeforms. Weaponization threats are to be investigated and halted if underway, and organization's headquarters is to be located and dispersed.

Object Number: 2-610

Object Name: The Hateful Flesh

Danger Classification: Potentially Apocalyptic Awaiting Weaponization

Object Description: Object 2-610 is a virulent pathogen of extraterrestrial origin. Infection is caused when infected cells come in contact with clean cells. After infection, symptoms begin with a rising temperature and fleshy scar tissue developing at the point of infection. Infection develops quicker if exposed to an outside source of heat. Mental symptons begin the first stage as well, as freshly infected organisms are inclined to attempt secrecy about their sickness (this may be a side effect of the first stage of grief, but autopsies have determined that the most likely cause is early mental mutation). DNA tests at this point confirm that the subject is largely the same.

The second stage of infection begins after 2-3 hours, with further spread of the scar tissue outward from the point of infection, and occasional tumors developing in these locations. The mental affliction is strongest in this stage, with subject's minds frequently devolving into a state similar to that of rabid animals and becoming determined with spreading the infection to other organisms, frequently at a compromise to self-preservation. The beginnings of a psychic link to a neural center of indeterminate origin/location starts in this stage, and allows the organism to link into a "hivemind", causing complete synchronization with other infected lifeforms. DNA tests at this point show that the subject is mostly original, but with noticeable differences.

The third stage inflicts major biological restructuring and mutation on the infected organism, causing the growth of additional, malformed limbs, mouths, teeth, eyes and other organs until the point that, in many cases, the organism is no longer recognizable by its original species. By this stage, the pinkish-beige scar tissue has usually completely enveloped the body, leaving the organism unidentifiable by skin color or hair. This stage is reached generally 4-5 hours after infection, and DNA tests are equally unrecognizable, with only traces of the subject's previous identity.

The fourth stage appears to be totally optional, occuring at extremely varied times after the third stage has been reached and sometimes simply not occuring at all. Once this stage is reached, the organism plants itself into the ground (unless already planted, such as in the case of most plants and fungi) and begins to spread outwards over the surrounding ground, terraforming the landscape to resemble a similarly organic and infected state, and functioning as a fast growing infected organism. These massive growths have been recorded to extend underground into winding tunnels and vast chasms, filled with other infected organisms either from previously infected lifeforms or simply birthed from the original. Creatures in the fourth stage of infection have also developed advanced spreading capabilities, such as growing organs to launch infectious spores into the air. DNA tests in the fourth stage are completely alien.

There is no known cure for the infection. The only form of successful treatment has been to either remove afflicted organs or limbs before it spreads to the rest of the body, or execution. Flamethrowers and other methods of immolation confirmed to be most effective at destroying infected cells.


Object Discovery and Containment Procedures: The virus was originally found inside a meteor crash site in the northern Canadian wilderness. Meteor was originally deemed mundane, until personnel in phsyical contact with meteor later became infected. Upon return to crash site, the surrounding area was found to be undergoing fourth stage terraforming from an unknown source organism. Nearby land was claimed by disease until a base could be established nearby and a surrounding wall built around the contaminated area, effectively containing the disease. Wall is to be guarded 24/7 by armed personnel equipped with flamethrowers.


Mutation Capability te-
Document was destroyed after this point, with burn marks clear. Due to placement of document in relevance to infected corpses and other burned files, it is logical to assume that the partial incineration was accidental.

The RPG I discussed previously in this thread is now fully underway! This RPG was intended as a sort of deconstruction of the zombie apocalypse genre, but just sorta turned into an amped-up version of it.

Do you have what it takes to survive in our fallen world? Or defend what little remains of civilization? Or even find a way to profit from the madness, at other's expense? You'll be able to find out tomorrow*, because the application thread will be going up then!

*may not actually come out tomorrow
Comrade Squid
Profound Creator
Profound Creator

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Re: [teaser] Our Fallen World

Post by Salphirix on Tue Dec 15, 2015 3:22 pm

Oooh o: This looks neat :3
Roleplay Moderator
Roleplay Moderator

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Re: [teaser] Our Fallen World

Post by Comrade Squid on Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:27 pm

It's here!
Comrade Squid
Profound Creator
Profound Creator

Join date : 2014-05-04
Posts : 2939
Age : 17
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Re: [teaser] Our Fallen World

Post by Sponsored content

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