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Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

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Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Post by Hime on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:50 am

Hello everyone, and welcome to my IR oneshot. Smile I didn't write this for anything in particular, but it does serve as extremely important plot information for the upcoming ending arc and for Unbroken.

This story takes place roughly 30 years before the current time setting in IR. The first half begins with Fe and Soren being 6 years old; the last part is fast-forwarded to 13 years later. I think it adds a little depth to the current situation, and also gives some pretty good clues for some future mysteries that the Row will have to endure.

Bear with me, I began writing this a little after 1 am, so some parts may be rough. Wink

I hope you enjoy!

Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Grey clouds clung to the skies, hanging over the earth like a thick smog. The ground was still damp from the many days of rainfall prior. The scent was . . . Comforting. It was that of sweetness of flowers with an underlying bitterness of grass. Most children were tucked away at home, their mothers shielding them from illnesses that rain so often carries.

Two, however, were not as fortunate.

They didn’t seem to mind much. Side by side, they sat in the tall grasses of the field, staring out into the vast stretches of land that lay before them. The little boy had pink hair and rosy cheeks to match. He was bright-natured, rather extroverted, and very high energy. His grey eyes were a bit puffy from crying, likely due to a small and still-bleeding scrape upon both of his knees. The raven-haired girl with sad turquoise eyes seemed to be his polar opposite. Nonetheless, she was kind. Her smile was genuine and lovely, graced with the warmth of gratitude. She was graced, despite the terrors that moistened her eyes.

The pair had formed an unlikely friendship; neither of them quite knew why, or how. They simply understood each other, and because of that, the loneliness that darkened their hearts seemed to lessen . . . Even if it was only temporarily.

“I wonder what it’s like,” the girl, Fe, said quietly.

Rainfall filled the silence between them, until the little boy, Soren, decided to reply. “What is what like?”

She wrapped her skinny little arms around her legs, then rested her chin upon his knees. “To . . . Y’know. Get hugged. Be warm. Like teddy bears,” she answered, tone saddening.

He watched her for a bit, drinking in the melancholy disposition. His head tilted curiously. “You’ve never been hugged?” he inquired.

“Have you?”

Soren faltered, then slowly gave a shake of his head. “. . . No.”

Moments passed by. Depressing moments, full of thoughts brought on by shattered hearts and broken souls. Fe had closed her eyes, attempting to escape into her more idealistic conscience. She failed to realize that Soren drew closer, arms open.

When she looked to him again, she adopted a face of shock. “Huh?” she asked, baffled.

“This is how you hug . . . Err . . . I think?” He giggled a bit at himself, a happier atmosphere accumulating. “It’s when two people wrap their arms around each other, and they hold it for a while. At least, that’s what I’ve seen.”

Fe stared at her friend, unsure of what to do. Despite her cheeks being dusted red with embarrassment, she shifted enough to where she could wrap her arms around his middle. The two drew close, marinating in the sweet sensation that befell them. For once, they experienced warmth — and not artificial warmth, but emotional warmth, brought forth by a loving bond.

They stayed this way for a while.



Soren shut his eyes, as if the words he needed to find would be on the back of his eyelids. “Will . . . Will you be my sister?”

Although many would find that to be a strange question, the young Zen’haliem didn’t. She gave a brief and joyful laugh, tightening her hug and relishing in the flood of happiness that washed over her. “Of course I will, Soren.”

A smile lit up his face. “Forever?”

“Always and forever!”

Finally, they let go of each other. Soren immediately offered his pinkie finger, eagerly staring at Fe. “Pinkie promise!” he insisted. “That way, we can’t go back on our word!”

She interlocked her pinkie with his without hesitation.

The rain was now hardly falling, although the overcast still remained. Regardless, the two friends were content, laughing with each other in what was once a lonely field.

“Our bond will never be broken.”

Never broken . . .

. . . Unbroken.


A bloodcurdling shriek ripped through the quiet and dark streets of Ald Ruhn. Nobody bothered to open their doors or windows to search for the source, although it continued for a few more minutes.


In front of a small townhouse that neighbored the Runite’s Row headquarters, four Ald Ruhn Knights were surrounding a trembling pink-haired boy. His skin was whiter than snowfall, eyes bloodshot from the stinging tears that stained his face. Two of the men had to restrain his arms, the other half attempting to calm him down.

“You’re lying to me!” he screamed. “You sick bastards, let me in!”

The bearded knight shook his head. “Arker Zen’haliem has requested that no visitors present themselves. You must go home.”

This only made Soren angrier. He fought against the restraint of the officers, but to no avail. “You have to let me see her! You have to!”

“Fe Zen’haliem is dead, son. There’s nothing you can do. Your hysteria doesn’t work the way Sanctumism does,” the round-faced officer said. His comrade elbowed him with great force, giving a disproving look at the mention of the forbidden magic.  

Soren’s eyes darkened. “I swear to Ciel,” he growled. “You let me see her or I’ll . . .”

His sentence faltered as a new figure appeared under one of the streetlamps. All pairs of eyes then fell upon the silhouette. They remained still for a moment . . . Then, they moved under the pool of yellow light. A slender and cold face shrouded under sleek black hair revealed itself, a pair of deadly onyx eyes framed behind a pair of thin-rimmed glasses. It was none other than Arker Zen’haliem.

“What is this commotion?” he asked coldly as thick droplets of rain began to descend. “I told you, I don’t want a single living soul near this house. Not tonight, not ever.”

One of the Ald Ruhn Knights was quick to respond, a bit flustered. “Our apologies, sir. We have someone here who is violently insistent on seeing your daughter . . .”

It took one second of eye contact. The single sliver of time that Arker’s black eyes met with Soren’s grey, all hell broke free and thrashed wildly in the rose-haired boy’s chest. It took him no effort to break free from the grip of the officials. In a fit of absolute rage, he broke into a sprint after Arker, irises clouded with scorn and disgust.

The bespectacled man knew right away to run from him. He turned on his heel, a brief look of fear crossing his spider-like semblance. The rain began to pour harder as the chase intensified.

“GET BACK HERE, COWARD!” Soren shouted, his throat burning from the singing scorn of his words. “YOU ROTTEN, DISGUSTING, SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING!”

All of her tears, because of him.

Her nightmares, centered around him.

The abyss of terror in her sea-like eyes, holding him within it.

Fury rose in Soren’s chest like putrid vomit.

He would suffer.

He would pay.

The chase continued beyond the borders of the city. Arker was now fleeing through slippery stretches of grass, being mindful of rocks here and there. His glasses were obstructed by the blobs of water, but he paid no mind. His only desire was to get the enraged and vengeful boy off of his tail.

Memories raced through Soren’s mind as his breath deepened: Fe’s smile, her kindness, her hugs.

The pinkie promise.

Emotional pain spread through his ribs at the flashback. He knew he had to put it away . . . Put it away . . . Soon, he lost sight of all else except that ugly, horrid, wretched, spiteful man before him. However, the chase came to an abrupt end as the rabid Soren lost his footing upon the mud, falling hastily forwards. He couldn’t think much, for the front of his head crashed down upon a rock, causing cracks to snake through his skull.

His mind lingered on the thought of her, one last time.

Then, everything turned to darkness.

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Re: Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Post by Athena Lionheart on Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:16 am

Awwww, this was sad! I actually felt bad for Fe! Sad good job though, Hime!
Athena Lionheart
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Re: Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Post by Salphirix on Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:21 pm

When the feels hit :c but this was very good I liked it!
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Re: Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Post by Hime on Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:38 pm

Yay!! Thank you both! I love you

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Re: Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Post by WritingBookworm on Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:45 pm

Well. The say Soren says 'sister' takes on a whole new meaning now.

Those ending lines though . . . really amazing work, Hime (even though you gave me the sads). Very Happy Now, to see what would happen if Soren and Fe met up again . . .
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Re: Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Post by Hime on Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:16 pm

Thank you, Writing! Smile And yes, their meeting again will be very interesting . . . Wink

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Re: Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness

Post by Sponsored content

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